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iWatch… the Chatter is Growing Louder

May 15, 2013

🔷 Traditionally, wristwatches are used for telling the time, perhaps a two-to-three-second interaction. Smart-watches may also favor two-to-three second interactions, many more time a day because its ‘smart.”

🔷 Say, someone sends you a text or posts a picture on Facebook; you get calendar meeting alerts and other standard types of incoming information, and the notification is transmitted to the iWatch.

🔷 A more pre-emptive Siri may nudge you about all kinds of random things: “You’re near the cleaners, pick up your laundry,” or “Do you want me to remind Marilyn about your meeting?” Active users may be glancing at our iWatches 10 times an hour during the day to keep up on those two-to-three-second messages and notifications of all kinds. It makes sense that the iWatch will gently interrupt you frequently, Because its on the wrist, one may be able to more “stealthy” in seeing the reminder or information.

🔷 Haptic capabilities may be the primary communicator with the iWatch… in effect: “Hey You, look here” Haptic communications are the “vibrating” internal physical motion you feel when your phone’s ringer is off. Apple and others have been integrating custom haptic techniques into the iPhone user interface since 2007. Advanced features let select your own pattern of vibrations, then assign a unique, custom pattern for each contact, if you choose. In iOS 5, custom haptic features were in “Accessibility” menu. With iOS 6, Apple baked it directly into the Contacts App. Simply open a contact, tap Edit, tap “vibration,” scroll down and tap “Create New Vibration” under Customize.

🔷 Not many folks uses this feature, as custom rings generally is good enough. With a phone, you not really notice the “feel” of the buzzing. But with an iWatch, bound more securely to your wrist and in direct contact with your skin, you should notice the haptic communication.

🔷 The boundaries between iDevices are merging. If you have other Apple iDevices, such as an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac or Apple TV, you may be able to see incoming stuff, then quickly toss it over to another nearby device with a simple command. For example, someone may post a picture on Facebook, and you may be able to visualize a thumbnail image on the iWatch. With a voice command or touch, instantly put it up on your iMac or TV. This is a huge market advantage to the 700 million users who have other Apple products.

🔷 Apple’s future iWatch may take the notifications and inter-device connectivity a few steps further., and enable you to tap into one’s iPhone wirelessly, listen wirelessly via Bluetooth earbuds. Apple is quietly very interested with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The iPhone was the first smart-phone ever to get the new technology, and every Apple product since iPhone-4 supports Bluetooth 4.0.

🔷 Apple has a “special relationship” with Nike, especially when it comes to the wrist. The nano “wristwatch” had a Nike app. Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the Nike board of directors. And Cook also wears a Nike FuelBand wristwatch, presumably every day.

🔷 It’s also well known that people use Apple products for fitness more than any other brand of gadget. People buy third-party accessories to hold iPhones and iPods to their arms and other appendages, and listen to music, etc., while running, working out, hiking, whatever. They also use third-party fitness Apps and accessories to monitor performance.

🔷 The wrist is the “perfect location” for a fitness sensors and geo-computing; Apple is likely to reserve a front row seat of prominent place for NIKE, in the pantheon of Apps on iDevices, as well as a head start on potential accessories. In exchange, Nike may likely remain faithful and exclusive to Apple’s (almost) one Billion users.

🔷 Notification Center. The Notification Center is Very appealing and useful on iOS and OS X it will be Strategic on the iWatch. A rational feature would be for the iWatch Notification Center to replace, or duplicate, iOS and OSX notifications. Once an iDevices detects the presence of an iWatch connected via Bluetooth, Notification Center messages may appear on the watch instead of the other device, keeping those screens free from clutter and interruptions…

🔷 The iWatch’s capabilities is only limited by ones imagination, and in the case of Apple, thousands of engineering’s imaginations.

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