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Apple + Samsung + HTC have their Flagship SmartPhones, But the Galaxy S4 + HTC ONE are Not Selling at their own Predicted Levels

July 5, 2013

Apple + Samsung + HTC have their Flagship SmartPhones, But the Galaxy S4 + HTC ONE are Not Selling at their own Predicted Levels

★ Apple + Samsung + HTC have their Flagship SmartPhones in the market. What’s interesting, their sales results have actually fallen below predictions for Samsung and HTC, but the smartphone market is still booming.

★ With the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One all costing you hundreds of dollars, it’s beginning to look like 2 of these companies are going to struggle with their flagship devices and are currently struggling to sell them at analyst and investor expectations. Analysts are not necessarily very good at predicting anything…

★ Recall, Analysis said in early 2010 that "no one would want an iPad… well 100,000,000 iPads later… take Analysts views with a ton of salt. However what does count is Actual Sales Figures, and compare these numbers against what the Company thought they’d actually Sell. Samsung and HTC, both have missed their own Projections, with Samsung having to lower their sales expectations recently by 50% for the Galaxy 4, as this new flagship is not selling enough to beat last years iPhone 4S. HTC is simply not selling. Only Apple continues to exceed their own Predictions, and their sales continues to grow, as does its Market-Share.

★ Apple was expected to get around 1-2 million more sales over the first weekend of their iPhone 5 launch and HTC’s profits are down 83 percent, even though they’ve released their high-end smartphone the HTC One. The smartphone market is growing bigger and bigger, but these top companies are falling below predictions by quite large numbers.

★ While these three flagship devices are still selling relatively well, there is beginning to be a trend with analysts expecting quite a few more sales than what the companies delivered, which is perhaps pointing to a shift in the market, or over zealous analysts’ opinions. Are people wanting to opt for cheaper smartphones which are still powerful enough to use, or shell out hundreds of dollars for the most popular phone on the market?

★ It’s something to think about, because looking at those three companies margins and sales their high-end flagship devices, 2 of the 3 aren’t doing as well as they expected and likewise for what the analysts expected.

★ Mobile phones are one of the most popular technology devices currently on the market, with millions sold every day. That said, there’s a clear difference between what a high-end smartphone is and a low-end smartphone, which doesn’t have as great of specifications as the high-end counterpart.

★ Have we reached in point in the smartphone-life-cycle, where people (A) aren’t wanting to latest and greatest most powerful device, are instead (B) opting for something a bit cheaper which doesn’t have a massive amount of power, or is (C) Android’s OS Fragmentation beginning to take a significant toll on their smartphone upgrading, (D) the Folks are waiting for iPhone’s next iterations and iPhones with larger displays, as the Ecosystem is in good shape.

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