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80% of Businesses Support iPad & iPhone, according to InformationWeek

February 6, 2013

UBM Tech’s "InformationWeek Reports," a service provider for peer-based IT research and analysis, has announced the release of its latest research report. "Apple Outlook Survey" analyzes results from InformationWeek’s poll of 574 business technology decision-makers.

InformationWeek polled 331 laptop, desktop or mobile device decision-makers and 243 end users to determine how and where Apple gear is being used in the enterprise. The survey results reveal that iPhones aren’t the only Apple devices making inroads; in many cases, OS X gear is riding the coattails of the hugely popular iOS-based devices. Among UBM Tech’s findings:

Β° 85% of decision-makers report they support iPhones, with an additional 4% planning to do so; 90% currently or plan to support iPads.

Β° 87% of those supporting or planning to support Apple smartphones or tablets give the devices high marks for end-user satisfaction, but 45% say the upgradability is poor or very poor.

Β° 64% of decision-makers report having no Apple servers in their organizations.

Β° 45% say their top gripe with Apple products is the devices are too expensive for the value provided.

Β° 23% of decision-makers rate Apple’s enterprise security and device management excellent or good; 31% say it’s poor or unacceptable.

"Our survey results point to a real opportunity for Apple to gain footing in the enterprise," says Lorna Garey , content director of "InformationWeek Reports." "The next six to 18 months will be the real test: Will Apple take the necessary steps to further penetrate this market, or will it remain primarily a creator of consumer-class devices?"

My opinion, APPLE is "in it to win it" in every product category, every demographic, for persons, for the enterprise, in academics, and Governments, world-wide. Apple does not react not necessarily react to the competition; Apple react to Customer demands, wishes and wants; its that simple.

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