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Status Board an Amazing “dashboard” Display for the iPad ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

April 16, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: For iPhones & iPads, miracelous Apple devices, there are literally over a Million unique Software Applications (Apps) that operate on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. As an iPhone and iPad owner, these articles are written from an Apple user perspective. With millions of Apps available, our friends, family, followers, and readers want to know which Apps may be of interest in their world. Having downloaded and used many hundreds of Apps, priced from $0.99 to $9.95 each, most under $3, and many are Free, this App is definitely worth our effort to bring to your attention.

Status Board an Amazing "dashboard" Display for the iPad

✔ The StatusBoard App comes with a number of pre-set panels for the basic display of time, weather, calendar, email, Twitter, newsfeeds, graphs, and tables. If you are more creative and talented, you can even create your own display block-panels with the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option. The DIY panels are essentially web pages that are hosted outside of the App, where the URL can be located on a public or internal web server.

✔ Status-Board also provides several PDF documents that you can print and view that will teach you how to make your own panels to use within Status Board. For the time being save the more complex panels after StatusBoard has had a revision or two; This App has recently released version 1.0 on April 8, 2013. The initial beta version 0.2 came to the App Store on 7/26, and version 0.9 emerged on March 12, 2013.

✔ First things First with Status-Board. Status-Board is a complex interactive App that is obtaining data, time, emails, news feeds, calendar from the internet in “real-time” every minute or so; Status-Board is a relatively complex App that requires above average iPad resources to operate efficiently.

✔ iPad and iPhone memory maintenance. We suggest this procedure as a Status-Board setup pre-requisite. Therefore, to help assure the best function of the Status-Board App, perform these very simple 4 steps for success:

⚫ Step-One: Double-Click the iPad’s HOME Button, this will expose all the Apps that are “Open” in this bottom tray.

⚫ Step Two: HOLD your finder onto one of the App Icons until all the Icons Jiggle.

⚫ Step Three: Then one-by-one, “x” out all of these Apps; when finished,

⚫ Step Four: make a Single-Press of the Home-Button which will close the empty bottom tray.

⚫ Note: Each one of these “open” Apps consumes a module of iPad memory, and if there are 20, 30, 40, 50 of them resident in this bottom tray, (as I’ve noticed on my wife’s iPad on occasion) the iPad may lock-up, freeze, or an App will not behave properly. Accordingly, before launching the Status-Board App, perform this simple step in closing-out all of the “open App” Icons visible on the Double-Click-Home-Button bottom tray. May we suggest that these 4 steps be performed every week for your iPads and iPhones. Lets call this process iPad and iPhone memory maintenance.

✔ Visualizing Status-Board. Think of the Status-Board display as a DashBoard on MAC computer using OSX. Status-Board’s display is basically a collection of widgets, arrangable to your personal preferences on a graphics-board. By default, weather, clock, and calendar widgets are displayed at the top, and underneath those boxes will be a number of other Widget-Icons you can add, such as email and a number of newsfeeds, simply by dragging each onto an empty portion of the Status-Board’s work-space.

✔ Status-Board Set-Up: When you RUN the App for the first time, take your time, complete the questions asked in the “booklet-like” introduction and instructions, by entering your email address and Twitter account info, so some of the basics are in place, when the full Status-Board’s Set Up Screen opens for the first time.

✔ Initial Set-Up-Introduction: Status-Board App asked to enter in your email address and password. If you are like many, having multiple emails is not a problem. Adding more email accounts is simple, by tapping on the email “box” while in the “editing” (green-check) mode. (See Graphic examples). This opens up a “pop-over” menu, where you can add other email accounts (as well as choose the ones for the App to display, by checking or unchecking).

✔ Status-Board permits changing the data that is shown (such as a list of messages, read messages, unread messages count, total messages count, and by day, or by hour). In fact, doing this on any of your boxes will bring up a pop-up menu with customizing options. Boxes can also be resized by dragging the bottom right corner, which is handy if you plan on adding more data to your board, or if you want to keep things simple; Status-Board’s setup is all up to you.

✔ Status-Board permits removing a panel entirely, simply tap and drag-it-off of the board to get rid of it. To add a new segment-panel to the Status-Board, touch-and-drag the icon of your choice located at the bottom onto the setup-board, and voila, a new data-box will be added to your. Removing and adding panels is amazingly easy to do, because it is very intuitive thanks to the multitouch gestures. Thousands of man-hours of complex coding by the StatusBoard’s software engineers, makes the Status Board App Very Easy to use for regular people.

