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Awareness! Headphone App ~ The Best App to Hear What’s Going On ~ With Your Headphones On ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎 🔊🔊

July 9, 2013

• Awareness!® The Headphone App iOS, is an app that allows headphone users to hear what’s going on around them while listening to music (or any other audio) on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The Awareness!® for Etymotic iOS Apps are customised versions, tuned for the specific sensitivity and performance of Etymotic’s superb high-isolation headphones and headsets.

• Awareness!® uses the iPhone’s and iPad’s built in microphone or your headset’s inline microphone to analyze your surroundings and overlays any important sounds in your headphones over your music or audio book. (For outdoor use an inline headset mic is required). You can set a mic threshold level so that the mic is only switched on when a sound is louder than your background noise.

• Awareness!® Use. Example A: You are on a long flight and are listening to music using your iPhone Ear-Buds or Bose QC-15 Noise Canceling headphones headphones. Listening to Music or watching a Movie is great pass-time while flying; However, you want to hear any Public Adresses from the Flight Crew. This is where Awareness! come in, as the App listens to the ambient sounds out-side of your earphones, so when the Crew makes an announcement, the App, overrides your Music and transmits the Announcement into your headphones automatically. When the Public Address is complete, the Awareness App automatically switches to your Music or Movie.

• Awareness!® uses. Example B: Say you have those terrific Bose QC-15 Noise Canceling headphones, turned on but no music turned on, as you are just using the Noise Canceling feature to eliminate the Jet Noises… therefore you are in a Noise Canceled Quite Zone, however, when the Crew makes an announcement, the Awareness App will transmit through your Bose head-phone microphone, so you will hear the announcement, or hear your partner, when they want to speak to you.

• Awareness!® uses. The Setup. Getting this App into operation is simple as most of the controls are defaulted for the most common uses. To get this all running, simply start your music or movie, then plugin your Headphones, either the Apple Ear-Buds or your Headphones, then click onto the Awareness! App. It will immediately be running in the “background” If you speak or someone speaks, the music will be over-taken by the one talking. When the speaking stops, the Awareness! App redirects the Music through to the headphones or ear-buds.

• There is a sensitivity control, that you may adjust so that your music is not interrupted unnecessarily, accounting for differing ambient sound conditions. This it a very simple operation. When you are done, “double-click” your HOME button, and press-and-hold the Awareness! App Icon until it “Jiggles” then touch the “X” on the Awareness App Icon to stop the App. When this is done the RED Bar at the top of your iPhone or iPad will disappear, confirming that the App has been closed.

• Awareness!® lets your hear when the person next to you talks and or if you are out walking or cycling, when a car or truck blows its horn.

• Awareness! works brilliantly in most situations, however if you’re standing close to loud machinery or are in an environment where the noise levels are particularly high, the microphone may be inadvertently triggered. In situations like this, its best to turn the microphone on continuously (by tapping the mic icon) and turning the mic volume down to an acceptable level while still being able to hear environmental noise, this allows you to hear any important sounds or changes in your surroundings while using headphones. It may also be advisable to use the AutoPause or ducking features.

• Never advise the use of headphones or earphones anywhere where danger may be present, for example when Driving. Awareness! does not replace common sense. Awareness!® iOS Features:

• AutoPause. Pauses and resumes music when the outside noise exceeds the set microphone level so you never miss a thing! Great for audio books too. Tap Mic icon for instant pause. NOTE: Only Works with the iOS Music Player due to iOS sandboxing.

• AutoSet. AutoSet listens to the sounds around you and automatically sets a microphone switching level to make sure you hear anything above normal background noise. AutoSet comes on each time Awareness! is started or when the Auto button on the main screen is tapped.

• AutoSet Plus. AutoSet Plus is an advanced version of AutoSet that checks and adjusts the mic threshold at a set interval of your choice ranging from every 30 secs to every 5 minutes (displayed in the UI). Great for when you are on the move and for more dynamic environments where background noise is continually changing, e.g., a noisy street or train station.

• ClearVoice. Makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear.

• Ducking (Unreliable & Deprecated due to iOS6 – removed in V2.9). Lowers the music when the mic is triggered and turns it back up when outside noise drops to normal levels.

• dB Noise Meter. Switches the app meter to a Noise Meter which measures environmental noise and displays it as a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measured in decibels. Featuring average dB and dBA scales. (Note: this meter is for entertainment purposes only)

• Microphone Boost. Microphone Boost amplifies sounds picked up by the microphone, useful for listening in to distant sounds. Caution! Microphone Boost can make the volume very loud, please use responsibly and look after your ears.

• Microphone Delay. Microphone Delay allows you to add a small delay before the microphone signal is triggered, this can help to prevent sounds like the wind or cable rub from inadvertently triggering the microphone.

• Mic On/Off. Switches the mic on or off, useful for when you just want to have a quick listen to what’s going on around you. If AutoPause is activated will also pause your music.

