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Apple iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry Z10

March 11, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: These articles are created to inform a wide audience, whether it be Photography, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Photo Editing Software, Smart Phones, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, and a variety of related products that may attach to these devices. The purpose is to inform all those interested in what is currently available, coming soon based on what is believed to be reliable sources. This is not the place for rumors, which has its own separate Category on our site.


Apple iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry Z10, a User’s look at both devices.

The iPhone 5 is possibly the finest smartphone in production today. Apple demands manufacturing tolerances, more precise than any other consumer product/phone manufacturer in world history; the result speak for itself. Fit and finish are exceptional, with the glass inserts on the rear panel carefully selected for the very best fit into the aluminium shell. Pick up an iPhone 5 and it feels impossibly light, yet it is rock solid with reassuring sturdy buttons. The slender, 4.8″ not so tall, shape was carefully engineered for one-handed operation.

Overall, we have no real complaints about the Z10’s design or build, but the plastic rear cover cheapens things somewhat. The iPhone 5 easily wins the battle of physical design, despite its proprietary Lightning connector.

As to physical size of these two devices, and their respective displays:

BlackBerry Z10: 130.0mm tall. 65.6mm wide. 9.0 mm thick. 137.5g weight.

Apple iPhone 5: 123.8mm tall. 58.6mm wide. 7.6 mm thick. 112.0g weight.

BlackBerry Z10 display: 355 ppi, 4.2 inches diagonal, 768 x 1280 pixels

Apple iPhone 5 display: 326 ppi, 4.0 inches diagonal, 640 x 1136 pixels

The displays on these two devices are both over 300 dots per inch, which exceeds the human eye’s ability to distinguish individual pixel-dots, making for an excellent display. The display of the iPhone 5 has the same color rendition specification as the best color displays of multi-thousand dollar computer monitors. No other smartphone on the mnarket today has this high color rendition standard capabiliity and contrast ratio, including the BlackBerry Z10.

Apple is the undisputed king of content. Why? Apple’s iPhone, some 500,000,000 iDevices in circulation presently, with another 200,000,000 units expected to be sold in 2013, therefore with some fast math iPhones will crossing the Billion units in circulation soon. Developers therefore will continue to work on Apps for iOS Apple devices, before turning their attention to Android or to BlackBerry whose sales are shrinking fast.

A bit of history, Motorola owned the mobile-phone market, first with installed automobile car kits, nothing to carry; then Motorola’s Star-Tac mobile phones, now called the “Brick” in 1985 which I paid $3300, in the 1990’s came Motorola’s “Flip-Phone” then in the 2000’s came the BlackBerry and the Palm, the Palm Pre, then Android. It was not until 2007 that Apple delivered its first iPhone.

Considering the BB Z10 it’s brand new, it’s impressive that BlackBerry World (the unified store for apps, games, music and video) has a few dozen Apps, being generous that’s less than 50 Apps… (not 500 Apps, not 5,000 Apps, not 50,000, not 500,000). BlackBerry has said that a good number of developers are “committed” to launching new Apps on BB Z10, but wouldn’t advise making a buying decisions on the basis of BB promises. Look at Windows’ Phone 8 to see, you could be waiting many months, years, or forever, for an adequate number of Apps to materialize.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone, through its App Store has over 775,000 Applications available, a third of which are free. Personally, we have about 75 Apps that are amazingly useful, making the iPhone so much more than a mobile-phone.

Marilyn and I wanted just the basics for mobile cell-phone use, in the early years, with Call reliability being the number one factor, in order of priority, the next three ingredients being Emailing, Calendar, Text Messaging, being of significant importance; then comes the 8MP Camera which BTW is absolutely spaticular. We were not really looking for much more utility with the smartphone; however, after a few months of experimenting with some select Apps, this completely changes my view on how easy and inexpensive it was, to get so much more productivity out of this handheld device. The iPhone is so utilitarian, its a shame to call it an iPhone.

