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iPhone 5S – Competition is Wonderful for Product Users, but a Huge Challenge for Apple ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎🍎

July 14, 2013

iPhone-5S – Competition is Wonderful for Product Users; Coversly, Competition, a Huge Challenge for product Developers.

♦ In the general scheme of things, Apple has given minor but specifically important upgrades to the ‘S’ series of iPhones (3GS, 4S). The most recent example, the iPhone 4 and 4S, look externally similar, but have a few internal components that justified the upgrade.

♦ In the iPhone 4S, you have a better camera (8MP replaced the 5MP of iPhone 4) a more advanced lense system, and an upgraded processor. The iPhone 5S, being the 7th generation device, may have an A7 Apple processor. The iPhone 4S had a dual-core processor and clocked at 1GHz as with iPhone 4.

♦ The iPhone 5S may have a far more powerful processor than the iPhone 5. This is a revolution as Apple is not a company to dance to the market’s tune.

♦ The iPhone 5S may have a Better Camera and Lens System than the iPhone 5. Apple knows that the iPhone is the Number 1 smartphone system globally, that published photos onto Social Networks. Accordingly, Apple needs to address their User-Base by meaningfully enhancing its Photo Capture ability:
1⃣ iPhone Imager Resolution,
2⃣ Noise Reduction Improvement,
3⃣ Lens System and Maximum Aperture,
4⃣ Image Stabilization,
5⃣ Low Light Capability.
6⃣ Improved High Dynamic Range capability
7⃣ Video Capture Improvement, stability, HDR during Video capture

♦ Apple may possibly opt for another-revolutionary redesign of internal component, make them thinner, adding a finger-print scanner and processing engine, and update the lithium-polymer battery.

♦ But why battery, specifically? iOS6 and since iPhone 4, power was at issue. Apple has incrementally given a minor push-up for the battery. Also, thinking of all the upgrades that would be a part of the internal components in iPhone 5S, one would assume that power consumption is always a serious talking-point.

♦ Bottom Line. Competition is a Wonderful from the Product User perspective; Coversly, Competition is a Huge Challenge for product Developers. For Apple to maintain its edge with the fierce competition it faces, Team Apple is re-Thinking everything, every cubic millimeter, with each iteration.

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