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Galaxy Note 3 Features 3GB RAM ~ 5.7″ Display ~ 8mm Slim ~ 183 Grams Design (update) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 😎😎

August 14, 2013

😎 Although the Galaxy S series is rightly considered Samsung’s flagship smartphone in the range of devices, the Galaxy Note "Phablet" (the cross between a Phone and a Tablet = a Phablet, cute) has risen to prominence in the past couple of years. The Galaxy Note is forging a new market of high-end devices with incredibly large displays. Galaxy Note 3 Features 3GB RAM, a 5.7" Diagonal Display, measuring only 8mm thin, weighing in at 6.45 ounces, (or 183 Grams). For comparison purposes the iPhone 5 weighs 3.95 ounces (or 112 grams), and 7.6mm thin; The iPad mini is 7.2 mm thin; Weighs in at 12.15 ounces (or 308 grams).

😎 The Galaxy Note II was well-received when it first released towards the latter stages of 2012, and with the Galaxy S4 now well into its life cycle, although selling much fewer than Samsung advertised, the focus is on the third Note has been strong during the last month or two.

😎 The current Word on the Web is that the device will be significantly thinner, 1.4mm thinner to 8mm from 9.4mm, than its predecessor, with 3GB of RAM packed into both the reported 3G-only and 4G LTE versions.

😎 Many of you that follow my writings, know that presently Marilyn and I are iPhone and iPad users with several hundred of our favorite Apps, and before Apple, we were BlackBerry Bold folks for years. That said, I must admit the dazzling Large Displays Samsung has been delivering into the market are Very Tempting indeed.

😎 Comparing the iPhone 5 with its relatively small 4" display, to the Galaxy Note 3 with its 5.7" display, measures about 50% smaller in Area, than a 5.7" diagonal display Area. If Apple released a 5" display in its iPhone6, this would render about 30% greater display Area, compared to the iPhone 5 with its 4" diagonal display. Apple really needs to "change their story-line," swallow some pride, and get with it…

Millions of iPhone Folks Want, Larger, Bright, High Resolution Displays for their Smart Phones, even if all the functions may require one hand plus one finger from the other hand.

😎 If Apple is listening to their loyal customers, and increases its Display size options, then the question would be what would be the best, optimum size to select: 4.75" 5.00" 5.25" 5.50" 5.75" 6.00" Diagonal measure.

😎 My preferences would be any size in the middle three choices, 5.00" 5.25" 5.50" if anyone would ask my opinion.

😎 Back to the Galaxy..It has long been assumed that Samsung will release two different models of the Galaxy Note 3, suggesting that the 3G model would offer 2GB of RAM. And the LTE variant, would house 3GB of RAM to keep the step-up smooth; However, it now appears that both models will sport the same memory, with different comminication radios.

😎 The Galaxy Note 3 housing 3GB of RAM, the Galaxy Note 3 will supposedly measure a mere 8mm depth, while weighing in at 183 grams, around the same weight as the Galaxy Note 2 . The Note 3 does shave 1.4mm off the thickness of the current model, and while that may not seem much in the grand scheme of things, in smartphone terms, it’s a noticeable 15% thinner.

😎 The Galaxy Note 3 could be showcased as soon as September 4th, for its unveiling, around the time Berlin’s IFA kicks off. Although Huge Display screens do not necessarily float everybody’s boat, the Galaxy Note 3 is "reported" to pack a display somewhere around 5.9" diagonal measure, although latest chatter is indicating 5.7″ display. Interest in this forthcoming device is bound to be high.

😎 The Galaxy Note 3, reported to have a thinner design, with plenty of RAM, and large display real estate to match, the Galaxy Note 3 could also pack an Octa-Core Processing Chip, used in the Galaxy S4.

😎 Samsung has been known to inter-change hardware between its main devices; Therefore the 8-Core design would not be a massive Processor surprise. But we’re somewhat convinced that Samsung will have some surprises.

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