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iPad is Magical, and More Amazing with it’s Photo Connection Kit, making an EASY pathway to your World… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍

March 19, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: These articles are created to inform a wide audience, whether it be Photography, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Photo Editing Software, Smart Phones, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, and a variety of related products that may attach to these devices. The purpose is to inform all those interested in what is currently available, coming soon based on what is believed to be reliable sources. This is not the place for rumors. Rumors has its own unique Category on our site.

Pad is Magical, and more Amazing with it’s Photo Connection Kit, making an EASY pathway to your World.

🔴 What does all this mean ? Several years ago, we were engaged by the Sports Information Department, the SID, of a major University, to cover an important sporting championship, a Bowl Game. Sounds simple enough… however, immediately after each quarter of play, the University needed several, say 5 exciting images. Therefore images had to be selected quickly and transmitted to the Press Box and Media Relations Office.

🔴 Quickly selecting 5 “keepers” from 200 shots captured in a typical “football quarter period,” is serious business, the pressures of sports photojournalism; However, transmitting the images from the side-lines can be a tricky affair, usually in an unsafe environment for one’s valued computing equipment, with everyone running around, limited or no power access. On the sports field, forget it, particularly for Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming or Golf. Basketball is most accommodating (if you know the sports-venue folks). Usually we can get a one-meter slot at the “Timer-Announcer-Referee’s” Table at Center Court sideline, as the venue has power, WiFi, and relatively safe cloth covered table-top surface to do our post-imaging work.

🔴 Here comes the iPad in April of 2010 and a compatible Camera Connection Kit, made by Apple and many other very creative “After Market” companies, and “everything” about image-transmission changed. Talk about a portable communications UpLink; either connect the digital Camera directly to the iPad using a standard USB cable packaged with most digital cameras, or pull the Compact Flash (or Secure Digital) Data Card from the Camera, insert it into a compatible Connection Kit, 30-pin or Lightning Plug, and you are good for the image COPY, upload to the iPad.

🔴 When possible we prefer to use the iPad, with its Retina Display and Portability advantages, (rather than a Laptop) to visualize the image selections for publication. Hopefully the iPad-mini will be upgraded with a retina-display, faster processor, etc. If so we will definitely add the iPad-mini to our imaging Tool-Kit, for the ultimate Photo Road Warrior…

🔴 This “Connection Device” an attachment that plugs into the iPad’s 30-pin connection port for iPad version 1, v2, and v3. The other end of the connector supports a USP, Universal Serial Bus, female-socket for a USB cable; there are many other Compatible Connectors developed by “after market” companies that offer a larger array of connection=ports housed within a single connector.

🔴 The setup is automted by the iPad’s iOS operating system; The iPad responds immediately upon completing the connection to either a Camera that is connected with its supplied USB connecting cable, or by inserting either a Compact Flash Card, Secure Digital, SD Card, depending on which Connector you acquire, including the Lightning Adapter for those folks that have the iPad v4 or iPad-mini, or later models. Images below display a variety of iPad Connectors that are currently available. Notice the Multi-Port Connector that we utilize in this demonstration.

⭐ The Magic for those traveling or for photojournalist, this an amazing tool for getting images from the Compact Flash Data Card, or a SD Data Card or directly from the camera using the USP connector and the cable supplied with your Camera, and off-loading into the iPad or iPhone. Here is a step-by-step guide if connecting directly to your digital camera:

1. Turn OFF your digital camera, with the Data Card remaining in the Camera.

2. Connect the USB cable to the Camera’s USB port, see image below.

3. Plug-in the USB Connector Module into the IPad.

4. Connect the USB Cable into the iPad camera Connection Module.

5. Turn ON the iPad.

Connect the other end of the USB cable into the Miniature USB socket of the digital camera.

6. Turn ON the Digital Camera.

7. Within several seconds the iOS6 operating system of the iPad will recognize that a Camera is Connected.

8. Images will appear on the iPad’s display, and the menu word “CAMERA” will be highlighted at the upper Right of the iPad’s display.

9. Simply Select the desired images, or Select All, from the menu buttons at the bottom of the iPad’s display.

10. Select IMPORT, and the images will one-by-one be off-loaded onto your iPad showing a green check mark, showing the images are Copied to the iPad.

11. At the end of the Off-Loading, the system will request, two choices: Leave the Images on the Camera (which we recommend) OR, Delete images copied from the Camera, (we do NOT recommend this choice, as its better to remove images using the CAMERA’s operating system rather than the iOS system command). Same choices if you off-load to a PC or MAC.

⭐ If using the SD or the Compact Flask Card Connection Kit Module, simply remove the Data Card from the Camera, insert the Data Card into the Connection Module, Turn on the iPad, and follow steps 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

⭐ As we use’s image storage and display host, ( uploading images into this internet accessed site could not be easier, from anywhere, using the iPad 4G or LTE, or WiFi connectivity methods.

⭐ For the ROAD, and you are on-site and NEED to deliver an image or more to your site, or send images via email, the iPad gives you the link to the World, without a bulky laptop, the iPad, iPad-mini, are highly portable, 10 hour battery-life, startups super fast, rendering my MAC or PC no longer suitable for this purpose.

🔴 Perhaps some day, Apple in its wisdom, will permit the iPhone with Retina Displays to accept the Camera Connection Kits too; Talk about portability…

Product Name: iPad Connection Module. Author: JimW.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍 Star Rating by Jimmy (This = 1/2 Star 📍)

Available Retail Price: $20-$40 Suggested Retail Price range

This is the Apple available Camera/Photo connection Kit, a two piece kit, one for a SD Card, the other supporting a female-recpticle for a USB cable.

If you have the iPhone-5 and/or the iPad-4 you may need this Lightning connector, as these newer iDevices do not have the former 30-pin ports.

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