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Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone-5….. that is The Question. (Update) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎🍎

July 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone-5….. that is The Question. It seems that with each iteration of these excellent SmartPhone fabricators, the Display is sharper, clearer, more resolution, more pixels, better pixels, more core memory, faster processing, lighter in weight, thinner… the list goes on and on, as these two companies "Leap-Frog" over each other, in recent years.

🔷 Bottom Line: Competition is a Wonderful Thing… Separately, management of each company detest the battle, as each enterprise truly believes their product is unquestionably superior. However, to the Buying Public, there is not so clear a Line in the Sand. Truthfully, even as an admitted iPhone user since 2010, (and formerly with BlackBerry for many years) when one sees the "magnificance" of Galaxy’s larger screen, I have felt the "magnitism" of the 5" display, irregardless of Apple’s claim that it has better pixels, and one-hand operation.

🔷 Apparently, Galaxy S4 is loosing this battle against the iPhone 5. Worse yet, Galaxy S4 is being out-sold by Apples last year model, the iPhone 4S. This is ceretainly terrible news for Samsung and their fanboys in the media, who had lofty projections for the new Flagship. IMHO, as soon as Apple gets with it and releases a 5″ iPhone 6, migration from Android will mod Apple’s Front Doors.

🔷 Personally, I couldn’t care less, about one-handed operation… I want more Real Estate. Four Inch Display is just not enough, period. Is this size disparity enoug to have me switch from iOS to Andriod, probably not at this time, as I have too much invested in time and money with Apple App Deveopers. Some folks truly want a more-portable device that they can squeeze into their jeans. If I were in Apple’s Design Team, which I am not, I would suggest 3 iPhone models, based on Display Size: say 3", 4", 5" diagonally. Not 4.83" but 5.0" or a bit more…

🔷 Enough of the Opinions, lets get down to business on the Galaxy-S4 and iPhone-5. Based on specifications alone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is presently the better device; it now has more power and cutting edge features. Features like face/eye tracking and gesture-based controls are things iPhone 5 users may only dream of, for now.

🔷 Display Resolution: The resolution of the Galaxy S4 is superiod to the iPhone 5, coupled with significantly more screen real-estate on the 5" Galaxy S4 than the 4" Display of the iPhone 5. Add Gorilla Glass v3, Galaxy being the first device to have this new technology, ostensibly stronger than the iPhone 5’s display screen. Im my opinion these technologies prevent surface scratching, if you drop one of these smartphones and it does’nt break the Dsiplay you’re very lucky.

🔷 More on Display Size. Why does the Galaxy Display look so much bigger, when the diagonal-measure is only 1" more, or 25.4mm longer ??? Let’s do the Math: Apple’s iPhone-5 Display is 4" or 101.6mm diagonally, 88mm on the long edge, and 51mm on the short edge of the rectangular display, approximately please. This renders the Apple 4" display of about 4,488 square millimeters. The Galaxy-S4 has a 5" or 127mm diagonal Display; the long edge being 108mm, the short edge is 65mm of the display-rectangle; some grade-school math, area equals the base x height… viola a Galaxy’s display is about 7,020 square millimeters; Computing the relationship of the Galaxy-S4 to the iPhone-5, (7020)/(4488) = 156%. Stated in words, the Galaxy’s display is 156% bigger than the iPhone5. Or stated in the obverse, the Apple iPhone5 is 63% Smaller than the Galaxy4S.

🔷 Preception is Reality, the Galaxy’s Display is 156% Bigger, even though one more inch sounds minimalistic. One may not notice 10%, 14%, 20%… but over 150% Bigger, is a stunning and an unmistakable VISUAL difference.

🔷 True High Definition – HDTV Resolution in your Hand. Another very noticeable difference is the resolution has been increased greatly to 1920-by-1080 pixels, equating to 440 ppi, pixels per inch. To put this resolution in perspective, in our family room we have a 60″ Flat Screen HDTV with a pixel resolution of 1920 by 1080. The Galaxy S4’s screen has the exact same number of pixels squeezed into the 5″ display, unheard of a year to two ago. Recall Apple labeled their 330 ppi display as “Retina” meaning that this pixel density, the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels, as they are packed so close together… The Galaxy had made a Huge 33% Jump over Apple by increasing Apple’s cherished Retina by another 110 ppi to 440 ppi.

(Recall the larger display size on the S4, is the phone’s Super AMOLED screen measuring 5.0″ up from 4.8″ on the S3, a 0.2″ increase over the S3).

🔷 Inside, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a near 2 GHz quad-core CPU. The dual-core iPhone 5 has 1 GHz of power. Samsung installed a 13 megapixel camera into the Samsung Galaxy S4, while the iPhone 5 tops out at 8MP, however, in several months 13MP is rumored be in the iPhone-5S. Not to mention the fact that the Galaxy S4 can shoot with both cameras at one time to create mind-boggling effects that you may or may not want.

