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HEARD App let’s You Record What You Heard Five Minutes Ago ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🍎🍎🍎

June 24, 2013

HEARD App let’s You Record What You Heard Five Minutes Ago. Have you ever wished that you could have recorded something just said? An audio that has already happened… The cell phone numbers and email addresses, for example, that your boss just told you to have some important documents mailed to. With the Heard App, there is a convenient way to record these important Audio segments, even though this info was given a few minutes ago. How do we Play-Back the Clock ? Read on…

🎬 The program principle is relatively simple. Start the Heard App, and set the Audio Segment Time your desired duration. The App records a maximum of 5 minute Audio segments, using the iPhone’s or iPad’s built-in microphone. The magic, is this App called HEARD, constantly records a current 5-minutes of Audio, like an "audio-loop" and writes-over the previous recorded “tracks” so that only the most current 5-minute Audio segment remains recorded into the iPhone’s memory. (As each New second of audio that is recorded, the Oldest second of Audio is eliminated from the end of the audio-clip.

🎬 Example, a convenient use scenario for the Heard App, is while listening or participating on a Conference-Call. There are two methods to record a Copference Call: Record the entire Conference call from beginning to end. The downside of recording the entire conference call, there may be many minutes of chatter or irrelevant content, and then there are the important parts. You may edit this recording, if you have the time, (and the tools) to replay the entire conference call to eliminate all unimportant portions.

🎬 An alternative method is to use the the Heard App. This App records up to a maximum of 5-minute "live continuous-loop" of Audio. Once you have noticed (heard) some important content that was just delivered, a segment of the Conference content you want to retain, simply press the "Save" button at the center of the iPhone’s display. This saves the (immediate) previouly recorded 5-minute segment;

🎬 As soon as you press the Save Icon, simultaneously another 5-minute segment will begin recording. Say the conference call continues another 15 minutes with no significant need to "save"… Therefore the Heard App continues to over-write, over and over, second-by-second, retaining only the most recent 5-minute "Audio-Loop" segment.

🎬 Lets say, near the end of the conference call you’ve heard another important piece of information, like the names and email addresses of the conference presenters… Simply press the Save Button [again] and this segment is retained. All these audio segments may be Custom-Named by you for convenient recollection of the content of each audio-clip. The App also permits you to take a picture, where this image may be associated with the Audio segment.

🎬 Once you start the Heard App, it immediately begins recording everything within the "listening-range" of the iPhone’s microphone, which is pretty sensitive. Rather than recording all of the audio into one incredibly long audio file, Heard records a limited-timed audio-segment (3 user selectable times) into a constantly updating audio-buffer-file into your iPhone’s memory.

✔ If someone says something that you just heard and want to save, Jump into the HEARD App, Tap a single Save button, and it’s saved.

✔ If you do nothing, this "continuous-audio-loop" is being constantly updated with only the most recent 5-minute segment of previous audio, where audio that is "older" than 5 minutes is constantly be over-written by the current Audio.

✔ If the App is closed without you "Saving" any segments, then no audio is saved, including the most recent audio segment. The audio file buffer is “erased” when the user closes the App.

✔ The Heard App will continue to record audio even when running in the background, displaying a Red Banner stating “RECORDING” on your iPad, or “HEARD” placed at the top-edge of your iPhone’s display. Once recorded segments are Saved, clips can be named, tagged, emailed, or shared on Facebook.

✔ HEARD App. Notice the Home Screen on my iPhone, with the RED-Bar along the top of the Display, and written “HEARD” on the iPhone display and on the iPad the message “(HEARD Recording).” These Banners also gradually pulse in brightness from higher to lower REDness.

✔ HEARD App. Notice that the Heard App Banner is also visible in the iPhone’s Lock Screen. This confirms that the App is operating/recording in the Background. When you use the iPhone’s Top Sleep button of the iPhone, the Display goes to Black; However, the Heard App continues to record, continuously updating the short Audio-Clips for the duration selected, the last 30 seconds, the last 60 seconds or last 5 minutes of Audio.

✔ HEARD App. Below is a link of short audio-clip that was captured while the Heard App was in operation. I saved the audio file into my Drop Box so you can listen to it. Each Audio-Clip may be named, stored, emailed, or uploaded to DropBox at ease. The iPhone continues to amaze me with its capabilities, coupled its added functionality using truly amazing Apps such as this HEARD App.

✔ Heard launched recently June 20, 2013, and they’re testing a free mode to begin were the Free App records only a maximum of 12 seconds of current Audio, not a whole lot, but enough to help you understand the concept. Pay $1.99 as an in-App purchase for the “5 Minute Maximum Audio Buffer” permitting you to bump the recording buffer-length one of Three Audio-Clip segments: 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.

✔ Anyone using the Heard App should make sure everyone being recorded is aware, pursuant to your current Privacy Laws; in some states, not doing so, may get you into a potential sticky legal situation.

🍎 This is a Link to listen to an Audio Stream recorded using the Heard App:

🍎 The Heard App is available at the Apple App Store at this link:

🍎 The HEARD App was developed by: Faalsa Labs and released on the App Store on June 20, 2013. There is an in-App purchase option of $1.99 which gives the App a total of three Audio-Clip durations as described above.

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