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Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad (v2, v3, v4) – Leave it to Belkin to Deliver the Best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎🍎

June 8, 2013

Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad (for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation) – Shipping Now – Leave it to Belkin to Deliver the BEST Quality at a very competitive price. And Belkin Did. Afterall this is an Article about a KEYBOARD Case.

Here is an image of the Keyboard. I really like this one. The typing feel is just like typing on Apple’s best Keyboard that is packaged with their $3000 MAC computers. Very solid feel to the keys. The layout is so similar to most other keyboards, meaning the placement of the space-bar, the Shift, Enter, Alt, Command, and Delete keys, that there is really no learning curve.

Belkin’s Keyboard Case. Here are several more important points worth noting:

1⃣ Belkin Keyboard Case has a slightly Curved/Cupped Opening on the right-edge where the iPad Speaker is located. This helps to project sound towards the user, rather than having the sound flow side-ways to the right, making it difficult to hear the sound. There is a graphic showing the sound with greenish-arrows.

2⃣ The Keyboard Cover does not have a On-OFF Switch; when you close the Keyboard-Case the magnetic innards places the iPad into “Sleep” mode, and places itself to sleep too; Close the Cover and the Keyboard turns itself off and places the iPad to sleep. Open the Keboard Cover, and both the iPad and the Belkin Keyboard are ready to go instantly.

3⃣ The Belkin Keyboard Case is very light, compact, and well designed. Belkin was not the first to rush out a product to the market, but it was worth the delay, as this keyboard-case is terrific. Lighter and more compact than any other “keyboard” cover or case that I’ve personally tested; There is one exception, Logitech’s Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover, my 2nd place choice (not a case, no lid into which the iPad is placed).

4⃣ Using the Logitech’s UltraThin Keyboard Cover and the ClamCase Pro for many months, I thought the iPad Case-Cover issue was "solved." Not so Fast…. BELKIN has delivered a slimmer, lighter, design that IS the "magic" solution I have been waiting for, a terrific balance of functionality, design, size, and weight. This Belkin design is well worth taking a hard look at.

5⃣ After testing all the leaders in the Keyboard Case and Keyboard Cover arena, below is a list of my personal favorites. I have written separate Articles published on this Blog, therefore I will not list all the positives, features or concerned. However, I will note here that all three of the “Keyboards” are terrific, my perferences have to do with size, weight, Thinness, overall design, all of which are very subjective. This list is in order of my Preference. Note prices change, however, below is some current guidance as of this writing.

6⃣ Use Tip #1: Before you use the Keyboard for the first time, charge it with the USB cord provided, using any common 5v smartphone charger. Charging will take 2-3 hours, the LED light on the right-edge near the USB socket on the keyboard illuminates ORANGE indicating its changing, when charge is complete the Orange Light goes off. A Full Battery Charge will operate the Keyboard for about 160 hours of use. For “Power” users of the iPad.v4 like me, 160 hours translates into about ONE Full MONTH of service using it for about 5 Hours per Day. Likewise, for the more casual users of the iPad, say 2-Hours per day, then 160 hours of battery will provide 80-Days of service, well over 2 Full MONTHS of service.

7⃣ Use Tip #2: There is no ON-OFF switch for the Keyboard, as the Magnetics that turn off the iPad when the Keyboard Cover is Closed, also turns off the Keyboard; conversly, when the Keyboard Cover is opened, the iPad and the Keyboard start simultaneously.

8⃣ Use Tip #3: The easiest method to install or remove the iPad, is to insert the iPad into the TOP-edge Groves of the Keyboard Case Cover, then press the BOTTOM-edge of the iPad into the Bottom-Edge-Groves. Conversly, if you choose to remove the iPad from the Keyboard Case Cover, secure the BOTTOM-edge of the Keyboard Case Cover and press-forward toward You, to release the Bottom-Edge First, then slide the rest of the iPad forward. The TOP-Edge Groves, are deeper, making it much harder to remove the Top edge of the iPad First. Therefore remove the iPad from the Bottom-Edges of the CaseCover First.

8⃣ Use Tip #4: Activating the BlueTooth is very simple, on the iPad, go to Settings, touch Bluetooth, make sure the On-OFF switch is set to ON. Then Hold the Function Key the leftmost-bottom Key and also Press the Pair KEY, which is the + = Key. Holding these two Keys depressed simultaneously for 3 seconds, this Activates the PAIRing Process. While this is happening, notice on the Bluetooth Settings Device List: BELKIN ULTIMATE KEYBOARD should be listed, when on the list, Touch this Device towards the Left of the Line-Item, the DEVICE Line Item should soon say Connected. Then you are PAIRED, a one time process for this iPad. If you switch iPads, upgrade, whatever, you’ll have to rePAIR the Belkin Keyboard to the next iPad.

1. Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case ($99 for Black or $129 for Silver).

2. Ligitech’s UltraThin Heyboard Cover ($78 for Black. $93 for White, prices)

3. ClamCase Pro ($159 for White)

✔ THIN, LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM DESIGN. With a base made of specially machined aluminum alloy, Belkin’s iPad case with Keyboard offers outstanding durability while maintaining a slim profile.

✔ BELNIN’S KEYBOARD Case is only 6.4 mm thin and weighs only 17 ounces to help maintain and high-light the iPad’s thin, lightweight design.

✔ Add these two components together: Cover=17oz + iPad=21oz = 38oz, for the world’s best, thin’est, compact touch-screen “Laptop” in my humble opinion. Looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

✔ COMFORTABLE, WELL-SPACED KEYS FOR FASTER TYPING. The wireless keyboard for iPad employs large well-spaced TruType keys to deliver a laptop-like typing experience, helping you minimize errors and increase typing speed. With the Ultimate Keyboard Case, you’ll make quick work of your emails, word processing, messaging, and other typing-intensive work. The keyboard also has built-in shortcut keys that allow for easy media control.

✔ BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD FOR IPAD. The wireless keyboard pairs with your iPad via Bluetooth® 2.0, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in. It also turns on as soon as you place your iPad in one of three viewing positions and turns off when you’re done using it, which saves battery life.

✔ BATTERY CAPACITY. The built-in rechargeable battery runs for up to 160 hours between charges and up to 1,900 hours (or 6 months) when in standby mode. When you do need to charge it, the included USB-to-micro-USB cable makes charging easy, using any Common iPhone or iPad 5v LiON charger.

✔ SOUND-FLOW DESIGN ENHANCES SOUND QUALITY. The keyboard’s Cover offers Sound-Flow design that directs your iPad’s sound, from the side, toward you, making the audio of music and movies more powerful and clear to hear. The shape of the right-top-edge of the keyboard’s cover is expanded a bit to re-direct the iPad’s speaker output from a side-ways direction, to a forward direction, towards the user.

⚫ Wireless iPad keyboard and protective case in one package

⚫ Bluetooth 2.0

⚫ Folds flat; the keyboard is only 6.4mm thin

⚫ Thin, Lightweight Aluminum Design weighs in at only 411 grams

⚫ Three viewing angels with precision-hold magnets for stability

⚫ TruType keys provide a laptop-like typing experience

⚫ Offers 160 hours of battery life between charges, 80 days at 2 hrs/day

⚫ SoundFlow design enhances iPad’s audio clarity

⚫ Compatible with iPad 2, 3rd and 4th Generations

⚫ 1-Year Limited Warranty

⚫ Key travel: 1.6 mm

⚫ Key size: 14.15 mm x 14.15 mm. Key pitch: 17.0 mm. Key surface area: 199.9mm2


Product Name: Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad (for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation) – Ships, May, 2013 – Leave it to Belkin to Deliver the Best . Author: JimW.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Rating by Jimmy

Available Retail Price: $99.99 Free Shipping

Item Product Code : F5L149ttBLK

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  1. manny permalink

    I charged the case over night well over 3 hours (midnight to 8am) and the LED light is still orange but faint. I tried paring it to my iPad and it hasn’t worked. At this rate I’ll be returning the product to the store.

    • You probably have a bad copy take it back to the store and get it replaced.
      Since writing the article where now using a Logitech ultrathin keyboard covers.

    • You probably had a bad copy take it back to the store and get a refund or an exchange. In the alternative since writing this article we have changed to Logitech ultrathin keyboard covers for our iPads and iPad minis

  2. Tina permalink

    Does a full charge actually illuminate blue light? I charged my keyboard with a 5V wall adaptor and after 3 hours the light changed from bright orange to very dim orange but no blue..

    • When one charges the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case, as soon as the USB charging cable is plugged into the Case, a bright Orange lighe will be emmitted from a LED light immediately next to the UBS socket, an indication that the LiON battery is being charged.

      When the Keyboard Case is fuly charged the Bright Orange light appears to be turn off, when the case is in a normally bright lite office setting. However in very low lighted environments, the LED actually appears to be very faint in intensity, meaning you may be able to notice a very faint orange illimination. Most of these cases either use Orange or Green LED lights for charging indicators.

      Similarly, Blue LED indicators are “reserved” to indicate Bluetooth pairing, and Bluetooth connectivity processing.

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