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If This Then That ~ IF T T T ~ Best iPhone Automation App ~ Very Simple ~ Eliminates Tedious Tasks (update) ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽโญโญ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ

September 1, 2013

โ˜… IFTTT is a Great Automation App ~ If This Then That ~ Very Simple , Eliminates Tedious Tasks. First things First… how do we speak of this App. IFTTT is pronounced like "gift" without the "g" and the letters signify: If This Then That. This Name basically describes what IFTTT does. This App performs one of the primary Logic Tools used by all Programmers, but this Tool is designed for YOU.

โ˜… When One Thing Happens, Then Do the Next Thing, automatically. IFTTT lets you create an automatic reaction to an event. For example, 1โƒฃ use IFTTT to Send a text message whenever someone posts a picture of you on Facebook. Another example, 2โƒฃ use IFTTT to Send an email if the weather forecast predicts Rain. Another example, 3โƒฃ use IFTTT to automatically Save a copy of a photo to Dropbox whenever a photo is posted to Facebook. Each of these "automatons" are called Recipes.

โ˜… The “if this than that” logical action Tool, has been in the hands of Programmers for many decades, dating back to COBOL, a programming language I used in 1970. What is exciting, the IFTTT App gives every-day iPhone Users one of the important LOGIC-tools that programmers have been using since 1960. Below is an example of how the IFTTT App helps with my daily writing activities; but first what is COBOL for sliver of history.

โ˜… COBOL it is one of the oldest programming languages, primarily designed by Grace Hopper. Its name is an acronym for COmmon Business-Oriented Language, defining its primary usage in writing programs for business, finance, administrative systems for companies and governments.

โ˜… The COBOL specification (the Programing Language and Syntax) was created by a committee of researchers from private industry, universities, and government during the second half of 1959.

โ˜… The COBOL specifications were to a great extent inspired by the FLOW-MATIC language invented by Grace Hopper, commonly referred to as “the mother of the COBOL language.” The logic Tool and Syntax, the “if statement” used within COBOL is very similar to the logic delivered in the IFTTT App that has been designed for every-day use, by every-day regular people. Lets turn to a simple practical example for an iPhone user.

โ˜… We are Using the I F T T T App because. Here is a practical Example. Every day a story or article is written and publish, like this Article to my site, at this address: ( titled "Whats Jimmy Think ?" This is a blog that I write stories to and moderate comments posted by the pubic. WordPress houses hundreds of Articles that are written, categorized into 40 or so categories. Before the IFTTT App, I had to individually make a "posting" onto each of my 6 Social Networks" like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, every time a new Article is published into WordPress. The IFTTT App "automates" this for me.

โ˜… In Sum, Use IFTTT App is notifying all my "Friends" in my 6 Social Networks that a new Article has been published onto my blog site. Which means, that when an Article is complete and edited, and when the "Publish Now" button is pressed, within a minute or two, the IFTTT App automatically makes Posts into my 6 Social Networks as specified in the App Recipe. Once a Recipe is "activated" and turned "ON" the "recipe-automation" occurs in the background, forever, until you turn the Recipe "OFF."

โ˜… Eliminate the Tedious. The purpose in writing these Articles to provide information and answer questions on a variety of tropics, for the thousands of current readers that tune-in to my corner of the World. In effort to attract New Readers and to "spread the word" an entry is posted onto my Facebook Page (FAU4U) where there are hundreds of "Friends." An entry is also "publicly tweeted" to my Twitter account (@FAU4U) with many hundreds of Followers, mentioning that a new story has been published and is available. The Facebook and Twitter entries show a Link to the on-line location at and the Title of the Article.

โ˜… Eliminate More Tedium. Then onto my LinkedIN account, to mention to many more hundreds of connections, that a new Article has been Published… sounds a little tedious; Well It is; However, every day this is done so that tens-of-thousands of folks (that are familiar with what I do) are informed that a new Article has been published on WordPress. Hopefully, many of these "Friends" like the Article and tell their "friends" who in turn tell their "friends"… and before you know it, in a few months we have tens-of-thousands Current Readers, and growing by 1000’s per week. Amazing actually.

โ˜… Think of Social Media, and the Web in general, as a game of dominoes: One Action creates an entire range of potential Reactions. This is what makes social media so powerful, and time-consuming. Especially time consuming for those folks who are updating a constant stream of information (in my case an Article or two a day) onto WordPress and multiple (in my case 6 other) social media accounts.

โ˜… The IFTTT App makes this "process" easy by allowing you to link these Web services, so that when doing something on one Web Service triggers one or more activities. This App is a free "service" that’s a lot like its name: IF TTT, If This Then That, perhaps a bit confusing, until you understand just how simple and useful it is.

โ˜… Use IFTTT App, you simply create a free account with IFTTT with your email address. Then, you can get started building IFTTT recipes. A recipe is a simple automated task, specifying that (for example)… IF an Article is published on WordPress, THEN post the Article’s title and location to my Facebook account. The IFTTT App works on a system of Channels. Channels are the building-blocks of the Recipes. Channels are simply "web-services" like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Evernote, Email, Weather, Buffer, Craigslist; there are presently 59 Channels currently available by the IFTTT App Developer. Channels are like little Applets within the APP, that do all the automation-magic behind the scenes.

โ˜… Create a Recipe, you select the first Channel (the "If THIS" portion of IFTTT) and then you select the trigger Channel (the "THEN THAT" portion of IFTTT). Once the First Channel is selected, IFTTT displays a menu of applicable Trigger Channels. For example, When selecting, for example, Etsy (an on-line store) as the first Channel, the available Triggers are events such as "new purchased item" or "new item in shop." After selecting the Trigger, you select the Channel and the Action (the "that"). The same 59 channels are available as the action channels; once you select one, you Activate it* (if it’s not already active) and then choose the Action from the available choices. Its easier to give this App a try than explain it. * Activate it means, with Facebook for example, you have to give IFTTT permission to perform an action in your Facebook account, because Facebook requires your authorization to permit IFTTT to do something in your behalf. This is a simple process too.

โ˜… Recipe Catalog Available. To get started the IFTTT App has a clever system of listing Recipes that have been already been created by existing App users, who have elected to share their Recipe with everyone. If an App User comes up with a nifty IFTTT Recipe, that individual has the ability to share their Recipe with everyone else. These "contributed" Recipes a cataloged as "All Time Most Popular" "Featured by ITFFF" "Trending Most Popular" "Browse the Recipes" and a "Search" engine so that users can search all the Recipes so that you hopefully can find one that meets your desired result, without having to create the Recipe "from scratch." Creating a Recipe is really very simple; however, to get started quickly, you can quickly "Use" a Recipe that another App user created and elected to share with everyone else.

โ˜… Select the Channel and the Action. You may customize an Action using what IFTTT calls Ingredients. These Ingredients are pieces of data from the Trigger. For Etsy (an online store) the Ingredients could be the Etsy URL and the price. For Facebook, the Ingredients could be a photo-caption and the image source. You may use these Ingredients to customize the resulting Action, such as sending a text message or an email, or posting a status update to Facebook. Again, its easier to give this App a try, than explain it.
Put the internet to work for you.
โ€ข IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement, if this then that.
โ€ข Activate your Channels and create Recipes on IFTTT.
โ€ข Channels are services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIN, and devices like Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, and UP by Jawbone.
โ€ข Recipes are connections between your Channels that unlock entirely new ways for your services and devices to communicate with each other.
โ€ข New Channels, Ingredients, and features are added frequently.
โ€ข Download the App now and stay tuned for more to come.
โ€ข Release Date: July 11, 2013

๐ŸŽ Link to the Apple App store:

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