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Apple’s Anti-Skeu’s won the Day, iOS7 is Three Dimensional ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🍎🍎

June 13, 2013

Apple’s Anti-Skeu’s won the day. Are you ready to join the future of Apple’s New Operating System? Well, in case you were not aware, there are about 600,000,000 folks that are tuned into Apples iOS. So when Apple announces sweeping changes to its iOS, there are lots of folks that will be effected. And as you may have heard in CEO Tim Cook’s KeyNote address Monday at WWDC, 93% of the entire Op Sys Population have down-loaded and are using the Most Current version of iOS6. (only 11% of Android users are on the current JellyBean version 4.2 or higher).

Android operating system Fragmentation seriously derails Google’s ability to deploy the latest and greatest version of its Android mobile operating system to as many devices as possible, especially compared to Apple’s iOS software.

At the time of this writing, and based on Google’s published figures, Jelly Bean (a nick-name for Android version 4.1 and 4.2) powers only a total of 10.2% of Android smart phones and tablets in the wild. By contrast, 510 million Apple devices (of the 550 million mobile users) upgraded to iOS 6 and above.

Therefore, iOS 7, is a very Big Deal as lots of folks are almost immediately effected when its released. That seems to be the subtext of every tech presentation of the 21st century, but for Apple, acknowledged leaders in the field, there has been a nagging feeling that its users were already there, waiting for it to catch up.

Loosely speaking, skeuomorphism means “making stuff look as if it is made of something else”. In this context, it is the logic that dictates that Apple’s iBooks app resembles a cheap pine bookshelf, for example, and its Notes app resembles a yellow legal pad with lines and a margin, of the type last seen in about 1978.

Look closely, and skeuomorphism is all over Apple and other user interfaces, the little shadows cast by windows, the highlights on virtual buttons designed to make them look shiny, like real buttons. Originally this was to help us neanderthals make sense of the dazzling new technology before us. That looks like a button, so I’m meant to push it. But Apple got skeuomorphism-obsessed, plastering the screens of its futuristically minimal devices with incongruous faux wood, leather and green baize. It got ugly.

Apple’s Anti-Skeu’s won the day. Steve Jobs was definitely a fan of skeuomorphism; Apple’s design chief Jony Ive wasn’t, and legions of fans sided with Jon Ive in what became an intense “skeuomorphic v flat” debate. Following Forstall’s departure last year, the Anti-Skeu’s won the day.

Instead of faux textures, iOS7, which is to be released, rumors have it in September, boasts clean, simple, graphic, unashamedly two-dimensional interfaces that bring to mind a Swiss railway station clock, or a Microsoft Windows phone. The Swissness is accentuated by a new ultra-skinny hipster-friendly Helvetica Neue Ultra Light typeface (one graphic designer I tested it on immediately said, “hairdressers”).

iOS7 delivers apparent layers showing parallax, that float on top of one another, as if these layers had a “thickness” when you turn the iPhone’s display lefty-righty, utilizing the iPhones gyroscopes-accelerometers. Combine this visual effect with an element of translucency, delivers the illusion of a blur of what’s underneath the top layer. There is also a fancy quasi-holographic effect when you turn on the device, suggesting your screen icons are hovering above the wallpaper.

One way or the Other, iOS Apps are only embodied on a dozen or so Apps. The other 900,000 Apps and their App Icons, and menus and looks are designed by the App developer. So its a lot of Fuss about Nothing, speaking only of the Icon Designs.

So at last, skeuomorphism is dead, and human evolution has reached the stage where we recognise buttons on phones, even if they don’t look like buttons. But iOS7 also points to a future where information is routinely presented three-dimensionally. One day, the idea of interacting with stuff on a flat screen will seem hopelessly antiquated, when we are all able to surf information telepathically thanks to Apple’s new, intelligent hair gel, which will come in a bottle resembling an iPhone.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference presentation of its new iOS7 user interface on Tuesday, Apple finally caught up, by cutting ties with the design principle that has so often held it back with skeuomorphism.

🍎 During Apple’s WWDC keynote address, Tim Cook turned-down the lights, to show the 5500 in attendance, traveling from 66 Countries, (plus tens-of millions of us watching Apple’s live HD video straming broadcast) a video-clip describing a new innovation, in this case Apple’s very New iOS 7. This is really the "heart and sole" of what makes iPhones and iPads such a pleasure to use.


🍎 During Apple’s WWDC conference week, presenters in subsequent sessions may turn-down the lights to show those in attendance a video-clip or two, or three. This clip has been made available to the WWDC and the rest of us today. Watch this short clip called "Making a Difference One App at a Time." It is inspiring, breath taking, beautifully produced, accenting the ingenious Application of iPads and iPhones, in unbelievable geographies and methods.


This is a large view of some of the iOS7 App Icons to be packaged with the New iOS.

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