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Canon EOS 70D is the Digital SLR Game Changer for the Digital Camera Industry (Update) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🎥🎥🎥

July 5, 2013

Canon EOS 70D is the Digital SLR Game Changer for the Digital Camera Industry. Announced in London, UK, on 2 July 2013, Canon unveils an outstanding new addition to its world-famous EOS series, the EOS 70D. Designed for aspiring enthusiast photographers, the EOS 70D is the ideal camera for anyone looking to take their photography to their next level.

Canon EOS 70D combines completely new, world-first Canon imaging technology with powerful, creative and wireless sharing features, delivering a responsive, all-purpose camera ideal for capturing the moment with stunning images and Full HD video.

★ Capture the moment with stills and Full HD movies. The EOS 70D features a new 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, designed and manufactured by Canon. It’s the first Digital SLR in the world to feature ground-breaking Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which delivers smooth and accurate autofocus (AF) when shooting Full HD movies and fast AF acquisition when shooting in Live View mode.

★ Paired with the 14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor and 19-point all cross-type AF System, the EOS 70D captures incredible, full resolution images at up to 7 frames per second, with up to 65 JPEG or 16 RAW images in a single burst. Additionally, a native ISO range of ISO 100-12800 enables photographers to shoot in lower light conditions and use faster shutter speeds whilst retaining high image quality.

★ Canon states that the EOS 70D be available at the end of August, 2013, US$1199 || €1099 for the body only, US$1349 || €1249 for the 70D Camera Kit, packaged with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, the second Kit Package priced at US$1549 || €1499 with the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens.

★ Canon EOS 70D key features:

– 20.2MP APS-C ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ sensor
– DIGIC 5+ image processor
– ISO 100-12800 standard, 25600 expanded
– 7fps continuous shooting, burst depth 65 JPEG / 16 RAW
– ‘Silent’ shutter mode
– 1080p30 video recording, stereo sound via external mic
– 19-point AF system, all points cross-type, sensitive to -0.5 EV
– 63-zone iFCL metering system
– 98% viewfinder coverage, 0.95x magnification, switchable gridlines and electronic level display
– Fully-articulated touchscreen, 1040k dot 3" ClearView II LCD, 3:2 aspect ratio
– Single SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
– Built-in Wi-Fi, which Operates with iPhone and iPad Free App called EOS Remote
– Single-axis electronic level
– Built-in flash works as off-camera remote flash controller
– AF micro-adjustment (can be set individually for up to 40 lenses, auto-remembered by lens’ electronic serial number)
– In-camera High Dynamic Range and Multiple Exposure modes (JPEG-only)
– ‘Creative Filter’ image processing styles, previewed in live-view

★ For years it has been mentioned that one of the true benefits choosing of Canon as our Professional Camera and Lens source, is Canon’s ownership of their own Modern Imaging Foundry, the facility and engineering staff to design new and innovative Imagers and Processors chips, for Consumer and Commercial applications. The lack of this capability is one of the reasons that Nikon has difficulties keeping up with Canon and Sony; Sony too has their own Imager Foundry. Presently, Nikon buys Sony imagers for their digital SLR cameras.

★ Watch for this new Paired-Pixel technology to be incorporated into other New EOS Canon Digital SLR, like the rumored Canon EOS 7D Mark II, yet to be spoken about, the next iteration of the world-famous Canon 5D Mark III, and the rumored Canon 1DX Mark II flagship. These cameras will benefit hugely for the better HD VIDEO auto-focus capability, a sore-point for us in photo-journalism with HD video-clip capture, the poor auto-focus capability.

★ Canon’s new Dual Pixel CMOS AF provides swift AF performance when shooting in Live View mode and smooth accurate focus for Full HD movies. It makes it easy for users to take their next step with movies, enabling them to keep moving subjects in sharp focus and create professional-looking pull-focus effects. The technology utilizes advanced CMOS architecture, allowing two photo-diodes mounted within each pixel, both of which can be read independently to achieve autofocus, or together for image capture, with maximum image quality at all times.

★ An advanced AF system for stills includes 19 cross-type AF points spread across the frame, providing high speed, accurate AF – ideal for tracking sports and wildlife subjects as they move within the frame. The AF system is customisable, allowing photographers to adapt to the subject they’re shooting. AF points can be used individually, together in small groups, or as a wide active area for more unpredictable subjects. A dedicated AF area selection button, positioned conveniently next to the shutter release, enables quick switching between modes, without having to take the camera away from the eye.

