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iPhone 5S & iPad 5 may have Intel Processors Inside plus Induction-Wireless Charging Capability ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍

April 28, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: Rumors. What do they mean. To some, rumors are authentic wispers of truth from people that are in the know. To others rumors are complete fiction and the food for fools. And of course there is everything in between. This chatter is an interesting combination of “ambitious wish lists” with “the notions of amateur marketers” in effort to forecast the next iteration of an existing product, or something new. Indusrty and their supply-line require Non Disclosure Agreements to be entered into by their employees, engineers, and management. It is interesting to hear the chatter. We pass the most interesting bytes for you. What do you think? Be free to comment below. In reality, “The people that are in-the-know, don’t talk; and the people that really don’t know, talk.”

iPhone 5S & iPad 5 may have Intel Processors Inside plus Induction-Wireless Charging Capability. Two separate reports claim that Apple could include both Intel-made processors and wireless charging on the iPhone 5S as early as this year.

While release date rumors have abounded for the iPhone 5S, we’ve gotten little information or conjecture about possible feature upgrades for the iPhone 5S recently, with no more than a few reports on A7 chip production, global LTE capabilities, and in-cell screen tweaks. A couple of new articles today, however, that a pair of big hardware upgrades could be in the works for the 2013 iPhone.

As reported by Know Your Mobile, Apple has apparently been mulling the prospect of having its longtime Mac processor partner Intel take over chip production for its iOS devices as well. According to a report from Reuters, an anonymous source ‘close to one of the companies’ revealed that executives have been in talks for a about a year now, though no conclusion has yet been reached.

The Reuters article focuses primarily on the fact that Intel’s next CEO could be planning to expand the company’s so-called ‘foundry’ contract operations and will enter into more manufacturing deals where it will produce chips for big-name clients, such as Apple.

Intel has proven itself over the years as the gold standard in producing high quality processors for the Mac line of computers, and the company’s strong track record of quality, performance, and economical power usage would be particularly well suited on the iPhone 5S, since some of the battery drain issues with iPhone models over a the past couple of years. However, there are also some technological roadblocks that could slow down any move towards Intel-made chips for iOS devices, with some indication suggesting that Apple may have to fundamentally change the architecture for the iPhone in order to accommodate Intel processors.

While on the one hand, Apple may not want to make too many major hardware changes on the iPhone 5S this year in order to maximize profit potential, being able to slap an Intel logo on the iPhone 5S would be a selling point indeed. It just remains to be seen if Intel can and will be brought into the process soon enough to be a part of iPhone 5S production.

Another exciting report today outlines the possibility of both Apple and Samsung debuting wireless charging for their respective devices this year. According to CNET. Based on “industry sources,” Taiwan-based DigiTimes said today that the next-generation iPhone will use wireless charging technology developed by Apple. But the sources couldn’t say whether the phone would be built with the wireless charging feature or rely on an attached accessory.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is expected to support the Qi wireless charging technology, which already is used by Nokia and other mobile vendors. The S4 may not include the capability itself but instead require users to buy a back cover that can access a charging pad.

The report is palpably thinner on detail about the iPhone 5S than it is the GS4, and considering that Phil Schiller was lukewarm on the notion of wireless charging in the past, it remains to be seen how viable the wireless charging rumor is for the iPhone 5S.

Samsung is more willing to take chances with novel hardware and has less to lose if it fails, deploying Qi technology (which we have heard about for some time now) is more feasible. The question is, would Apple allow Samsung to be the first to market with wireless charging and not answer it with a scheme of its own for the 5S?

Rumor ID: iPhone 5S & iPad 5 may have Intel Processors Inside plus Induction-Wireless Charging Capability.

Rumor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍

Rumor Viability Comment: Sounds Reasonable

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