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Moto X is Born with Great Parents: Motorola’s Established Mobility Patents ~ Intersects with Google’s Youth, Vitality, Imagination โšซ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ทโšซ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ทโšซ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”ท

August 2, 2013

โ˜… Moto X is Born with Great Parents: Motorola is an Established Mobility enterprise with a huge inventory of valuable patents ~ Intersects with Google’s Youth, Vitality, Imagination, and Financial Strength. Motorola, is a Google company. Commit this fact to memory.

โ˜… With the Moto X, a 4.7" SmartPhone going on sale later this summer for $199 on contract, the company has officially started the shot clock for the "new Motorola"; this is the first Moto product designed from scratch with Google’s direct oversight.

โ˜… Motorola’s Moto X. From the Packaging to the Messaging to the Features, All three aimed directly at the MainStream. Most importantly of all, there is Moto X’s standout feature: Personalization.

โ˜… We’ve been hearing for years from various OEMs that smartphones are a personal statement, a reflection of the individual, but aside from the occasional color option, the wallpaper and case have been the only real opportunities for personal expression. Well, you can kiss those days goodbye. Motorola’s keyed in to a core part of the user experience, self-styling, and expect its rivals soon to follow suit.

โ˜… But all of the backstory can wait. We need to talk about the Moto X. The company never explicitly said so when it displayed the phone behind closed doors today, but this is clearly a mainstream phone (it’s geared towards the "majority of users" several execs said). To that point, its spec sheet and feature list (Touchless Control, Active Display, Quick Capture) won’t dazzle the technorati. And, from what we can tell, it’s not supposed to.

โ˜… To hear the company tell it, the Moto X’s journey began 1 year ago with a whiteboard listing all of the most common user problems, ways to address those issues, and a plan to get the device into as many hands as possible. You won’t be able to assess that for yourself until the phone launches on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular later this summer. For now, though, if our initial hands-on time is any indication, it appears Motorola has succeeded.

โ˜… Motorola ~ Personal Motorola Experience. We began our Mobile Cellular experience with Motorola Star-Tech 3000, a/k/a the Motorola "Brick." The Brick, with a spare battery, installed with a Car-Kit cost $4000. This was one of the first truly portble-hand-held cellular phones, to be sure, not a smartphone. The "Brick" received telephone calls and originated telephone calls, that’s it. The connection charges were 25ยข/minute. Therefore a 10-minute call, I’d receive a $2.50 charge. Add this figures for a month, I recall paying many 4-digit BellSouth Mobility phone bills.

โ˜… In the 1990’s Motorola continued with its Star-Tech branded flip-phones. The flip-phones were in today’s lingo, feature-phones, however, these devices redefined miniature, pocket mobile phones. Then in the 2000โ€ฒs came the BlackBerry, the Palm, the Palm Pre, then Android. It was not until 2007 that Apple delivered its first iPhone.

โ˜… As of 2010, Marilyn and I were loyal BlackBerry fans, both with BB-Bold phones. In April, 2010 we bought two iPads. Using the iPads for several months, and learning that the Apple iOS is consistent with operation across their entire line of products. Totally loving our iPads, when the iPhone 4 was released in July, we turned-off our Blackberry-Bolds, and bought two iPhone 4 smartphones. We now have iPhone 5, looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 5S.

โ˜… Extreme Ease of Use, the iOS, and the Apps, were the major deciding factors in selecting the iPhone. However, remember, we all came from another place. We were Very pleased and proud BlackBerry smartphone users. But, Apple designed a clearly better device, so we accepted the “risk” and switched. For Apple to retain the leadership roll they now command, Apple will have to continue to enhance and improve their iPhones. Six Years ago BlackBerry “owned” the SmartPhone “market.” Today BB is down to 1.1% share and Dropping like a Rock

โ˜… Friends and Students often ask, “which smartphone would you recommend, if Iโ€™m not interested in games or all the App stuffโ€ฆโ€ My response points towards the iPhone. Apple applies all of its engineer energy in building the very best hand held device, serving a huge market segment with people buying around 360,000 iPhones every Day, 10.8 million each month, 130 million/yearโ€ฆ Literally these folks are โ€œvoting with their walletsโ€œ, every second of every day there are another 250 iPhones purchased, 26% of them, 65 people turned-off their Android phones for an iPhone every second, of every day. Apple gets it, as do their huge share of this market.

โ˜… The iPhone is very intuitive to use, an operating guide is not even packed in the box; however, you may download a free Book on the iBooks Store for all the details of operation. If you purchaser your iPhone at the Apple Store or at AT&T for example, they will show you the basics of operating in several minutes; switching from another device, they can move your entire Address-Book in a minute or two.

โ˜… For folks who say they are only interested in the Phone, Email, Text, Calendar, only the basic stuffโ€ฆ I too thought the same, thinking the hand-held being a bit too small to do much moreโ€ฆ My suggestion, try some of the outstanding Apps on the App Store, you will be amazed and thrilled how some Apps will totally change your mind.

โ˜… Motorola Moto X. My point in mentioning this bit of history, Motorola was one of the best "communications" companies, who entered Mobile consumer products in the 1980’s; however, Motorola was King of the Road when it came to designing and building Military Grade Communications Gear for our Armed Services for Decades.

โ˜… Motorola Moto X. Therefore, IMHO, this Old Established, Disciplined Company is now Married to Google, an enterprise that represents youth, vitality, innovation, and energy. This marriage may totally Surprise the current Market Place. A word of Caution to Apple and Samsung, as there is MOTO, a New Player in Town, with "Experience, Staying Power" coupled with amazing Genetics.

โ˜… One More Thing : The Bottom Line. Motorola’s MOTO X may shake-up the Android Market. Here are the current statistics on average, for the last 90 days ending June 30, 2013. In Sum for each 1000 Smart Phone Purchased:
โ€ข 425 iPhones were selected. Last year the figure was 392 iPhones, 3.3% Increase *
โ€ข 225 Galaxy Samsung phones. Down 1.1% from last year
โ€ข 290 Android phones, HTC, Nokia and others, Down 1.1% from last year
โ€ข 40 Windows Phones, Increase of 1.1% from last year
โ€ข 11 BlackBerry phones, Down 2.9% from last year
โ€ข 10 Other phones. Down 0.4% from last year.
* In the USA there are 525 iPhones sold per 1000 smart phones sold in 2013.

โ˜… Motorola Moto X. Motorola has several video clips that display the new MOTO smartphone.

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