★ Expertly designed for professional control. The EOS 70D’s powerful specification is packed into an expertly-engineered body that’s designed for comfort and swift operation. The Intelligent Viewfinder, with 98% frame coverage and 0.95x magnification, allows photographers to comfortably frame their images and visualise settings via the electronic overlay. Conveniently-placed controls provide instant access to the most frequently used settings, such as ISO, AF mode selection and metering, so users can quickly change settings and concentrate on capturing the moment.

★ Clear View LCD. A 7.7cm (3.0”) Vari-angle Clear View LCD II Touch screen with a sharp 1,040k dot resolution is ideal for video shooting, or composing images from unusual and creative angles. The screen is a capacitive type, which supports a series of multi-touch gestures including swiping and pinch-zooming, perfect for navigating menus, amending settings or flicking through images.

★ Clever connectivity for easy control and instant sharing. The EOS 70D is the latest EOS model to feature integrated Wi-Fi, providing the freedom to remotely control the camera, as well as share images. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, users can connect to the EOS Remote app and control a wide range of image settings, including ISO and exposure, as well as focus and release the shutter. Photographers can also remotely use Live View mode, as well as review and rate their images.

★ Instant creativity unleashed. The EOS 70D features a host of creative modes to make capturing unique images easy. In-camera HDR removes the challenges of shooting in tricky, high contrast situations, merging three exposures into one that captures more detail in both the shadow and highlight areas. With multiple-exposure mode, photographers can shoot and combine up to nine exposures into a single image, or use a range of Creative Filters to instantly change the style and look of their shot.

★ Image Capture with creative off-camera flash is easy, thanks to the Integrated Speedlite transmitter, which provides in-camera control of multiple Canon Speedlite EX flash units.

★ Creative Full HD Movies. Alongside beautiful stills, the EOS 70D allows photographers to create high quality movies with ease. Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution video can be captured with a choice of selectable frame rates, including 30, 25 or 24fps, and 60 and 50fps at 720p, and a range of compression options for post-editing and sharing.

★ Canon EOS D70’s new Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Movie Servo AF mode tracks subjects as they move, or even as shots are recomposed, ensuring they’re always in focus. Alternatively, users can select different focus areas over 80% of the frame, simply by tapping the touch-screen, even when recording – ensuring that movies stay sharp and clear if a subject moves or the user changes the composition of a shot.

★ Videographers can also enjoy stereo sound using the internal microphone, or enhance audio with the in-built external microphone input terminal. Full control over settings such as aperture and ISO is also possible within manual mode, giving users greater freedom as their skills develop.

★ It’s become increasingly rare for any Digital Camera manufacturer to Create technology that’s Genuinely Innovative and Unique. Canon has delivered a genuinely new and innovative Imager housed with the EOS 70D; its New Game Changer the "Dual Pixel CMOS AF" sensor.

★ Canon’s approach of splitting every single pixel on the sensor into two separately readable photosites promises to overcome the biggest problems that have afflicted on-chip phase detection systems to date. We’re certainly excited by what it claims to offer in principle – the ability to work across a large area of the frame, at apertures down to F11, and in low light is a pretty compelling combination. Throw in such goodies as face detection and tracking, and focus point selection by touch, and on paper the EOS 70D looks like it could offer the best live view autofocus of any camera on the market, bar none.

★ We’re pleased to see Canon bundling many of the best features from its other cameras. The touch-screen interface that the 70D borrows from Canon’s Rebel D650 || XTi4 is the best in the business. It complements the new AF system in offering touch-screen focus-point selection, along with the ability to ‘pull’ focus from one subject to another during movie recording simply by touching the screen.

★ Canon 70D has on-board internal Wi-Fi that offers genuinely useful features, including the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control (complete with live-view), and to browse and rate your images on a tablet. These may not be the features you may use all the time, but they expand the possibilities of what you can do with the camera. Apple’s App Store has several Apps, one of which is called EOS Remote a Free App for the iPhone and iPad. There are other Apps that connect with the built-in WiFi for remote firing, focusing, and remote viewing, all through the WiFi.

Link to the App Store:

Link to Imaging-Resource which has delivered a conprehensive pre-view:

★ Brutus Östling, Canon Ambassado said “I was incredibly impressed with how many new technologies the EOS 70D packs into one body, and how versatile it is. The EOS 70D is the perfect camera for anyone that wants to develop their photography skills. Not only is it suited to shooting people, landscapes and action easily and in outstanding quality, but also filming subjects in Full HD with focus speeds I never thought would be possible. The camera proved itself in the most challenging of circumstances, and had a range of new-generation technologies to comfortably solve any test I threw at it – especially with the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. It really takes DSLR shooting and filmmaking to a whole new level.”

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