🔷 As an Apple iOS user, one would have to consider switching platforms to Android 4.2.2 (Galaxy’s latest operating system release, also named: JellyBean) is a good platform, but if you like iOS, you may find it overly complex, often times confusing. Many people prefer the "Iron Gated Community" of Apple’s App Store, compared to the Open Articture or better described as very "loosly controlled" Google Play Store. Google does not vet, test or screen the individual Apps designed and written by their independent software Developers, for operational conistency, operability, software conflicts or backwards compatibility.

🔷 The issue of Android-OS updates to consider. Samsung may be ready to roll out its owen version of the Android-OS update later this year, and rolls it out unilaterally, irrespective of Samsung’s carrier partners readiness, like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile who may not be ready for their networks. This Android lack of sophstication and consistency, simply does not happen with Apple’s iOS. With Apple iOS incremental releases, Everyone, up and down the line, receives their update scripts, in preparation for a global release, all at the same time, and everyone is running on the same Sheets of Music all the time. A huge number of Apples Dvelopers modify their programming code if necessary to simultaneously take advantage the any new iOS feature-sets.

🔷 There’s also the SmartPhone size to consider. Some folks Love Big phone, Some don’ts (and some actually believe phablets like the Note 2 count as phones) and all those that love their phones a little smaller. Personally I’m on the Fence. I get a huge amount of utility out of the iPhone 5 Display. When needing more real estate, I switch to my iPad v3. However, Having a 5" Display would take that Visual Cramping out of my use of this highly portable SmartPhone. And lets face it having a Display 156% larger would unCramp me considerably.

🔷 What’s with the Ecosystem. While consumers seem more than happy to swap one Android phone for another, or even to make the switch from Andriod to iPhone, (2012 figures, 42% of Android users switch to iPhone) or an iPhone to an Android phone (12% of iPhone users switch to Android), Apple is winning the SmartPhone War in the USA with a 55% market-share and maintains a winning 67% market-share of the tablet war, a huge margin in this segment.

🔷 If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S4, will you also get an Android tablet? If so, which one? I still do not see a lot of Galaxy note 10.1’s in the wild (actually, I see none out there on Campus or elsewhere). The leading Android tablet is the Kindle Fire, and Amazon admittedly continues to loose money with each sale; Amazon’s hope that their tablet owners will buy more books. This strategy is simply not working; its not always about price, and Apple has surely shown that many folks will "pay-up for superior quality." The Kindle Fire uses the Google Play Store like the Galaxy S4, but, similar to the Galaxy S4, the interfaces are customized. In other words, users end up with two custom Android interfaces, one for the SmartPhone and one for the Tablet. Apple’s iOS is consistent across ALL of their iOS / iDevices.

🔴 Being constantly asked on and off Campus, is Samsungs Galaxy S4 better than the iPhone 5. And will every new SmartPhone release by Apple’s competitors be The iPhone killer, this time. Any new SmartPhone could be a killer if you consider that "a thousand small cuts" is the prelude to death. Remember, Apple did not "invent the SmartPhone." Appe released their first iPhone in 2007, into a very crowded and mature field of SmartPhones.

🔴 Samsung is starting to use NFC (Near Field Communications) in interesting ways: by letting two SmartPhone users pair the phones by tapping and then turning the resultant "ad-hoc connection" between multiple phones into a surround sound system. That is a unique and creative use of NFC, though it also seems like an unusual use. However on Apple devices, this NFC Connectivity could be used to Sync two devices for images, Documents, selected Address Book entiries…

🔴 Feature-for-feature, the Galaxy S4 appears to have the iPhone 5 "beat as of today". So why can’t we declare a clear Victory for the Galaxy S4? It’s not that simple. Spending some time with pre-production units, one must admit, the phone looks terrific. At 4.6 ounces, it’s relatively light for a 5-inch smartphone, it’s somewhat thinner than the Galaxy III, and it didn’t feel like it would stress one’s hand.

🔴 Galaxy-4’s Marquee features are: Air Gesture, Smart Scroll and the Dual Camera, 2MP and 13MP as advertised…… Smart Scroll, Samsung’s biggest innovation, was a bit touchy in the pre-production unit. Instead, the phone’s front-facing sensors see your face and eyes and then tilt-to-scroll works, if one tilts the phone back and forth to scroll up and down on a page. You cannot (only) use your eyes to scroll. It’s an interesting feature that, with some practice, could become useful. Does not give me goose bumps.

🔴 Bottom Line: Competition is a Wonderful Thing This was my opening statement, and here we are again, as Apple and Samsung ontinue to Leap Frog over each other with their new releases. Sounds familiar, with Canon and Nikon and their relases of digital cameras.

Product Name: iPhone-5 or Galaxy-4S. Author/Assembeled By: JimW.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star Rating by Jimmy

Available Retail Price: $200 to $300 depending on configuration and carrier subsidy.

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