✔ To complete the Status-Board setup screen, and view your Status-Board in full-screen live-mode on the iPad, simply touch the Green checkmark ( ✔ ) in the upper left corner. Exiting the set-up mode, will hide the bottom dock Icons, the panel editing buttons, and your customized Status-Board expands. Tapping on a news-feed line-item will bring up a popup menu with options of opening the line-item in Safari or other Link-server.

✔ Can I do AirPlay mirroring? Yes! But it’s more than mirroring: our in-app purchase enables a second screen specifically formatted for HDTV aspect ratios to eliminate AirPlay letterboxing! Your Status Board will be reformatted to look its best. That said, we plan to add basic free AirPlay mirroring (non-fullscreen) in a future build. It’ll be a good way to demo Status Board on a big screen. Hang tight!

✔ Can the weather be shown in Celsius? We use the system-wide Region Format in iOS Settings to determine how we show temperature. We might make it an in-app setting in the future!

✔ How do I graph my own data? Status Board provides three pro widgets: Table, Chart, and Do-It-Yourself (which is a basic web view). To learn more, download these guides: Graph Tutorial (PDF), Table Tutorial (PDF), and DIY Tutorial (PDF).

✔ Status-Board Customizing: To hook up these widgets to your site or service’s data, you generally must write a “middle man” script that converts your data into the simple formats Status Board expects.

✔ Do any websites collect or output Status Board-compatible data? Yes. Check out our Sources page!

✔ What widgets are included? Clock and Weather are exactly what you expect. Calendar will display the events from one or more of your local iPad calendars, even Exchange. Mail can show you mailbox counts, list incoming messages, or graph message volume. Twitter can show you tweets as a ticker, or chart Twitter volume. RSS will show you the latest articles in a feed, or graph article volume. Finally, Chart, Table, and Do-It-Yourself are described above.

App Name: Status Board – Status Board an Amazing “dashboard” Display for the iPad. Author: JimW.
Status Board is a Panic Inc. product for the iPad. Panic Inc is located at 315 SW 11th Avenue, 4th Floor, Portland, OR, 97205. Telephone: 503-224-3451

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Rating by Jimmy (This:📍= 1/2⭐)

App Store Priced: $ 9.99 Add a dazzling HDTV Display option for $9.99; Total for full featured App: $19.98

✔ This is Jimmy’s iPad Home Screen. Notice that I have collected Apps by topic and created Folders, Naming them with ALL CAPITAL Letters with Spaces between the letters for easy reading. On the Bottom Home Screen Tray is neatly placed StatusBoard’s App Icon for easy access.

✔ This is the Opening Set-UP display when you first start the App. Take a moment and Complete this very brief 5-page Set-UP.

✔ This is Jimmy’s Set Up screen for Status Board. Notice the Green Check mark in the upper-left Hand corner. This is an indictor that you are in Set-Up-Mode. When finished setting up the Display, simply touch the Green check-mark, and the App will resume Normal Display mode. On my display I have 3 email accounts in Columns, the Time clock, email graphic for each hour, a weather widget, in the right-most column is my Twitter Feeds that I follow. At screen bottom is a Ticket-Tape style for News Feeds, showing NY Times at the moment.

This is another set up screen showing my Twitter account FAU4U. Be free to Follow me if you’d like.

This is another Set Up screen showing my email accounts, to be displayed in a particular column. You can have all emails listed in one Column, or have separate Columns for each email account. You decide.

This is Jimmy’s Status Board Display in normal viewing mode, having pressed the Green check on the panel above.

This is a Sample Display created by the the App Author to show the variety of set-up options.

Imagine this FlatPanel Display (rotated into Portrait orientation) in your home’s media room, or on your Office wall, Doctor’s Office, University Business School media center, University Media Sports Senter, Student Union, displaying many types of Data and graphics that may be of interest in one’s Conference Room, Media Room, or Office Lobby… connect the iPad either using a HDMI cable hard-wired, or transmitt the entire graphics content wirelessly using Apple’s Air-Play feature. OMG, it is beautiful. For another $9.99 what a brgain. If you engaged a software engineer to make this flat-screen display happen it would cost more than $999.


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