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iPad.v5, the look, says CiccareseDesign’s renderings

February 7, 2013

Every year since, April, 2010, the launch of the first generation iPad, Apple has followed an almost "regular release cycle" for new models of the iPad, deviating only the past year with iPad.v4. This new model came a mere 6 months after the iPad.v3. In between product releasee, the most wonderful thing occurs, as technology enthusiasts, that we could wish for, Speculation, Rumors, Prototypes…

The blogosphere is alive, as are we with what the upcoming iPad.v5 may look like. Friends at MacRumors engaged CiccareseDesign to conjure some fresh renderings of what the 5th generation iPad might look like. Admittedly, with the advent of the iPad-mini, the logical step was for the iPad.v5 to adopt the similar exterior case dimensions, meaning, "trimming of the 2 screen-boarders" on the long edges of the iPad…

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This is what we think the next iPhone, captioned the iPhone 5 Pro, may look like, but did not update the iPad image. Connect the dots yourself. Of course we have no facts, just avid imaginations, Rumors…

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