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BlackBerry – Demand for the new BlackBerry Z10 is Very Weak In The USA, Canada and UK…

March 25, 2013

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🔴 BlackBerry Z10 – Demand for the new BlackBerry Z10 is Very Weak in the USA, Canada and the UK. As a former BlackBerry person, it is sad to see, that all the pre-advertising, promotion, press events, and repeated delays, the hope that this New Device will save the enterprise, has resulted in the “Grand Opening Day and Weekend” a major disaster, including very low weekend sales leading to Goldman Sachs downgrading its rating Monday…

🔴 NEWS UPDATE: 25/MAR/2013//2PM: It was anticipated that such a robust demand for the new device coupled with record order generation may lead to a huge appeal in the lucrative U.S. market. However, it failed to create such a strong response during the weekend. Research In Motion, which once dominated the smartphone market, failed to upgrade its operating platform, losing market traction to Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iOS and Google Inc.’s (GOOG) Android operating systems during the past few years, mostly in highly developed countries of North America and Europe.

🔴 In 2012, the company sold nearly 32.5 million smartphones as compared to Samsung Electronics’ 216 million and Apple Inc.’s 136 million handsets. At the end of 2012, BBRY had a mere 6.4% U.S. market share. Moreover, we believe that the launch of the new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4, in late April will further deteriorate BBRY’s market position, going forward.

🔴 The shares fell 3.8% to US$14.34 just after 2 p.m. in New York, following a decline of 7.7% on Friday. Shares were also down about 3.2% to $14.67 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Monday, 3/25/2013. The Z10 went on sale last week in the U.S. — BlackBerry’s biggest single market — almost two months after its rollout in the U.K. and Canada.

🔴 The USA is “critical for BlackBerry’s ultimate success,” said Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski, who found that initial sales at AT&T Inc. and Best Buy Co. stores were “tepid.”

🔴 Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowsk “Our retail checks at over 20 store locations since March 22, including at AT&T, Best Buy, and RadioShack, revealed a surprising lack of marketing support and poor positioning of the product,” she said in a report today. “We also saw limited advertising around the launch.” Goldman’s Jankowski cut her rating on the stock to Neutral and now gives the new BlackBerry lineup a only 20% chance of being successful, down from 30%.

⚫ WSJ reported that several AT&T retail locations in Manhattan and San Francisco were literally empty on Friday, Launch Day, where some stores didn’t even have the Z10 on display. BlackBerry’s new phone, the Z10, launched in NYC and San Francisco, in two of the most important and influential markets in the US.

⚫ Despite a glitzy launch event in New York Thursday night, early reports suggest demand for the new BlackBerry Z10 phone is terribly weak and uncoordinated in the U.S. The Z10 apparently is only available on AT&T for now, with Verizon and T-Mobile to begin selling the device next week. Best Buy also plans to sell the Z10.

⚫ Hudson Square Research analyst Daniel Ernst told Reuters, “This morning we visited and called stores to survey early “demand” for the BlackBerry Z10. We found no lines, no signage announcing the launch, and clerks told us they had very few pre-orders.”

⚫ Ahead of the Z10’s U.S. debut, Deutsche Bank AG analyst checked inventory in the U.K. and Canada, where the phone is already available. The findings suggest that sales have been slow and store employees aren’t promoting the devices, the firm said in a report. “We contacted 60 stores in total and not one was sold out,” Deutsche Bank said in the report. “In Canada, only a few recommended the Z10 unsolicited.”

⚫ The BlackBerry Z10 is the first phone to run the company’s new mobile operating system named BlackBerry10. BB10‘s release has been delayed several times during the last year, and it didn’t officially debut until late January. Early reviews of the Z10 were pretty good, but many criticized BlackBerry for waiting so long to release the device, in the face of the very highly competitive smartphone marketplace. As good as the top-tier iPhone and Android devices are, the Market has simply passed BlackBerry by. And while the Train Races by, no heads are turning to notice BlackBerry.

⚫ Bottom Line…. If this BlackBerry Z10 launch is the event that shareholders, employees, engineers, and the remaining loyal to BlackBerry, have been hoping for, to be the “savior” of the BlackBerry enterprise, the company is in for a very rocky road.

⚫ Apparently the “smart money” is noticing, as BlackBerry’s stock took a significant one-day dive Friday, beginning about 1:30pm, as reports were coming in that sales were just not happening. When the market closed Friday, 3/22/2013, shares fell by 7.7% to $14.91, the biggest drop since February 13th.

Product Name: BlackBerry Z10 – Product Release News.

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