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Rumors: Authentic Whispers of Truth from People In The Know (or) Rumors are Complete Fiction, The Food of Fools ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎🍎

June 8, 2013

Rumors: Authentic Whispers of Truth from People In The Know (or) Rumors are Complete Fiction, The Food of Fools. Rumor Update: It is very important to understand that the development and delivery of high techonology devices, requires an incredible number of “man-hours,” perhaps tens-of-thousands of hours, (adding up to years) utilizing say thousands of designer teams, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, financial analysts..

♦ Creation of a Product like an iPhones (and iPads, the iPad mini, and iWatch) for example, to 1⃣ Design, 2⃣ Engineer, 3⃣ Assemble the Components, 4⃣ Create the components, 5⃣ Create beta samples, 6⃣ Financially Model the Product, 7⃣ How may items may be Sold estimated, 8⃣ Hard Cost the Product, 9⃣ Soft Cost the Product, 🔟 Market Price the product, 🔠 Proceed-Stop commands issued at each milestone marker, 🔠 Test Fabrication, 🔠 further Product Testing, 🔠 Final Proceed:STOP milestone, 🔠 Is the Market for this item Today, as favorable as it Was at the Date, when this Product Concept-Development commenced [say] Two Years Ago.

♦ With these steps in mind, when the investigative-press discovers a display mask, a display glass cover, home-buttons, sapphire button covers, liquid-metal moulds, a 10MP camera Module, a 12MP camera module, a 13MP camera module, any of these components may be utilized by Apple or others in any of the 15 Development Stages above mentioned, (in real-life product time-lines there are Hundreds of Markers, not 15) for a variety of New Products, Next Product Iteration, that may not actually come to market, as a STOP command, killed its development, or New Procucts that actually become the next iPhone, iPad iteration.

The Anatomy of an example “Apple” Rumor, not in any particular order.

1⃣ Somebody within Apple intentionally violates their Non Disclosure Agreement with Apple, and speaks about a product in development.

2⃣ Somebody within Apple who is testing a product accidentially exposes the device to the public, or leaves a beta sample of the device in a local Bar, someone else near by picks up the device, and talks about it to gain notariety or attempts to extort money from Apple for returning the device to Apple.

3⃣ A very imagenative sole, without any coaching, crafts some very “authentic” looking art-work, (lets call it the iWatch) and circulates it into the internet.

4⃣ Someone else visualizes the iWatch depicted in 3⃣ above and claims its legitimate.

5⃣ A local news organization bcecomes aware of 4⃣, verifies 4⃣ with another “source” 3⃣ above, further Authenticating the iWatch.

6⃣ A more reputable news organization reads the publication of 5⃣, verifies it with the dialog of 4⃣, “verifies” the story with 3⃣, and becomes motivated to write its own story.

7⃣ Because of the above 3⃣ through 6⃣, the Public and Bloggers further spread the stories all over the world, even though 3⃣ is totally imagenary.

🔠 Please note that there are many 3⃣ that are simultaneously creating their own imagenary exercises, on what they think could be, should be, the next iWatch. This multiplies the effects of the causes by 4⃣, 5⃣, 6⃣, 7⃣.

The iWatch rumors are in full swing. Many creative soles are making contributions weekly to whomever will publish their version.

The Apple iTV rumor-mill has not been active lately; but surely to heat up once we get closer to an actual release date. Perhaps the iWatch, iPhone 5S, iPad v5 and iPad mini v2 rumors have crowded out the sounds of iTV. Only Apple knows for sure, and Apple is Not Talking.

From an iRing to an iTV mini and now the screen size and pricing of the actual product itself. The whirlwind that is iTV rumors continues with speculation from an analyst that Apple will be coming to market this year with a 60-inch model priced between $1,500 and $2,500. The research comes from Brian White of Topeka Capital, an analyst with the firm who has been following the iTV story.

In a research note he says the iTV will have a 60-inch display, but that 50- and 55-inch models are also a possibility. White also suggested that Apple was developing a ring to act as the iTV’s remote control and that an “iTV mini” was being created to potentially enabled wireless streaming from the TV directly to a Mac or iOS device. None of this has been confirmed, and Apple doesn’t comment on products that are coming through its pipeline.

“The Most Absurd Apple Tablet Rumor” article appeared about 10 weeks before the iPad was announced by Apple on April 10, 2010.

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Perspective: Rumors. What do they mean. To some, rumors are authentic wispers of truth from people that are in the know. To others rumors are complete fiction and the food for fools; and then there’s everything inbetween. We pass the most interesting bytes for you. What do you think? Be free to comment below. In reality, “The people that are in-the-know, don’t talk; and the people that really don’t know, talk.”

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