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Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft Built Too Many Tablets ~ This is a Headline for the Absurd ~ Bill Gates, get back in the Game before Microsoft is Gone.

July 26, 2013

โ˜… Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft Built Too Many Tablets ~ This is a Headline for the Absurd ~ Bill Gates, get back in the Game before Microsoft is Gone. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has admitted that the company built too many Surface tablets and that Windows device sales haven’t been as strong as expected. OH… you think…

โ˜… During an internal town hall event earlier this week, which was first reported by Neowin, both Ballmer and COO Kevin Turner talked on Microsoft’s recent $900 million write-down on the Surface RT, which was caused by Terrible sales and too much Inventory. "We built a few more devices than we could sell," said Ballmer, referring to Terrible Surface RT sales. Microsoft’s CEO added that the recent 30% price reduction was required to Dump The Inventory in Stores or be Forced to Buy them Back from Vender’s Warehouses…

โ˜… If that wasn’t bad enough, there was worse news in store for Microsoft. Ballmer then confirmed that Windows 8 sales have also Failed to reach almost ALL of those that have prior versions of Windows on their machines, a less than 5% adoption rate… "We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to," added the chief exec.

โ˜… Remember Apple has professed in 2011, one year after the iPad was released… There is a Post PC environment emerging because of the iPad. In 2012 this "Post PC" era continues times 10. Now that we are in 2013, where Apple is delivering 177,700 iPad to customers every DAY, on average over 64 Million iPads a year. Microsoft is barely at 1 Million/year, and now they are having to buy-back many because of No Demand for them.

๐ŸŽ Earlier today we published an article… Apple Sells iPads to Every Student in LA School District 640,000 iPads, a $433,920,000 deal. 44,247 iPads will be shipped to students in 2013 ~ By the End of 2014 the balance of the 640,000 LA Students will have an iPad ~ iPads are truly Magical and Educators Know it. The L.A. Unified School District (2nd largest school district in the USA) has awarded Apple (June 18, 2013) with a $30 million initial shipment in 2013, another 595,753 Apple iPads to be shipped to every student the LA School District serves in 2014.

โ˜… Microsoft appealed to the LA County School Board, stating that other vendors like Microsoft should be adopted too; However, the School Board said, its not fair to have some of our Students having to work with inferior products, while the rest have iPads – All 640,000 students will have the Best, iPad. Talk about adding insult to injury… To Apple wining this Contract represents less than 4-Days of their sales/production rate; for Microsoft it represents almost 50% of their Annual Production Rate.

โ˜… Personally I was a Windows Guy for 25 years; so my affection was definitely in the Windows arena…. Unfortunately, the company has not changed with the technology or the Market. I have been professing for several years that the future of Personal Computing is likely a nimble Apple styled iOS environment operating on three sizes of iPads, small, medium, and large. As the iPad’s capabilities and capacities are enhanced, the MAC Book Air may eventually become a "touch-screen" clam shell super charged iPad…

โ˜… There was one ray of light for both Microsoft and tablet fans, however. The Verge reported that Ballmer confirmed Microsoft is testing new Surface tablets. Many believe that the Redmond giant is currently testing the new tablets with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Unfortunately, nobody cares, nor knows what this may mean.

โ˜… Lots of Luck with that, attempting to even match Samsung, not to mention that APPLE’s iPad is kicking-butt for both of these companies. Its not all about "specs." IMHO it its about the whole package of the Ecosystem, the iOs, the Capability of the iPad for example, the Apps, the Services, and a Company that creates an environment where the entire Ecosystem becomes more tightly integrated.

โ˜… Remember Apple did not enter the Tablet arena, unopposed, as there were 10 or more Tablets on the market in March, 2010. Apple made an exciting, vibrant and "magical" device, folks didn’t even realize they needed. However on April 10, 2010 everything changed, the iPad.

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