• Vibrate / Noise Alarm. Makes an ‘i’device vibrate when the mic level is exceeded. This turns Awareness! into a useful noise alarm that could warn you when you are exposed to dangerous environmental noise levels. Can be used in conjunction with the dB Noise Meter. Note: Will not work when iPod player is running but works with most other audio apps.

• VoiceOver UI. Awareness! has been built from the ground up to incorporate a simplified UI that’s optimised for VoiceOver for partially sighted users.

• Is there a way to turn off the FLASHING RED BAR that appears at the top of my display when Awareness!® App is running? NO. This is an iOS/iPhone ‘feature’ we have no control over. The flashing red bar is iOS’s way of telling you that the microphone is use, you will see exactly the same bar with DB meters and other ‘listening’ apps. It comes on with any app that uses the microphone and at present there is no way to turn this off.

• I updated to the latest Awareness!® version and it doesn’t work? This can happen whenever there’s a major update on an App because your iDevice stores some App information in its memory that’s no longer used. Delete Awareness! from your iDevice and download it again from the App Store to restore normal service. If this doesn’t work or you come across any other issue contact us on Awareness! Support

• How do I set Awareness!® App? Awareness! automatically sets itself up on start up with AutoSet. You can further tweak the settings by sliding your finger over the red scale to fine tune the microphone trigger level.

• The microphone level in your headphones or earphones can be adjusted by moving the slider located to the right the screen. You can use Autoset at anytime by tapping ‘Auto’. Note: AutoSet measures the average noise of your surroundings and sets a microphone threshold just above the noise level, this works well in most situations however in more dynamic environments where background noise is continually changing, such as on a noisy street or train station we recommend you fine tune the mic threshold, its easy and fast, simply slide your finger across the red scale on Awareness until you only hear the sounds you want, alternatively you can use AutoSet Plus. See full instructions or video on how to set and use Awareness!® The Headphone App or Awareness!® For Etymotic.

• I can’t get Awareness!® App to work? Awareness!® The Headphone App works on iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4 or above, iPod touch 3 (with microphone headset), and all iPads running iOS 4.3 and above. If you are running Awareness! with one of these devices and it does not work please contact us on Awareness! Support. Awareness! will NOT work on iPhone 3G, iPod 2G or with Bluetooth or Wireless headsets.

• I’ve installed Awareness!® App but can’t hear anything in my headphones? Check to make sure you haven’t set the microphone trigger level too high or the mic volume too low. If you are using headphones or earphones that do not have a microphone attached make sure that the iPhone/iPod touch’s mic is not obstructed or covered. Also make sure that your headphone jack is correctly fitted in your device’s socket.

• I have to turn the mic level to maximum in my headphones to hear anything? This normally means that your music is turned up too loud, look after your ears! You can try the Ducking feature, this will lower your music when the microphone is triggered and raise it back up when ambient noise levels drop or AutoPause which will pause your music instead.

• I get a loud howling sound when I turn Awareness!® App on. You may have the mic volume turned up too loud or the microphone is too near your headphones causing feedback, especially if Microphone Boost is activated. Try the following:

• 1. Turn the microphone volume to zero by using the slider on the far right of the screen, then set your music or audio to a comfortable listening level.

• 2. Set the microphone threshold to 0% by sliding your finger across the red scales. This will switch the microphone on.

• 3. Move the mic volume slider up until you can hear ambient sounds in your headphones or earphones, again at a comfortable listening level.

• 4. Tap ‘Auto’ or set the microphone threshold manually (again by sliding your finger over the red scale) so the microphone is not triggered by the natural background noise, you can control the sensitivity by adjusting the ‘Mic Delay’ in Settings.

• Why doesn’t Awareness!® App work with my Bluetooth headset? Current Bluetooth headset technology causes a noticeable delay in real time applications. There is also limited bandwidth and audio quality can degrade. We are working on a Bluetooth version of Awareness!® but are waiting for improvements in iOS System and Bluetooth technology

• Can I use Awareness!® App during a phone call? No, iOS prohibits any app from altering or interfering with core services such as telephony.

• Why can’t I access the iPod shortcut buttons when Awareness!® App is running? Awareness! involves some quite advanced programming and whenever the microphone is in use, iOS thinks there’s a call in progress so it automatically disables the iPod’s shortcut controls (pop up dock), however you can always access the iPod controls by tapping the iPod icon. THIS MAY be fixable in iOS6

• Why cant I use Awareness!® App on my iPhone 3G? iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G are not multitasking and are therefore unsuitable for running Awareness!®

• Awareness!® App is not using the mic in my headphones. Check to make sure your headset is fully plugged in to the jack input on your device, try reconnecting your headset and restarting Awareness! Also make sure that your headphone jack and socket are clean.

• I’m having trouble with Awareness!® using it with Etymotic headsets. There’s too much distortion and even adjusting the volume and sensitivity I cannot get it to function properly. Try the custom-made Awareness!® For Etymotic App available for free to all Etymotic earphone users on the App Store.

• This is a Convenint Link to go to the Apple App store for more information and to download the App:!-the-headphone-app/id389245456?uo=5
Note this App is also available for the Android platform.

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