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Twin Calc HD a Great Easy-to-Use Calculator for iPad ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍

February 22, 2013

Introduction and Perspective:

For iPhones & iPads, miracelous Apple devices, there are literally over a million unique Software Applications, Apps, that operate on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. As an iPhone and iPad owner, these articles are written from an Apple user perspective. With millions of Apps available, our friends, family, followers, and readers want to know which Apps may be of interest in their world. Having downloaded hundreds of Apps, from $0.99 to $19.95 each, most under $3, This APP is definitely worth telling you about.

★ Get two real-size and Easy to Use calculators working simultaneously and independently by simply rotating your iPad!

★ About 75% five-star rating in US, Japan, Germany, Taiwan.

★ 1-st Paid iPad Calculator & Overall App Ranked 46.

★ Support calculation history notes with E-mail feature, to send calculations

★ Several Sounds and Skins to choose from

★ Support 2 Hex-Decimal Converters

★ Sometimes we just want an EASY-to-USE calculator to complete some calculations. Twin Calc gives you a big general purpose HD calculator in Portrait and magically becomes two cute twin calculators by rotating your iPad to Landscape.

★ The feature we like most about this iPad Calculator, other than Easy-to-Use, is you can perform a calulation on the Left Calculator, then move that RESULT over the Right Calculator, for further calculations. The left Calculator is uneffected by what is going on, with the Right Calculator, and vice-versa.

★ What you can do with 2 calculators operating simultaneously?
Some ideas for you:
☞ It’s a great feature if you don’t know what MR, MC, M+, M- is. Simply add up your numbers by additional calculator!
☞ You got two children, and got one iPad only.
☞ Well, you can now have a fair competition with your friends or family for seeing that who is using calculator faster!
☞ Show your friends how cool your iPad is!
☞ Use your two hands to calc if you can. (If you really can do that, please show me 😀 )

★ Features:
☞ Calculate between two calc is possible. Add/Sub/Mul/Div calc-1’s result to calc-2 by tapping the number displayed on the top.
☞ Calculation history notes with mailto function. (You will find how useful it is)
☞ 2 Hex and Decimal convertors. (Engineer in CS? You would love this supported, 32bits only though)
☞ In landscape, you can tap result number on the top to use its number on the other calculator. (Just like another MR)
☞ Switch for tapping sound mute/un-mute.
☞ Support 2 real-size calculators operating simultaneously and smoothly.
☞ 4 different tapping sounds. (Number buttons, Function buttons, history clear, mailout)
☞ All data/number will be restored in next run.
☞ Support continuous operation. (++, –, xx, ÷÷)
☞ Maximum 15 digits support (including integer and float)
☞ Support M+, M-, MR, MC.
☞ Support %, √, and back.

Examples of user friendly usage

‘9’, ‘x’, ‘5’, ‘%’ … 0.45 (No need to press ‘=’)

‘2’, ‘x’, ‘5’, ‘M+’ … 10 (No need to press ‘=’)

‘1500’, ‘+’, ’10’, ‘%’ … 1650 (% substract is also OK)

Requirements: ☞ You must own an iPad and that’s all!

App Name: Twin Calc HD. Author: CHI-CHENG TSENG.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍 Star Rating by Jimmy (I’ve added a 📍as Five ⭐ is the limit)

App Store Priced: $0.99

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