There is an undeniable factor, the BlackBerry brand preference today, as compared to its dominence for the last 10 years, is all but lost. BlackBerry has been on the brink of bankruptcy for several years; the Board of Directors ordering management to sell off pieces of BlackBerry for survival. Accordingly, many of their best enginers have already jumped-ship to find a stable and positive environment to work. The BB Z10 is supposed to save the company. The key question every interested individual is faced with… “Am I willing make that bet, with my money, to buy a product with a 2-year contract, for a totally new un-Tested device, made by a Company that is literally Gasping for Air. We jumped ship (from BlackBerry) three years ago, seeing the handwriting on the walls, with BlackBerry’s refusal to go where the market was going in SmartPhone features and display sizes…

In this world with hyper-competition, with Apple and Samsung “owning 79% of this Market Segment” its hard to imagine BlackBerry with 7% of the market, drawing back the millions of users that fled years ago. These factors having nothing to do with the Z10 device itself, would keep me from making an investment in time and money going back to BlackBerry. This being spoken as a (former) very pleased BalckBerry user for years.

Marilyn and I switched to iPhone (AT&T versions) from BB with the release of the iPhone 4 on June 21, 2010, now having iPhone 5. And will very likely be iPhone 6 users with its release.

Recommendation, these two devices are quite amazing, however the iPhone edges out the Z10 in too many categories. Remember “Its the Software Stupid” this style being wordsmithed by James Carville, “its the Economy Stupid.” These devices are just beautiful packages encasing very high technology. In the absence of Software, these SmartPhones will NOT, ring, talk, find places, send messages, take pictures, etc. So it IS the Software, and Apple wins with their incredibly refined iOS6 and over 775,000 unique Apps.

Friends and Students often ask, “…which smartphone would you recommend, if I’m not interested in games or all the App stuff…” My response points towards the iPhone. Apple applies all of its engineer energy in building the very best hand held device, serving a huge market segment with sales in excess of 500,000 every Day, 1.8 million each month, 200 million/year… these folks are “voting with their wallets“, every moment there is a sale. Apple gets it as do their huge share of this market.

The iPhone is very intuitive to use, an operating guide is not even packed in the box; however, you may download a free Book on the iBooks Store for all the details of operation. If you purchaser your iPhone at the Apple Store or at AT&T for example, they will show you the basics of operating in several minutes; switching from another device, they can move your entire Address-Book in a minute or two.

For folks who say they are only interested in the Phone, Email, Text, Calendar, only the basic stuff… I too thought the same, thinking the hand-held being a bit too small to do much more… My suggestion, try some of the outstanding Apps on the App Store, you will be amazed and thrilled how some Apps will totally change your mind.

Prepared for your convenience, are a series of Articles, discussing over 30 of our most used Apps, basically, “My Favorite” Apps. Take a look at this link, before you maintain that Apps are not necessary or of interest. Many are free, and most under $1, $2 or $3:


These images are Not Scaled to distinguish the larger size of the BlackBerry Z10

These images are Scaled to distinguish the larger size of the BlackBerry Z10

Product Name: Apple iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry Z10. Author: JimW.

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    • Sorry, I don’t know of any magic tricks with this topic. However, WordPress offers lots of useful suggestions, using TAGS, and Meta Data to make your articles more “visible” to GOOGLE and other search engines.

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    • Thank you for your kind remarks.
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  4. It has not been difficult for Indian developers to gain command over technologies that help develop i-Pad apps.
    Mobile communications have spread like wildfire over the last 10 years.

    This makes it difficult to choose which one is better.

    • One of the best methods to screen all the Apps is to focus on sites like our, as we read about all/most of the New Apps as they become published…. I’ve written about the Most Used Apps in our Inventory of Apps.

    • When in doubt Follow the Money. For quality mobile SmartPhone devices, not the cheepie ones, in the USA the iPhone is out selling any other SmartPhone by more than two-to-one. Why it this… as a Faculty person at a major University in Florida, focused on teaching and operability matters, the iPhone is by far the easiest device to use, coupled with an incredible Ecosystem, for those that want Services, Support, Apps, Books, Music, Movies, Great iOS operating system that everyone upgrades to, 95% Apple retention rate, whereas 26% of Android users are defecting to Apple, there are reasons for all this… the iPhone, and the iPad are simply Better. Not cheeper, better. Sometimes its worth it, to pay up a bit and get the best. This is spoken from a Loyal and Former BlackBerry customer, defecting to iPhone4 in July 2010. JimW

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