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iPad v5 is Going into Full Production in July, 2013 (Rumor Round-Up) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 6, 2013

iPad v5 is Going into Full Production in July, 2013 according to those in the supply-line. If rumors are to be believed, those that are based on leaks derrived from supply-line fabricators, seem to be more “reliable” than “factoids” that are pass around Silicon-Valley, based on past iterations and extrapolations. Here is the iPad v5 Rumor Round Up.

✔ DigiTimes based in China has been sniffing sources that say the new iPad v5 will have a design style similar to the iPad-mini regarding its perimeter framing, with its rounded edges, and narrower screen-display matting, on the long edges of the iPad. Notice the graphics below of the iPhone, iPad-mini, and iPad v5.

✔ The new iPad display will likely maintain its 9.7″ diagonal display dimension, and the Retina display resolution. However the overall iPad cabinet shape and dinensions will change modestly, matching the design if the iPad-mini. We are calling the new version of the iPad, iPad v5, as its unclear how Apple will continue with its distracting and inconsistent nomenclature.

✔ Previously it was rumored that with Best Buy and WallMart, lowering its prices on certain iPad models, that this was a “clear signal” of an earlier anouncement date of the new iPad.

✔ Digitimes reported on November 2012 that the iPad 5 release date would be “around the middle of 2013”, while on December 2012, an “inside source” talking to Japanese site Macotakara, wrongly pegged the new iPad release date as March 2013. That incorrect March release date was repeated by Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets on January 2013. White was citing supposed industry insiders at the CES expo in Las Vegas, while also writing in a note to investors that Apple is moving to a bi-annual iPad refresh schedule.

✔ On January, 2013 iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz, who claims to have seen the new iPad 5, wrote that the fifth-gen iPad would go on sale October 2013. Horwitz also said that the iPad mini 2 may be launched in the same month.

✔ However, on February, 2013 as reported by AppleInsider, investment bank Piper Jaffray repeated the notion of a spring 2013 launch for the new iPad. “The history of time between Apple product launch events suggests that the company will introduce something new in June,” said analyst Gene Munster, adding: “Over the past two years, the spring event has been iPad updates.” Spring vs Autumn

✔ So it seems that observers are divided on whether we’ll see the new iPad in spring or autumn, with pundits dashing around and lining up like a game of Runaround. On February, 2013 analyst firm TrendForce opted for the autumn launch line, claiming that we’ll see a completely overhauled iPad 5 in September 2013.

✔ Just to throw an extra release date into the mix, accessory manufacturer MiniSuit says the new iPad will be released in June. Gizmorati also mentioned the iPad 5 will be shown off in June – specifically on June 29, six years to the day from the launch of the original iPhone. Citing an “inside source from Apple” Gizmorati claimed on March 2013 that an event, called ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’, will see the launch not just of the new iPad but also of the iPhone 5S. However, given that June 29 is a Saturday, we’re filing this particular rumor in the ‘Probably Not’ file.

✔ Want another possible release date for the new iPad? Apparently “knowledgeable sources” have revealed to iMore that the iPad 5 will be available in April….

So in summary, the iPad 5 will be released in either March (Didn’t happen), April (Better hurry), June, July, September or October. Any “sources” out there, willing to bet on May or July ??

Rumor ID: iPad v5 is Going into Full Production in July, 2013 (Rumor Round-Up).

Rumor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Viability Rated by Jimmy

Rumor Viability Comment: Shape and Size seem viable, timing is a huge question.

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