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iPhones and iPads account for 75% of Actual Activations among Corporate Users ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🍎

July 14, 2013

iPhones and iPads account for 75% of Actual Activations among Corporate Users. Apple’s iOS, the iPhone and iPad are the clear choice for the majority of Business customers, activating phones and tablets, according to the latest data from Good Technology.

In the 1st Quarter of 2013, Apple iPhones and iPads accounted for 75% of actual device activations, among enterprise users according to Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index Report. The remaining 25% were Android devices while other platforms took less than 1%.

Intuitively, one would think that the Corporate client would be the hardest target for Apple to crack. Not so, as Apple iPhone and iPad are the Clear Choice by a 4-to-1 margin. With so many other competitive smart phone and tablet factories, its hard to image that Apple’s iPhone and iPad could capture such a huge 75% market-share, based on activations.

Activations really tell the most accurate story. Galaxy publishes total shipments (shipments are not necessarily actual sales) each month end, Apple publishes actual paid-sales to clients. However, when the statistics and the data are based on actal Device Activations, this brings all the data onto the same "playing field," comparing "apples to apples" pardon the pun.

Although Apple’s iOS is dominant in the enterprise, Android has seen a slight gain among business customers over the last year. From the same period in 2012, iOS activation share dropped 5% this year, while Android was up 5%. However, much of this growth comes from tablets, where Android saw its biggest gains. Android tablet activations almost doubled year over year in the first quarter calendar of 2013, chipping away at a small piece of the dominance of Apple’s iPad.

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular among business users, that accounted for 27% of total device activations in the workplace in the first quarter. While tablets are on the rise, smartphones are still the most popular choice. In this market segment, Android smart phone activations were flat when compared to the fourth quarter of 2012 according to report.

Results on a device-by-device basis, Apple is the clear winner accounting for ALL fice positions of the Top Five Popular choices, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 4, and iPad 2. The chart included in the report suggests that the iPhone 3GS is the fifth most popular option but it’s likely meant to represent the iPhone 4 as Apple no longer sells the iPhone 3GS. As of right now, the most popular Android device in the enterprise is currently Samsung’s Galaxy S3, which came in 6th Place among device activations. Apple’s iPadv1 took 7th Place, rounding out its presence in the top 10.

Data was collected from over 5,000 customers who work for “bellwether companies” in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, utilities, legal, government, and high-tech industries. We will watch these trends with the new announcements and releases of products, to the lineups by each of the tech giants going forward.

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