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Cydia JailBreak targets Latest Mobile iOS – Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods: The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY, The RISK

May 31, 2013

Cydia JailBreak targets Latest Mobile iOS – Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods: The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY, The RISK. New jailbreak targets all the latest iOS Apple devices, has proven a hit with the "tinkering" public, with over 4 million downloads in two days. Here is the Good the Bad and the Ugly… Be Warned, this activity may VOID your Apple product Warranty ! You need to firstly know that a "Bricked" device means too…

The NEWS: Launched on Monday, the evasi0n tool is capable of jailbreaking every iOS 6 and 6.1 device on the market, including the iPhone 5, the iPad-mini, the fourth-generation iPad, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch. The tool itself is reportedly relatively simple to use, certainly in comparison with other jailbreak methods; however, this activity may "brick" your iDevice permanently.

The RESULTS, evasi0n had already been used at least 800,000 times in its initial six hours, according to Jay Freeman, who runs the Cydia appstore for jailbreakers. Speaking with Forbes, Freeman called that a "conservative estimate" as an increase in traffic actually took down his server for awhile. Another reason to NOT to JailBreak. And by Tuesday, those numbers had already reached 1.7 million. Taking those results several steps further, Freeman tweeted last night that more than 4 million iOS devices have downloaded the Cydia software since evasi0n debuted. That doesn’t necessarily mean all those devices are tapping into Cydia because of evasi0n. But it does show a dramatic jump in the use of Cydia since Monday.

The GOOD: For those unfamiliar with the term "JailBreak" it is a unique Program that is accessed from a non-Apple site, not available on the APP Store. When this JailBreak application, the Cydia software, is installed and launched, it "unlocks" the iPhone or iPad to accept non-Apple-approved Apps.

One of top reasons to JailBreak an iPhone is to enable it to install non-Apple-authorized third-party applications. Cydia, developed by Jay Freeman, is the heart of all. One may consider Cydia as the App Store for a JailBreak’ed iPhones, iPads, iPods, that lets you download and install third-party applications on iPhone or other iDevice.

Apple enables every iPhone with the game-changing App Store created in 2008. Developers can put up application on the App Store for every iPhone user to download.

So what is the point to have Cydia ?? The short answer, not every application can get through Apple’s strict approval process, and thereafter appear in App Store. A very good example is NetShare, which turns iPhone into a wireless modem; however, was banned by Apple for some important reasons. The App was banned largely to do with AT&T and other providers, as it would violated their subscriber’s 2 year contacts, as they may charge monthly fees for modem capability. Cydia exists to fill the gap, and "permits" the download other 3rd party applications that you will not find on App Store.

Apple’s iOS platform has long been criticized for being extremely β€œclosed,” meaning that developers aren’t able to offers users a high degree of third-party tweaks and customizations. Meanwhile, Google’s Android platform has taken the opposite approach, opening up their platform to practically any customization one could dream up – often at the cost of user experience or even security. According to Tim Cook, however, Apple’s legendary closed approach to iOS could be about to change. This Change may come with iOS7!

Speaking Tuesday evening at the D11 conference, Cook was grilled over just how closed Apple’s software really is, especially in comparison to Android. In response, Cook made some comments that were quite surprising to many following the conference, where Cook stating that Apple is indeed planning on opening their platform to at least some degree.

Once Cydia is installed onto the iPhone, the user now has access to a totally different type of APP Store, no longer an Apple APP Store, however. There are some very interesting and creative APPs that one can buy and install onto your iDevice giving it features that Apple would not approve for a variety of reasons;

Reason 1⃣ : Apple does not approve of Cydia or these Apps, as the APPs purchased using Cydia, no sale proceeds, the 30% usually retained by Apple with its App Store, are available to Apple.

Reason 2⃣ : Apple strictly controls how APPs interface with the iOS, and for example, Apple wants the HOME button used for only Apple pre-defined actions and purposes, no exceptions… Cydia-JailBreak’ed Apps do not necessarily follow these strongly enforced restrictions, making these Apps disqualified to be listed on Apple’s App Store. Many JailBreak developers have been declined by Apple’s review team, because of reasons like this.

The BAD. Intellectual curiosity getting the better of us… and experimented with installing Cydia, and some of the Apps that are displayed with their menu system…. it all looks quite professionally done, and some of the Apps and Widgets are very attractive. The BAD part is that this open-architecture, and no control of the App Developers, for use on the iPhone, leads to confusion as to what all the buttons on the iPhone do… in some Cydia-JailBreak APPs the down-volume button is used for an entirely different purpose than Sound Level. This makes Apple crazy, furious. Therefore for most common users that don’t want to tinker with their hand-held, and do not want to be confused which button does what, and risk of the phone becoming "Bricked"…. JailBreak’ing may not be for you… self included.

The UGLY. A serious problem occurs when Apple releases a new Operating System update, like going from iOS6.0 to iOS6.1. When attempted to install an iOS update onto a JailBroken iPhone, essentially destroys the usability of your iPhone, rendering is inoperable, perhaps permanently. So the simple solution is do not migrate to a new Apple iOS update, and therefore you will not receive all the security and other enhancements Apple offers with their updates. If you do, your iPhone may become "bricked", a term used by "hackers & tinkerers" when describing what just happened to their iPhone or iPad…

More UGLY. Apple warns their customers that if an Apple device is subjected to this form of unauthorized Software Modification, your iPhone’s Warranty is VOID, and your device may become permanently inoperable.

The RISK. Admittedly, we experimented with JailBreak’ing a few years ago with an iPad v1; it looked great for a week or two, and became unstable and more unusable for an unknown causes; and the iPad soon "locked up" the iPad seriously. I “crawled into” the Apple Store "begging and apologizing" for this unauthorized activity, pleading stupidity, which was true; Apple’s Genius Bar understood my situation, made no guarantees that they could recover the iPad, placed an entirely new Software Image on the iPad, and viola we were all OK again. This is the same device-image that the factory writes into each iPad memory-chips, just before the iPads are tested and boxed at Apple’s factory in Taiyuan, the southern city of Shenzhen, in Chengdu.

The origins of Cydia-JailBreak traffic:

  • China – 2,991,211 (20.12%)

  • United States – 2,508,269 (16.88%)

  • France – 860,355 (5.79%)

  • Germany – 789,878 (5.31%)

  • Italy – 666,669 (4.49%)

  • United Kingdom – 540,544 (3.64%)

  • Russia – 500,908 (3.37%)

  • Spain – 385,005 (2.59%)

  • Canada – 327,255 (2.20%)



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