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UniqueSync Lightning Cable in 7 Colors 39″ length ~ Sells for $19 ~ Finally Lightning Cords in Colors

June 8, 2013

UniqueSync Lightning Cable in 7 Colors 39" length ~ Sells for $19 ~ Finally Lightning in Colors.

The UniqueSync Lightning cable is an excellent solution to conveniently charge and sync your latest generation Apple® devices, particularly if you are tired of the "Apple White" cord sets supplied with new iDevices, which is what got my attention, and by the way there is a savings of $10.95/cord compared to Apple Store pricing.

UniqueSync cable shown through independent testing to be as dependable as Apple lightning cables.

Why would someone want a UniqueSync Lightning colored cord set? Here are several uses that I have employed.

1⃣ I have the standard 12w Pad charger and the smaller iPhone charger located near my bedroom night table wall-outlets. It is a concern that the proper cord is connected to the appropriate device; Several times by mistake, I plugged the higher-capacity 12w iPad charger into the iPhone; therefore the iPad received the other cord, the low-capacity 5w charger. In the morning the iPad was only 48% charged, and the iPhone was at 100%. To prevent this issue, criss-crossing the wires, the UniqueSync Lightning colored cords simplify matters. Plug a RED cord into the iPad 12w Charger, and plug the BLUE cord (or the standrd White) into the iPhone 5w charger.

2⃣ I bought a dual-port 12v automobile charger-adapter that plugs into the 12v Automobile cabin receptacle. Having a dual-port adapter permits both Marilyn and I to have charging access at the same time.

3⃣ As my Honda Crosstour has a black interior, those white Apple Lightning cables are a stark contrast, as they are laying around the front-seat center console. Installing two Black UniqueSync Lightning cables are hardly noticable. Purple or Red would be better than White.

UniqueSync Lightning cables are robust and available in stylish, seven chic colors, dependable, and convenient.

• Dependable UniqueSync LIghtning cables are now available

• UniqueSync Lightning cables Quickly charges your Apple® devices

• UniqueSync Lightning Available in 7 colors, including: White, Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Lemon,

• UniqueSync Lightning cord-set is $19.00/each, Apple White cords sell for $29.95.

• UniqueSync Lightning cables are priced at 36% Discount compared to Apple Lightning cables – UniqueSync cord-set is $19.00/each, saving $10.95.

• UniqueSync Lightning One meter cord for ultimate convenience, one meter equals ~39"

ZAGG internet link for your convenience.

ZAGG internet link for your convenience.

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