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Motorola’s Brick to the iPhone 5 Journey – How did Apple Win Our Loyalty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✔✔

May 18, 2013

Motorola’s Brick to the iPhone 5 Journey – How did Apple Win Our Loyalty, and the Juice that Keeps Us in the Family.

1⃣ Loyalists and Devotees are strongly loyal and devoted to a single ecosystem, and consists of those using multiple devices, all of which come from a single ecosystem. Apple users represent 58% of the world’s loyalists and 56% of its devotees. Among U.S. consumers, its dominance is even greater: 59% of loyalists and 71%. Yes, 71% of Apple users are Devotees, according to a recent Forrester Survey.

2⃣ This is a tricky topic, and and the percentages earned reflect only a current snapshot. Personally our family members are Devotees to Apple products and its Ecosystem.

3⃣ Our 25 year Cellular Journey. In 1985 we were of the very few Morotola cellular users that signed on with “the Brick” which cost then about $3500 and add another $1200 for the “Car Kit” which had to be installed by a Motorola technician. The usage charge per minute were significant, about 25¢ per minute, accordingly our monthly Bellsouth Mobility bills ran into the low-thousands per month.

4⃣ Motorola’s MicroTAC 9800X Flip Phone became available in 1989, an under $800 in the pocket device became our next “mobility” cellular device. It was quite a change, in that it was truly shirt-pocket capable mobile phone. This was our first truly portable phone. Up until its release, most cellular phones were installed as car phones due to the inability to fit them into a jacket pocket.

5⃣ Motorola StarTAC became available in 1996, which was the first clamshell cellular phone. Also one of the first color display screens featured on a cell phone.

6⃣ Palm Treo 600. This was our next one of my “Got to have it” gadgets that became available in 2003. We had several Models, as Palm developed 3 subsequent models, the 650 and 700. The Treo 755p was a smartphone developed by Palm, Inc. We upgraded to it in June, 2007. The 755p the first CDMA Treo without an aerial antenna.

7⃣ Apple’s iPhone, their very first model, was released in 2007. We passed migrating to it as at the time we were thinking of migrating from the Palm 755p to Blackberry’s initial BOLD device, with all of their Apps, at the time 50 Apps perhaps. Apple did not have an App Store until say mid-2008.

8⃣ BlackBerry Bold. In 2008, this was our next mobile phone, as we left the Palm Treo line because of the lack of reliable Apps, which were coming into focus. The BOLD was Blackberry’s “middle ground” solution for those who wanted a 3G phone and a QWERTY keyboard. At the Time BB was very well known and a market leader. We upgraded to several Blackberry models ending with the BOLD in June, 2010.

9⃣ With the Blackberry devices, both of us were intellectually invested in the Blackberry user interface, having learned its use and features, and were completely delighted with everything Blackberry offered.

🔟 Apple came out with the 1st version of the iPad. We bought one for each of us in April, 2010. During the next several months we learned the Apple iOS operating environment, entered the App Store which made the iPads really a productivity, information, and entertainment device, with Words (Scrabble) the only game. In June 2010 the iphone had 225,000 Apps available (and 8,500 native Apps for the iPad).

🔢 Apple in July, 2010 released the iPhone-4. With our experience with our iPads, they being so intuitive to use, we learned quickly how everything worked relatively fast, we decided to JUMP into the world of iPhone, and never looked back. As of Sept, 2010 Apple’s App Store was populated with 250,000 Apps. We both have iPhone 5 and love the entire ecosystem, particularly with the consistency between the iPad and iPhone devices; almost all the Apps work on both devices;

🔢 The Ecosystem, with Apple’s “Family Share” activated, and with us Sharing one iTunes Apple-ID account, we only pay once for Apps. Specifically, as Marilyn or I buy an App, Music, Movies, or Books, it downloads onto your device, and also simultaneously downloads onto my iPad, or can be downloaded onto all 4 of our devices (2 iPads, and 2 iPhones), only paying once. So a $1.99 App effectively costs only 25¢/device. If Marilyn would rather not have a particular App on her iPhone that I bought, she can remove it, and none of the other devices are effected. We lots of music, books, and hundreds of Apps.

🔠 In Sum, we are firmly committed to Apple’s iPads and iPhones, as we have invested our time to become accustomed to its iOS, (which was very easy learn). We are also economically invested, with all our Apps, Books, Music, Movies, and few TV shows. Therefore it is hard to imagine migrating away from Apple’s total Ecosystem. I truly believe its “all about the Apps” as these software programs developed by thens-of-thousands of independent developers world-wide, really make the iPhone and iPad effective portable productivity tools.

🔠 One More Thing. A message to Apple, remember we migrated from Blackberry, before it we migrated from Palm, and before it we migrated from Motorola, over the past 25 years; therefore don’t become arrogant or complacent with your efforts towards improving the overall user experiences; Remember all us that have iPhones and iPads, migrated to Apple from another place.

🔠 Perspective: Rumors. What do they mean. To some, rumors are authentic wispers of truth from people that are in the know. To others rumors are complete fiction and the food for fools; and then there’s everything inbetween. We pass the most interesting bytes for you. What do you think? Be free to comment below. In reality, “The people that are in-the-know, don’t talk; and the people that really don’t know, talk.”

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