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12 Really Good Reasons why you should NOT Jailbreak your iPad or iPhone

February 8, 2013

Apple iOS6 users, now have the option to jailbreak their iPhone 5, iPad Mini or other iOS 6 device, if you dare. A few tinkering Folks may be wondering if they should. For most folks, it’s a no brainer, Definitely NOT. For more casual users or folks who only recently jumped on the iOS bandwagon, there are some very important questions.

However, for the very small percentage of Apple device users, this First Group of folks that I refer to as ‘the Innocent and Curious Tinkerers." There is also the Second Group of folks, the not so innocent, that may have attempted to defeat their Cable Box, to "hack into" the Premium Channels, metaphorically speaking of course. Jailbreaking is something these folks may consider..

*Is jailbreaking legal? In some jurisdictions definitely yes, and there is also some "grey-area" too. The latest DMCA administrative rules and regulations do not provide an exemption for jailbreaking and rooting tablets… which means jailbreaking your iPad is illegal. Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch remains in question. *

However, If you do perform a JailBreak on your Apple device, for certain, say ADIOS AMIGO to your Apple Product Warranty and Apple Care forever, add to this the Risk of Permanently rendering your Apple device Inoperable, many refer to this as "Bricking," a place you do not want to be. Of course include the various hazards of the practice including: instability of the device’s basic operation, security vulnerabilities, shortened battery life, unreliable voice and data exchange, disruption of services, and the inability to upgrade to future Apple iOS software updates.

In review of the following, what the author calls the "12 Really Good Reasons to Jailbreak Now" it becomes very apparent that, if these are the 12 best reasons to do it… taking these in context with the RISKS inherent in doing so, I contend… THESE ARE THE 12 REALLY GOOD REASONS – NOT TO JAILBREAK.

It is beyond my imagination why would one "irrevocably alter" their Apple Operating System, destroy their Apple Warranty, terminate their Apple Care, and risk Permanently "Bricking" their device, in exchange for the following "benefits."

The following was written by John Pul Titlow and published today by Why should I bother jailbreaking? Now, there’s the really important question. For an answer, here are 12 of the most compelling reasons to break free of Apple’s control. Is jailbreaking hard? Not really. The process will likely take less than an hour, as long as you’re cautious and back everything up. Step-by-step instructions outlining how to jailbreak iOS 6 running on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, if you dare.

  • 1. Rename And Reorganize Apps

It may seem mundane, but having the ability to rename your apps is kind of nice. Maybe you want to call Sparrow "Email" or change "Spotify" to "Music." It’s so basic, it seems like something iOS should just let you do by default. But it doesn’t. You have to jailbreak to get that ability. Jailbreaking also gives you more freedom over the organization of your apps. You can add an additional row of apps, adjust icon sizes and even add a more icons to the home screen’s dock, which is handier than it sounds. A tool called FolderEnhancer lets you create subfolders, put folders on the dock and customize the way folders generally look and work. Want to get rid of Newsstand? There’s a Cydia tweak for that.

  • 2. Make Chrome (Or Anything Else) Your Default Browser

The fact that Apple won’t let you change your default browser is positively Orwellian. BrowserChanger fixes that by letting you choose from several dozen different mobile browsers, including Chrome, Dolphin, Skyfire, Opera Mini and Atomic.

  • 3. Change Your Default Email App

Apple’s native Mail app is pretty dull and its feature set evolves only gradually. The Sparrow+ tweak will let you boot Mail from your life by making Sparrow the phone’s default email app, which is so much better.

  • 4. Tether Your Data Connection To Your Laptop

This is now something you can legally do through your carrier, but jailbroken phones can tether their data connections to other devices at no extra charge (aside from the cost of the app). MyWi and TetherMe are both popular options in Cydia.

  • 5. Customize the Look And Feel Of iOS

Apple does a pretty nice job of polishing the way its mobile OS looks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the option to change its appearance. Jailbreaking lets you do things like change the logo that appears when the device boots (vintage rainbow Apple logo anyone?), change the lock screen design or overhaul the entire theme. If you ever wanted iOS to look like Android, now’s your chance. There are some really well-designed custom themes available, but also plenty of gross-looking ones. Cydia is loaded with themes and discovering the best ones isn’t easy, so you may want to search the Web for theme options first.

  • 6. Make The Most Of Siri

When Apple launched Siri in 2011, it gave jailbreak devs a whole new playground in which to experiment. Using the Siri tweaks available in Cydia, you can install chatbots, have Siri tell you jokes, ask it to search YouTube and integrate it with third party apps like Spotify and Waze. In my testing, some tweaks caused Siri to freeze, so proceed with caution.

  • 7. Play Classic Video Games

Since day one, running video game emulators has been popular among the jailbreaking set. On Cydia, you can find emulators for a number of classic video game consoles. These apps don’t come with games (called ROMs), so you’ll have to do some searching online or grab the EmuROMs app from Cydia. Note: It’s not always legal to download ROMs of video games, so proceed at your own risk.

  • 8. Beef Up Security

Jailbroken iDevices have more options in terms of privacy and security, although it’s worth noting that not all of them are necessarily reliable. The Security section of Cydia offers tools that let you lock down media files and individual apps, install key loggers, encrypt messages, remotely track and wipe your iPhone and make it harder to access the device. There are also tweaks that let you use facial recognition to unlock the device or email a photo of whoever keeps trying to guess your passcode.

  • 9. Get A Taste Of GoogleNow

Okay, so it’s not exactly GoogleNow, but the functionality provided by the NowNow tweak brings iOS users a step closer to using Google’s predictive, voice-enabled mobile assistant. NowNow works with the jailbreak-only Activator app Google’s own iOS search app to integrate Google voice search right into the device’s home button. This way, you can hold down the button to ask Siri question and then triple-press it to get a second opinion from Google voice search.

  • 10. Rid Your Life Of Apple Maps Forever

MapsOpener is a jailbreak tweak that lets you open map URLs in Google Maps rather than default to Apple’s famously imperfect replacement app. Some third party apps may still default to Apple Maps, but this tweak will minimize the likelihood of you ever seeing those smushed-up skyscrapers again.

  • 11. Multiple Users

One commonly pined-for iOS feature is the ability to have multiple users on a single device. This is especially true of iPads, which are often shared among family members. Thanks to a tool called iUsers, it’s now possible for different people to log in and out of the device without ever seeing each other’s weird little secrets.

  • 12. Catch a Glimpse Of The Platform’s Future.

Even though there’s plenty of junk in Cydia, the jailbreak app store has become home to some very useful, impressive and well-designed apps, tweaks and themes. In some cases, Apple has not only hired jailbreak developers but stolen ideas directly from the jailbreak community. Before Notification Center arrived in iOS 5, for example, it was something jailbreakers had been been using for quite some time. Things as basic as multitasking and copy/paste were also available via Cydia before Apple implemented them. By jailbreaking, you can get a glimpse at the future of iOS itself, even if it’s often in an unpolished and experimental form. There are many, many more reasons to jailbreak than this. Cydia has thousands of tools and tweaks available and developers are always hard at work coding the next experimental feature. Some are better than others. Some are downright awful. A few might screw up your device. But the freedom afforded to you by jailbreaking iOS can be hugely rewarding, not to mention addictive.

In review of the above, what the author calls the "12 Really Good Reasons to Jailbreak Now" it becomes very apparent that, if these are the 12 best reasons to do it… taking these in context with the RISKS inherent in doing so, I contend… THESE ARE THE 12 REALLY GOOD REASONS – NOT TO JAILBREAK.

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