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iPad-mini or iPad? That is the Question

May 10, 2013

iPad-mini or iPad? This is the Question. This article will not recite all the statistics or specifications comparing these two “Magical” iPad models. The links below points to the Apple’s product site and to Geeky-Gadgets’; these sites describes the differences in these two models. Also provided below are graphics that compare the two devices, point by point.

✔ In reading the information available on these links, many other resources, and in speaking with many users of all the iPad models, there is motivation to give my and (spouse) Marilyn’s views about how we each independently, arrived at our decision between the 8 possible configurations, not counting the “cellular carrier” options. The choices should not be made dicated solely by Statistics and Specifications. For many folks, whether there are 132, 163, or 264 dots per inch (dpi), is this specification really something that is more important than 21oz vs. 7oz, both important differences; or the foot-print itself, the device size of 7.9″ or 9.7″ diagonal of the display; or the speed of the processor, a dual-core A5 processor, the dual-core A6X. Unless you are a techie, these figures are somewhat without import.

We all can relate to the “more is better” mentality; However, are these specifications really important for your choice; For someone, those who have a specific need, like myself, as a professional digital photographer; some of these statistics really matter, and may guide my choice; for my wife, who communicates using the iPad, email, facebook, twitter, not a digital imager, some of the iPad specifications are not important to her, but more important for my uses.

Why did Marilyn pick the iPad-mini. In short, the display resolution of 163dpi is significantly (124%) greater than the original iPad. Yet the iPad v3 has 62% more pixels than iPad-mini… does it matter… for Marilyn, the extra pots per inch, the number of pixels did not mean much when it comes to reading her books or reading and writing emails, or web-browsing… If you want to place a magnifying-glass on the screen and disect the pixel-density, differences may be seen; but, does it really matter, when compared to the foot-print dimensions and 300% weight differfence between the MINI and the traditional iPad…

✔ Marilyn has been using the original iPad since it release on April, 2010. When the iPad-mini was released, 33 months later, she had the cloice of changing to the MINI after several years of iPad experience. For women, or for Marilyn, she needs to “try-on and touch” everything when shopping. She was not interested in the “specs” nor taking it apart, or looking inside at Handling it, feeling it, noticing the different weights of each… the answer was quick and easy, the iPad-mini for her; no questioning, no equivocation, iPad-mini. She found that after the initial year of using the traditional iPad, she was not taking it with her every day as she used to; she was more and more, leaving it on the coctail table in the living room, as it just was too heavy (21oz=1.3 pounds) to carry around every day… Therefore we went to the Apple Store in Boca Raton, and viola, the decision was almost instantaneous, iPad-mini… and she loves it and carries it every day, everywhere…

Why did Jim get the iPadv3, who was also using the original iPad dating back to April, 2010; however, when the Retina Display iPad v3 came out, I jumped for the iPadv3 and sold the original iPad through, a great place to go if you like to upgrade your Apple iPads and iPhones, as I do. I plan to upgrade to the iPadv5 for some enhanced specifications; and then all our iPads and iPhones will be using the same “Lightning” connectors; I have been aggrivated with the original 30-pin connection plug for years… with the Lightning connector, there is no upside or downside, either way, it plugs in…

✔ As you may know, I am a digital-guy, teaching digital imaging at a major University in south Florida for over a decade, serve as a Propfessional Photographer for select clients for over two decades… so in my selection of an iPad… the display resolution, processing speed, and display size are more important issues to me… therefore, I will stay with the original iPad foot-print housing its larger display area. However, if Apple actually delivers a “Retina” iPad-mini, I may be tempted to take a “hard-look” at it this summer, if the rumor-mill has any validity. There is a very attractive feature of a smaller foot-print combined with a 7oz weight representing 33% of the original iPad.

In sum, it has been reported, Apple is selling three iPad-mini for each standard sized iPad. Is this due to the $70 price difference, ($339 vs $399) in the “entry” level iPads at 16GB storage? You decide. My opinion, apparently folks simply want a smaller foot-print. There is also something to mention about the traditional iPad’s weight at 21oz. One may say 1.3 pounds is really not that heavy; however, holding 21oz device for a 2 hour read of a book becomes something to remember; The iPad-mini weighing in at 7oz is 1/3rd if the weight of the traditional iPad. The mini fits a lot better in many of my wife’s purses.

✔ Buying an iPad is a very personal choice, like shoes, briefcases, purses… the iPad is a device you will communice with, read and send emails with, web-browse, read books and magazines with; A Very Personal choice indeed. Apparently Apple is opening its Ears to the choices its customers want; the mini-iPad is here to stay, and in time it will be enhanced with its new releases, as will the traditional iPad. Similarly, many folks are wanting a larger 5″ iPhone 6.

✔ Apple’s product site is a very good place to go to read all about these two iPad models, to examine the design features and configurations available:

✔ Geeky-Gadgets delivers a detailed report of the differences located at this link:

Product Name: iPad-mini or iPad ? Author: JimW.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Rating by Jimmy (This = 1/2 Star 📍)

Available Retail Price: $329-$929 (Price depends on: Model, WiFi only, Memory size)

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