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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Line ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🍎

June 8, 2013

Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy: If its the right time and you want to upgrade your smartphone, then you could be choosing, as a matter of fact you may likely be choosing between the two giants of success, either Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, two of the Most Popular and readily available smartphones on the market today, as of March, 2013. This is a difficult choice as they are both superb devices. Let’s take a look.

Hopefully Apple will address the millions folks that really want a larger smartphone than the 4″ iPhone display offers, self included. It was only a few months ago, that Apple finally got the joke, and addressed the millons of folks that simply wanted a Smaller-Lighter iPad; and 10 million units later, Apple really got it right and now has firmly in place a two-screen size iPad line-up. Apple needs to leverage its iPhone success with several Display sizes principally a 4″ Display and a 5″ display. IMHO this will silence the Apple Critics, and please millions, just as the iPad-mini did for the iPad, not to mention the millions that will jump from Android to Apple who are holding out waiting for a 5″ iPhone 6.

1⃣ Cannibalization. When a company refuses to provide a product this “Market Segment” desires. Better to trap a meaningful piece this segment, than have them go elsewhere. Samsung reacted very quickly to these desires and delivered their 5.5″ display of the Galaxy Note 2, generating some 40 million unit sales.

2⃣ The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with Jelly Bean while the Apple iPhone 5 has iOS 6. Both of these are superb and each has their positive and negatives. iOS 6 operating system is very stable and it is user friendly. iOS devices have a great resale value too given that they aren’t “trumped” as often. There are more Applications, Apps, in their App Store than you get at Google Play’s Store, and apps appear more polished given the close integration. Often you can find apps in the App Store that you have to pay for and some are offered free in the Google Play Store, but are running annoying advertisments, taking up some of that large display.

3⃣ Android is a work in progress constantly; when Jelly Bean was revealed it had some huge changes. If you are new to Android then you may find it daunting; however, it is worth learning. Updates to iOS are less frequent; this is generally good. Some people could find iOS very restrictive but you just can’t beat it from a usability perspective.

4⃣ Androids like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are excellent for anyone who wants to customise their handset, as it comes with custom keyboards, launchers, widgets and more. Android also doesn’t rely on iTunes for it to sync. With the iPhone 5 you are more structured, as personalization is limited to ringtones and wallpaper.

5⃣ Android updates can be tardier than those of Apple and the older devices may get left behind. This is something that you may wish to bear in mind before handing over $299 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, only to find out that it will be behind on software updates.

6⃣ The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is however, in front with regard to specifications, only one piece of the puzzle; it has a display of 5.5″; it comes with twice the speed and twice the amount of RAM of the iPhone 5, on paper at least. It comes with a battery of 3100mAh battery, of course to feed that huge screen, and this happens to be twice that of the Apple iPhone 5 too (1,430mAh). It also comes with S-Pen features. The Apple iPhone 5 is classier looking.

7⃣ With 2G you would get around 25 hours of use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and on 3G you may get around 16 hours. It comes with a “port” to support inserting a SD data card, NFC, and a removable battery. The Apple iPhone 5 doesn’t have any of these features.

8⃣ Both of the handsets come with good storage capacity, but as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has support for SD card, which adds potentially another 64GB. Both of the devices have 8 megapixel rear cameras. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a front camera of 1.9 megapixels and the Apple iPhone 5 has a 1.3 megapixel camera for FaceTime, video conferencing. You receive LTE support and HSPA+ with both of the devices.

9⃣ Bottom Line, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with bigger storage, faster processor, more RAM, bigger battery, larger display and more software customization tools.

🔟 The iPhone 5 has its merits too, by way of better styling, better camera (better low-light shots and a faster shutter), Better Ecosystem, More Reliable inventory of Apps, and lastly as to price, the iPhone 5 starts at $199 while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is $299 with two-year contracts.

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