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SONY a99 – Price News – plus Comparison of A99 to Canon 5D mark III, a User’s Perspective for over 20 million Pixel DSLR Cameras ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 15, 2013

Introduction and Perspective: These articles are created to inform a wide and diverse audience, whether it be Photography, Digital Cameras, Lenses, Photo Editing Software, Smart Phones, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, and a variety of related products that may attach to these devices. The purpose is to inform those interested in what is currently available, or coming soon, based on what is believed to be reliable sources. This is not a rumors page. However, occasionally we publish interesting tid-bits from time to time.

If Sony DSLR cameras, the Sony Alpha SLT isn’t on your RADAR screen yet, and haven’t read the recent articles, then it’s time to “Focus” on SONY who is actually pushing DSLR camera design forward…

♦ Some current Amazing News regarding SONY Alpha SLT-99 camera. Recently SONY is promoting a special package with the Body Only camera. In noticing one of my favorite dealers, BH Photo-Video, they are selling this camera for $2,798 with a 2% rewards card, and the SONY Flash and Vertical Grip both costing $926. I have used this flash and the grip, both very high quality components.

♦ The Good news is that the effective price of SONY Alpha SLT-99 camera is $1,816. The next thought is why? New Model coming out very soon, and SONY is giving its dealers an outlet to get rid of its inventory… or the SLT-99 is simply not selling, their dealers are complaining and demanding either Make a Big deal opportunity with potential customers, or BUY these cameras back. Personally, I am “not in the know” of what is actually going on the Corporate Level at SONY… but, I do know that this deal is incredible favorable to customers, and there has to be a reason…

♦ The Not so Good News. Apparently SONY is under financial pressure due to its slow reaction to changing markets and technology, where Apple and Samsung were very quick in dominating their market segments. Likewise for Vizio and Shark with their large HDTV Flat Screen Displays quickly entering this segment, squeezing SONY, as again SONY was too slow in delivering competitive products.

✔ Most photographers still think of the big two, Canon and Nikon, when they think about buying a DSLR. But while Canon & Nikon are highly refining standard digital camera concepts and technology (and doing a very job of it), Sony has developed a radical design change, that is way outside the box and making a new line of all digital DSLRs of the future, but today.

✔ Therefore, If you’re shopping for your first digital SLR or considering switching od adding a new system, especially if video is important to you, now is the time to take a hard look at SONY’s SLT A99, or A77, all digital SLR cameras.

✔ Technically, the Sony Alpha SLT cameras are actually a a hybrid form of digital SLRs. However, for practical purposes, using a Sony SLT camera is the same as using a DSLR. The SLT in the name stands for “Single-Lens Translucent” (as opposed to “Single Lens Reflex”) and indicates that the cameras have a FIXED, semi-transparent mirror.

✔ Traditional digital SLRs have penta-prisms, 5-sided optical glass, reflection-prisms to transmit light bouncing off a Mirror that Flips-Up, allowing light to reach directly back towards the Imaging Sensor, when the shutter opens, the mirror Flips-Down after the exposure. At 10fps, frames per second, this high speed Shutter Flapping and Mirror Flipping can be quite noisy. Digital SLR’s phase detect auto focus arrays are located on or under the Mirror, so when the mirror is up it has to switch to contrast detect AF, which isn’t nearly as accurate for moving subjects.

✔ Sony SLT camera’s transparent mirror does not have to Flip-UP, so the Camera theoretically, can shoot faster and use phase detect AF all the time, including for video shooting. Camera makers are starting to embed phase detect AF pixels on the sensor for improved live view auto focus.

✔ As of this writing there are other (non-Sony DSLR) with movie mode with continuous high speed AF, that can compete with the Sony SLT line of cameras. Contrast detect auto-focus is actually very quick for still subjects; in fact, the fastest focusing cameras now are using contrast detect AF. However, contrast detect AF is nearly worthless for tracking fast moving subjects. Therefore, Sony’s semi-transparent, fixed-mirror design gives their DSLRs a serious advantage over the competition for shooting video of subjects in motion.

✔ We have fully tested the SONY SLT A77 all digital camera for about 10 months and was quite surprised at the SLT apparent design advangages, being literally “blown away” with its revolutionery design and capability. Some day, all DSLR’s may have similar all digital fixed or mirrorless designs… Recall Canon employed its Pellicle Mirror design for its EOS-1D film based cameras a decade ago…

✔ In carefully evaluating the overall performance of the SONY SLT A77 all digital camera for nearly a year, admittedly I was disappointed with its Still Imaging inaccuracies, with some of the images being over-exposed, and some perfectly exposed with no changes in the settings…

✔ Also, as a very expereinced Canon EOS, Nikon and Hasselblad equipment owner, I have been “spoiled” with ✔ (A) Canon’s incredibly accurate Still imaging capabilities; and ✔ (B) Canon’s relatively huge inventory of Quality “L” Lenses. Because of these two factors, we decided to ✔ (C) continue to concentrate our equipment investments with the Canon System of Digital DSLR Bodies, like their Canon 5D Mark III, and appropriate “L” lenses, like the EF 24-105mm IS f4L, EF 28-300mm IS “L”, EF 16-36mm f2.8 “L”, and 100-400mm IS “L” lenses, among the most used.

🔴 I must admit, for potential users that are satisfied with the line-up of very high quality ZEISS lenses that are compatible with SONY SLT A77 and SONY SLT A99 all digital cameras, these SONYs are amazing, and particularly if the HDTV function is very high on the list of uses; In fact I was considering having the SONY SLT A99 with a ultra-wide ZEISS lens, dedicated for HDTV VIDEO capture, and using the Canon 5D3 cameras for all other purposes.

🔴 As a suggestion, as this write-up is certainly not a comprehensive review, simply overall impressions as a user of Canon, Nikon and SONY digital SLR and SLT cameras, it is best to go to these 3 links to read and sites for very good studies of the the two devices mentioned above:




Product Name: Compare SONY a99 with Canon 5D mark III, a User’s Perspective for over 20 million Pixel DSLR Cameras ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available Retail Price: $2400-$3200 Suggested Retail Price range

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