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WiThings Health Mate App is the BEST to Track your Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, even Watch your Baby Sleep UPDATE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍📍

May 29, 2013

WiThings Health Mate App is the BEST to Track your Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, even Watch your Baby Sleep. The WiThings Health Mate is the simple way to take care of yourself and stay healthy. It’s free to download and is designed for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds, exercise more, keep an eye on their blood pressure, or sleep better.

Living Healthy. It all starts with knowing where you stand. The WiThings App measures and stores a history of your data, helps you visualize the Data, and watch the figures improve over time. You can log this data manually or use one of WiThings’ many compatible data collecting and tracking devices integrated with the Apps to automatically track your health. For example, Get to the Weight and the Blood Pressure values that is Best for you.

Connectivity. We purchased the WiThings Scale and Blood Pressure Cuff, both of which communicate directly to our iPhones and iPads through WiFi and the iternet, securely. This is accomplished with the Whitings Scale by establishing a direct WiFi connection with our Home Router.

Body Weight. Collecting the Data. When Jim gets on the scale in the early morning each day, the scale’s reading is transmitted to our Router, then through the internet to our (Free) account established at Whitings’ Servers; Jim’s weight is then transmitted via the internet to the registered devices, in this case, all 4 of our iPads and iPhones; Likewise for Marilyn, as I set up an ID for Jim and Marilyn, many more may be added. Its a simple matter of providing an email address and creating a password. In our case we used one email address an a uniform password. Marilyn and I can view watch other’s progress, to encourage each other, as enhancing health is not a straight-line up.

Blood Pressure. We also purchased the Withings Blood Pressure Cuff. This is not a complicated data connection, as the user simply connects the Cord from the Cuff into our iPhone or iPad, Start the App. Place the Cuff on my Arm in a traditional fashion, Press the App’s Start Button to take the readings. Everything is automated, the Cuff inflates, deflates, and takes the three readings, including Sys, Dia, and Pulse Rate, records the data in the data-base, and plots the values onto a Graph, all automated.

Graphics. Granted the WiThings measurement tools, the Scales ($150) and Blood Pressure Cuff ($130) are very accurate, and placing values into a data-base for each of us. However the really nifty feature is the values are also Plotted and Graphed in a very appealing fashion. The App designers have given considerable thought in creating this application. A number of graphics are included in this article to show what I’m describing.

Doctors Office. My physician finds the information very valuable, as Dr. Weiner can look at the Values and Graphs on my iPad or iPhone, the results may also be emailed to him if desired. The graphical trend-lines are very revealing.

Baby Scales. Withings has also produced a very accurate baby scale, that also converts to a the Child’s Scale as they grow up.

Baby Monitors. Withings also has a compact Audio and Video Monitoring device, so you can see the Young one Rest, from anywhere, literally anywhere, down stairs, next door, across the street.

Security Monitor. Withings also has a compact Audio and Video Monitoring device, so you can see what’s going on, while you’re away, since the babies are all grown up, from anywhere. High-resolution. Smart solution. Pin-sharp picture quality. With the three-megapixel video sensor, you can enjoy impressive picture quality on your iOS iPhone, iPad literally anywhere in the world, requiring a WiFi connection however.

HDTV Video. High-Resolution digital video, with image stabilization and wide-angle lens, allows you to monitor your child at all times without having to move the baby monitor to a 90° angle. Non-deterioration, 4 x zoom feature.

Pinch-Zoom. Image zooming capability allows you to easily zoom in on every detail of your baby’s room, living room, any room, and to move around that room, while maintaining exceptional video quality without deterioration. Move around. Stay close. With the latest Virtual PTZ technology (pan, tilt, zoom), you can virtually move the “Digital Eye” around your baby’s room, or any other room. Simply slide your finger around your iPhone’s or iPads display to “pan” up to a 90° movement, to see a full view of their safety and surroundings.

✔ Log your weight data manually or use a Withings Smart scale to do it automatically.

✔ Keep history of your weight and see where you stand on beautiful graphs.

✔ Set yourself achievable goals, and be reminded to focus on your efforts.

✔ Instantly see how close you are to your desired weight.

✔ Track your physical activity with one of our partner apps: seamlessly import all your data from RunKeeper or BodyMedia.

✔ Get instant tips and supporting messages from your Withings companion and make sure you achieve the recommended 30 minutes of moderate activity per day.

✔ See how your physical activities impact your weight loss in a snapshot.

✔ Log your blood pressure data manually or use a Withings Smart BP Monitor to do it automatically.

✔ Be reminded to monitor your heart regularly, and share your data with your doctor and your loved ones.

✔ Consult your Withings Health Mate and see instantly how well you are taking care of your heart.

✔ Sleep does matter and impacts your day to day. Track your sleep automatically with our partner devices: Zeo Sleep Manager, a bluetooth headband sensor, linked to your iPhone. There is more information below for this item. Note, I have not used or tested this device nor the App software.

Release Date: Jul 26, 2012. The App as received 13 free updates and improvements.

Apple App Store Direct Link, this App is the newest Withings App that supports all the newer Withings devices:

Apple App Store Direct Link for the WiScale, the original Withings App that operates on the iPad and iPhone:

Apple App Store Direct Link for the WiScale, the original Withings App that operates on the iPad and iPhone. I use this App when using the iPad to view my Health Data. The Newer App below is not iPad friendly as it does not rearrange the view to Landscape:

Apple App Store Direct Link, this App is the newest Withings App that supports all the newer Withings devices, and is more iPhone friendly as the display is Portrait only :

Zeo is a comprehensive system to help you track and improve your sleep. The Zeo headband measures your brainwaves, eye movements, and muscle activity to accurately track your sleep cycles. 4 out of 5 Zeo users reported improved sleep quality (full results at
How It Works
✔ Track: Total sleep time, REM sleep, Deep sleep, nighttime Wake
✔ Summarize each night’s sleep quality with a single number: ZQ
✔ Share your sleep data, personalized assessment, and sleep advice
Sleep Advice
✔ Zeo analyzes your data and give you a personalized assessment of your sleep
✔ Understand how well you’re sleeping and identify areas for improvement
✔ Get advice on how to wake up less, get more Deep and REM sleep, and fall asleep faster
SmartWake™ Alarm
✔ Gently wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle
✔ Never wake up late, always wake refreshed
Access to
✔ Sync your sleep data to the cloud
✔ Analyze your sleep data in more depth and get advice from ZEO experts

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