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Apple’s iOS iPhone SmartPhone is Over Performing in the USA – Here’s the 2012-2013 Data ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 15, 2013

Apple’s iOS iPhone SmartPhone is Over Performing in the USA – Here’s the 2012-2013 Data

iOS user gains have out-paced Android for the last four periods which resulted in a decrease in Android share of users. A reduction in Android share was also visible in the spring of last year but the current decline is not only longer but more pronounced.

⚫ The growth in smartphones has been driven by the two dominant platforms: iPhone (iOS) and Android. Together they now make up 91% of the user base with about 40% for iPhone and 51% for Android.

⚫ iPhone gained 21 million users, while Android gained 17 million users in the last 12 months ending December, 2012.

⚫ The comScore mobiLens survey for the US ending February 2013 shows continuing rapid expansion of smartphone usage in the US, according to Horace Dediu.

⚫ Even though the 50% penetration threshold was passed seven months earlier, the rate of new smartphone users was second highest ever recorded with over 1 million new-to-smartphones users every week during February.

⚫ Overall penetration increased to 57% with nearly 2% of the population switching in one month. Using the average growth rate for the last six periods, the US could see 80% penetration in another 19 months or by Q3/Q4 2014.

⚫ It remains to be seen if the consistency of growth which was preserved from 20% to 60% is maintained between 60% and 80%, but all indications so far are that there may be consistency with these trends for the next few years.

⚫ Even though there are a lot of rumors, reports and investor notes nay-saying on the success and growth of Apple and the iPhone, the reality is that the Cupertino, California company and their mobile handsets are doing better than expected.

⚫ According to Digital Trends, a new report from ComScore paints a very different picture of Apple’s progress and the iPhone sales over the past couple of months.

⚫ From November, 2012 to January, 2013 Apple actually managed to accrue 8.9 million iPhone subscribers, this is compared to only 2.9 million new Android subscribers within the same time period.

⚫ ComScore reported that despite the smaller amount of subscribers, Android users (meaning Samsung+HTC+LG+Motorola grouped together) out-number iPhone users in market saturation, accounting for 51.7% of the market, compared to Apple’s iPhone 38.9% of the market for iPhone users.

✔ My personal opinion grouping all the smart phones makers together, and comparing this group to iPhone is absurd. Bottom line, comparing Apple’s iPhone to Samsung, the ✔ iPhone wins 38.9% to Samsung’s 21.3% in market share. And the iPhone market share growth rate over the previous period is about 10%, where Samsung’s is about 5%. ✔ Also note November, 2012 to January, 2013 Apple received 8.9 million new iPhone subscribers, this is compared to only 2.9 million new Android subscribers within the same time period.

🔴 Apple’s iOS iPhone SmartPhone is Over Performing in the USA – Here’s the 2012 Data – Those counting Apple out, are hearing the competor’s talking points, and not looking at the actual data.

⚫ Notice in this graphis, the Apple iPhone is out selling all other Android Brands individually comanding 39% of the market share. Samsung is in 2nd place with 21%. The iPhone is growing in the last 90 days, ending Feb, 2012, at roughly 10.2% in market share, and Samsung is growing at about 4.7% for the same period. If these growth rates prevail for the next 90 days Apple’s market share may reach 43% market-share, and Samsung share of 22.1%.

⚫ Too often the smart-phone competitors combine all the Android smart phone into a group and compare this figure against only Apple. Connecting the dots, when the Samsung folks speak favorably of their fine devices, the Galaxy’s, remember that the iPhone maintains almost Twice the market-Share, (39% to 21%) and accelerating by 10% growth rate. It will be interesting to re-examine the “90 days ending May, 2013 data” in 90 days from today, to see if Apple continues its growth in market share at the 10% level reported, for the 90 day period ending Februaty, 2013.

Product Name: Apple’s iOS iPhone SmartPhone is Over Performing in the USA – Here’s the 2012 Data

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