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March 31, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: For iPhones & iPads, miracelous Apple devices, there are literally over a million unique Software Applications, Apps, that operate on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. As an iPhone and iPad owner, these articles are written from an Apple user perspective. With millions of Apps available, our friends, family, followers, and readers want to know which Apps may be of interest in their world. Having downloaded hundreds of Apps, from $0.99 to $9.95 each, most under $3, and many Free, this APP is definitely worth telling you about. – RealTime Connection Meter, Best App. The App is Free, however, has an advertising strip on the bottem edge; Pay $0.99 one-time to permanently remove all advertising.

✔ SpeedTest is one of my favorite Apps for determining the connection speed, whether you are measuring a WiFi network, one’s LTE speed, 4G speed, etc. The question may be, why would one want to know this statistic. Sometimes one may be in a WiFi Zone, home or coffee shop, and when attempting to use a Web-Browser, be it Safari or other, and when waiting for the images and content to be displayed, you notice the “circular-rotating” icon spinning in the top left of your iPad or iPhone continues with an incomplete web-page display.

✔ The continuous “circular-rotating” icon spinning in the top left of your iPad or iPhone, may be an indiction that: (A) Logging into the WiFi failed; (B) WiFi Router has rached its capacity as to the number of folks that may be connected to the Router at one time, (C) WiFi Ruter password has been changed or entered incorrectly; or (D) the WiFi Router is serving devices properly; however, the Internet-Connection has failed, because the Cable-Modem or DSL Modem has not secured an Internet-connection.

✔ A simple way to determine if a WiFi network, one’s LTE speed, 4G speed, 3G service is operating, is to RUN the APP. This App will show the user if the Connection is Established with the Router or the ISP service (AT&T, Verision, etc), and if running, what is the PING speed Value, the DOWN-load speed, and the UP-load speed, measured in Kpbs (thousands of bits per second) and Mbps (millions of bits per second, bps).

PING speed is the time usually in ms, milliseconds, thousandths of a second, like 18ms, 50ms, 89ms. Literally a PING, similar to what a SONAR operator may send when on a Submarine, to measure the distance the submarine is from another vessel. With the Internet its a similar, the App issues/send just one ping, to the Server it found in your vacinity, and measures how long it takes for the Ping to reach the server and to return your device. The range of values we have expereinced from 15ms-to-110ms. If the PING value is over say 200ms, the connection speeed is slow and perhaps impared.

DOWN-Load speed is generally one of the most often speed indication, readily noticed, if one’s connection is running FAST or SLOW, Typically fast DOWN-Load connections with:

(A) Cable-Modem may range from 7 million bps to 20 million bps.;

(B) DSL-Modem may range from 2 million bps to 8 million bps;

(C) LTE-Connectivity, AT&T and Verizon connections, non-WiFI, the ISP connection speed may range from 3 million bps to 25 million bps;

(D) 4G-Connection speeds are genereallly 20% of LTE connections; and

(E) 3G-Connections run 10% of LTE speeds on average.

UP-Load speeds for the various connectivity types mentined above, are generally 10% to 25% of the UP-loading speed measured above; Some of the more expensive commercial CABLE-Modem accounts have much higher UP-Loading speeds, like 10-12 mps.

✔ Note. The speed examples mentioned were measured in South Florida, First Quarter, 2013. As time marches on, these speeds generally increase, as more Cellular Towers are erected in markets and metropolitian areas.

App Name: – RealTime Connection Meter, Best Free App. Author: Jim.W.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Rating by Jimmy (This:📍= 1/2⭐)

App Store Priced: $ Free with Adds, or Pay$0.99 to kill Adds permanently

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