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iGrill an Amazing iPhone or iPad enabled Device ~ a Probe is placed into the Turkey or Roast ~ Sync the iGrill to your iPhone or iPad with its Long-Range 200′ capable BlueTooth connectivity ~ Set Alarm Temperatures ~ Cook until the Temperature Alarm occurs or Digital Temp is reached ★★★★★★★

November 29, 2013

★ The iGrill App works seamlessly with your iGrill device. The iGrill doesn’t just enhance the grill experience, it enhances the cooking experience as well! We make cooking and grilling easy with a host of useful features, including •iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad connect-ability
 200+ foot range via a secure Bluetooth connection
 iOS 5.0 runs in the background
• Share what you’re cooking with Facebook and Twitter
 See what others are cooking across the globe
• Food temperature settings
 Multiple-probe support

• Multiple view options
 Kitchen timer

• Smoker option with upper and lower limit alarms
 Graphing screen allows you to view temperature history
• Graphics may be exported and emailed
• The iGrill App works seamlessly with your iGrill device available at

★ iGrill an Amazing iPhone or iPad enabled Device
~ a Probe is placed into the Turkey or Roast
~ Sync the iGrill to your iPhone or iPad with its Long-Range 200′ capable BlueTooth connectivity
~ Set Alarm Temperatures
~ Cook until the Temperature Alarm occurs or Digital Temp is reached
~ Optional Ambient Temperature Probe is available for a Smoker or traditional Oven, to keep track of the actual Oven temperature.

★ Use Suggestions: In our house, there are several Technology Nuts and Good Cooks that collect for the Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, if a Turkey is in the making, carefully place the Probes into the Thickest part of the Thigh.

★ Since our device has two probes, we place the probes on each side of the Turkey. For Larger Events where we’re cooking for many we’ll buy two 16# Turkeys, place the two side-by-side in the same large roasting pan, and place a Probe in each, to monitor the internal Temps.

★ Recall that 165°F is the Ideal Temp to Remove the Turkey from the Oven. Most folks Over Cook their Turkeys, leaving the Bird in the Oven until 180°F is reached, therefore, 30 minutes later the Turkey reaches 190°F.

★ iGrill also offers an Ambient Temperature Probe, to monitor the Internal Temperature of the OVEN more accurately than traditional Oven readouts. Therefore the Meat-Probe is placed into the "middle of the meat", and the Ambient Probe is placed next to the Roasting Pan.

★ Since we have a number of family members that have iPhones, and the iGrill App loaded on their iPhones, we need to huddle at the same-time, getting our iDevices set to PAIR in the Settings Screen; Once one or more are ready, then Turn On the iGrill, which Auto-enables PAIRing MODE, signified by the BLUE signal-light Blinking, as it enters Pairing Mode for a minute or two; Once iGrill is Blinking Blue, all of us need to Pair with iGrill simultaneously. This is necessary, as once the BLUE light stops blinking on the iGrill, Pairing Mode is Over, excluding anyone that was not part of the "huddle."

★ Convenience Link to the App Store:

★ Support and item purchases Call 888.We.iGrill (888.934.4745), are here to help.

★ eMails your great idea’s to make the iGrill App better and they’ll will try to make it happen:

★ Recent Updates – Improved Facebook integration
– Background processing
– Improved performance
– Improved Bluetooth connectivity
– VoiceOver support
– Online Recipe Browser

★ What other have said about the iGrill: iGrill Winner of the 6th Annual Bluetooth Sig Best Of CES 2011 Awards, Best New Product

★ Release Date: Nov 24, 2010. App Size: 35.56 Mb

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As many of my friends, family and students know, I am an avid iPad adopter since its release mid-year 2010. With Apple’s release of the Retina-Display iPad Mini, I will be changing to it soon with 128GB of Storage and Logitech’s UltraThin Keyboard Cover; however, the WiFi only model. My thought is there are so many WiFi zones available these days, investing in the $130 LTE Cellular chipset upgrade is mitigated by my iPhone 5S with its "HOT SPOT" capability. Therefore, if I have migrated into non-WiFi area, or I desire a more Secure Internet Connection, its very easy to Activate my iPhone’s Hot Spot, which serves as a mini-router, accepting up to 5 WiFi enabled devices, for internet connectivity.

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