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Best Portable Ice-Maker for Every-Day Use, Emergencies and Parties ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❄❄❄❄

June 26, 2013

Best Portable Ice-Maker for Every-Day Use, Emergencies and Parties

❄ This Portable Ice Maker produces 27 lbs ice in 24 hours. There is an internal "basket" that stores nearly 4 lbs ice comfortably in its removable storage basket. The relatively large capacity makes it ideal for parties and gatherings where guest asks for ice, in this case supplemental. The compact design of this countertop ice maker enables easy portability and also saves countertop space to a great extent.

❄ We have been using this counter-top Ice Maker for a number of years. It was initially purchased as an emergency Ice-Maker in the event of frequent Power Outages we experience due to Hurricane conditions.

❄ Use Tip. Be sure to have the line-power protected by using a quality Surge Protector, for this ice-maker, as power surges, and lightning-strikes may kill the electronics of devices like this. We use Belkin Model: BSV602 which includes 2 USB 10watt cell-phone charger ports.

❄ Health and Wellness. Using purified water for drinking water and for ice cubes is also terrific when making Isagenix Shakes and Cleanse, and the Ionix Supreme drinks. We use this every day. Take a look at for some amazing information about Toxins, Isagenix and natural Cleansing.

❄ This ice-maker runs on 115vAC and uses 1.9A for making Ice and 2.9A maximum when cycling. This low power requirement of 220 watts to 335 watts is perfect for running on portable Generator Power.

❄ The electronic controls of this portable ice maker are meant for ease of use while its incorporated drain helps in keeping the device clean. The elegant Stainless Steel with a brushed finish, fits well with all types of kitchens. Makes unique ice cubes in 3 different sizes. The transparent top-window lets you see inside the ice-maker’s catch-basket, without having to open the lid. The ice and water-level indicator of the Ice Maker shows the need to add water.

– Compact and portable, 14.75" high, 14.5" deep, 11.75" wide.
– Elegant design and white in color
– Makes ice cubes in 3 different sizes quickly
– Makes up to 27 lbs of ice and can store up to 4 lbs
– Has a side drain and transparent top window
– User friendly electronic controls
– Ice and water level indicator
– Side drain for routine cleaning and draining of stored water.

❄ As to availability this image is from Walmart’s website for your information.

❄ For the Health Nuts, this ice-maker does not connect to any water-supply as would an ice-maker that is housed in one’s refrigerator. The water source is by manually pouring several quarts of water into the body of the ice maker. We prefer to use Distilled Water for making ice cubes for two reasons.

Here is a Simple "
Test" to determine if your water contains impurities. If your Ice cubes are cloudy the water is impure, the greater the cloudiness, the greater the level of impurities . This is an example of a pure-water Ice Cube.

❄ Firstly, we do not drink municipal City Water (remarks below). Distilled Water Ice Cubes are crystal-clear because distilled water contains no minerals, no salts, no impurities, and no toxins.

❄ Secondly, when adding distilled-water ice-cubes into a carbonated-beverage, there is no bubbling-up of the beverage, and loss of the carbonation. And since distilled water is near 100% pure, when these ice cubes melt in a beverage or fine wine, the flavor of the beverage is not altered whatsoever, other than dilution. Sometimes I like to add one or two of these distilled-water ice-cubes into a glass of a fine Chardonnay.

❄ City Water. Personally, I am not a fan of drinking "City Water" because of the typical municipal processing of sewage and permitting this "processed" water to enter the Subterranean Water Table, the Aquifer.

❄ Ground Water, is one of our most valuable resource, even though you probably never see it or even realize it is there. As you may have read, most of the void spaces in the rocks below the water table are filled with water. But rocks and sand have different porosity and permeability characteristics, which means that water does not move around the same way with all sand and rocks below ground.

❄ Aquifer. When a water-bearing rock and sand readily transmits water to wells and springs, it is called an aquifer. Wells can be drilled into the aquifers and water can be pumped out. Precipitation, rain-water and snow, eventually adds water (recharge) into the porous rock and sand of the aquifer. The rate of recharge is not the same for all aquifers, though, and that must be considered when pumping water from a well. Pumping too much water too fast draws down the water in the aquifer and eventually causes a well to yield less and less water and may eventually run dry. In fact, pumping your well too fast can even cause your neighbor’s well to run dry if you both are pumping from the same aquifer.

❄ Purity Issues. The problem with most municipality "City" water, has to do with the way in which the City deals with waste water and sewage. Many municipalities create Chemical Treatment Plants to "process" millions of gallons of sewage and waste-water. Thereafter the "processed" water that is loaded with "Exhausted Toxins" are "pumped into the aquifer" by Gravity or force-pump assisted.

❄ In Theory. If the Treatment Plants were Hundreds of Miles from the City population, there may be sufficient natural organic intervention of the processed water, to purify it to standards that one would experience with spring fed wells, far from populated areas. This is not economically practical, (too far to run huge pipes and pump millions of gallons of sewage each day) so the Treatment Plants are only a few miles from the Artesian Wells the municipalities use to produce public "Tap Water."

❄ The Problem. Public Water Wells are too close to Sewer Treatment Plants. This is a prescription for unhealthy drinking water, not to mention the chemicals, chlorine, and other toxins that are being introduced into the ground-water system.

❄ Are You Toxic, look at this:

❄ Partial Solution. Drink quality purified water, spring water, or distilled water. And for amazing cold beverages, make distilled-water Ice Cubes. For $120 you are in for a nice surprise flavor-wise, and health-wise.

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