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iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s – That is the Question β­β­β­β­πŸ“

April 9, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: Rumors. What do they mean. To some, rumors are authentic wispers of truth from people that are in the know. To others rumors are complete fiction and the food for fools. And of course there is everything in between. For us these creations are an interesting combination of “ambitious wish lists of enthusiasts” with “the notions of amateur marketing executives,” in effort to determine the Next Iteration of an existing product, or more agressively, a New Product. Indusrty require Non Disclosure Agreements to be entered into by their employees and engineers. In reality, “The people that know, don’t talk; and the people that don’t know, talk.” However, it is interesting to hear about these “forecast.” We pass the most interesting for you to digest or discard. What do you think ? Comment below.

iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s – That is the Question. It is now April, 2013 and the rumor mill is "full speed ahead."

βœ” As the days click forward, all the rumors are out there in cyber-space for all to notice. As to nomenclature, how may Apple name the next iteration of the iPhone, as it steps from the iPhone 5. Will the next iteration be called the iPhone 5S, as "everyone" predicts, as the improvements may be considered incremental rather than a comprehensive re-Engineering of the iPhone, by naming it the iPhone 6.

βœ” iPhone 5S buyers could have their choice of screen size, according to Topeka analyst Brian White. Citing information from a meeting with a “tech-supply chain company,” White said today he believes Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S in at least two or possibly three different screen sizes. “We believe Apple is coming around to the fact that one size per iPhone release does not work for everyone, and offering consumers an option has the potential to expand the company’s market share,” White said in an investors note released today.

βœ” Let’s play with the assumption that Apple considers three different screen sizes for the next iPhone. One model would likely adopt a size larger than 4 inches. That could prove tempting to consumers who might otherwise gravitate to larger-screen Android phones. A second model would stick with the current 4-inch display for people who don’t want a change. And a third could go smaller than 4 inches and sell at a lower price.

βœ” Will Apple change their naming conventions as it did with iPad. Recall Apple delivered to us the iPad in 2010, then released improvements and named it the iPad 2; then the New iPad with the Retina Display (although folks refer to it as iPad v3, and the newest current version with greater on-board memory capability, Lightning connectivity, calling it the iPad v4.

βœ” Think of this “Naming Topic” in terms of buying a New Car. Would you like to buy a new Honda Crosstour today that was called the 2012s CrossTour, in April, 2013? Of course not, as Car Companies for many decades speak of Model Years, generally in the 4th quarter of the prior year.

βœ” The unasked question… Would you believe you received all the terrific innovations of the Brand New Exciting 2013 CrossTour, that was named the 2012s CrossTour? The unmentionable, that the Factory thought the innovations were just incremental, rather than comprehensive.

βœ” Is Apple rethinking the naming of future iPhone iterations too, so that in the Summer of 2013, the next iPhone would be named the iPhone 6, signaling incredible innovations contained therein, rather than just incremental.

βœ” The fact that the next iDevice iteration did not receive an overwhelming external visible change; No matter says BMW and Mercedes, as they would not change their Body Styles for upwards of a decade; however, there were thousands of interenal improvements to the interiors, communications with the driver, passengers, engines, transmissions, climate controls, although BMW maintains their 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series… and Mercedes has their SL and SLK models, C models, E models, SEL models.

βœ” With this said, here is a drawing from a recent Apple Patent Application that gives credence to the “leaked” images received by GSM.

βœ” One more point, the “best rumors” seem to be contrived from the entities that make the components that are in the supply-line, eventually being assembeled into an iPhone… If there was a “leak” circulating that “someone” just ordered 10 million 5″ displays, and that facricator is making the 4″ displays for Apple… the “Rumor Folks” connect-the-dots, and speak to Apple’s new iPhone with a 5″ display, fact or fiction. Apple wants to keep everything under wraps, and everyone else wants to know, sooner rather than later… Graphic below by Nickolay Lamm.

βœ” Graphic abstracted from Apple Patent Application

βœ” As usual “leaked images” are always captured with terrible resolution.

βœ” It is interesting that these images received by GSM have a likness to the Apple Patent Application drawing of record. In the event there is any authenticity of these images, Apple, and many other innovative companies, product prototypes experimentally for consideration. Many prototypes never come to market, as they are rejected for a variety of reasons.

Rumor ID: iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s – That is the Question β­β­β­β­πŸ“.

Rumor Viability Comment: “Food for Thought”

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