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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specifications – Truth or Fiction.

March 28, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: Rumors. What do they mean. To some, rumors are authentic wispers of truth from people that are in the know. To others rumors are complete fiction and the food for fools. And of course there is everything inbetween. For us these creations are an interesting combination of “ambitious wish lists of enthusiasts” married with “the words of amateur marketing executives,” in effort to determine the Next Iteration of an existing product, or more agressively, a New Product. With the litigiousness of our society these days, the Non Disclosure Agreements entered into by employees and engineers. In reality, “The people that know, dont talk; the people that don’t know, talk.” However, it sure in stimulating to attempt to forecast. We will pass the most interesting along for you to digest or discard. You Decide.

🔴 Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specifications. Understand that these are not confirmed, and certainly not by Canon. As an experienced owner of the Canon EOS 7D, a truly amazing camera, the list below is a reasonable deduction from the original 7D specifications. The question arrises, comparing this list of specs of the 7D2 to the existing 6D digital camera release a number of months ago, do these specs run so close to the 6D, where there is not enough differentiation. Perhaps with a $500 (guessing of course) cost differential, making the the 7D2 an inexpensive alternative to the 6D:

✔ 21MP APS C

✔ ISO 100-25,600 (L: 50, H1: 51,200, H2: 102,400)

✔ 10fps

✔ Video ‘stills burst’ mode 30/60 fps, this is a New Idea

✔ Full HD video with manual control

✔ Single CF Card Slot

✔ 19 AF Points all Cross

✔ On-chip phase detect pixels for liveview and AF tracking

✔ 100% Viewfinder

✔ Rear LCD Display, Higher Resolution Than 7D

✔ 3.2″ LCD, touch-screen capable

✔ Built-in GPS and WiFi, as in the 6D

✔ Alloy body with better weather sealing over 7D

Canon EOS 6D Actual Specifications:

✔ 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor

✔ DIGIC 5+ image processor

✔ ISO 100-25,600 standard, 50-102,800 expanded

✔ 4.5 fps continuous shooting
‘Silent’ shutter mode

✔ 1080p 30fps video recording, stereo sound with an external mic

✔ 11 point AF system, center point cross-type and sensitive to -3 EV

✔ 63 zone iFCL metering system

✔ 97% viewfinder coverage; interchangeable screens (Eg-D grid & Eg-S fine-focus)

✔ 1040k dot 3:2 3″ ClearView LCD (fixed)

✔ Single SD card slot

✔ Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS

✔ Single-axis electronic level

Rumor ID: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specifications – Truth or Fiction..

Rumor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Viability Rated by Jimmy

Rumor Viability Comment: Very Interesting, time will tell, let’s see what actually occurs

This image is believed to be not authentic image edited

This image is an authentic image of the actual Canon EOS 6D

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