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Atlantic Crossing Secures City of Delray Beach Commission APPROVAL late in the evening of January 21, 2014 following over 5 hours of debate and testimony ๐Ÿจ๐Ÿจ๐Ÿข๐Ÿซ๐Ÿข๐Ÿซ๐Ÿข๐Ÿซโญ๏ธ

January 22, 2014

Atlantic Crossing Secures City of Delray Beach Commission APPROVAL late in the evening of January 21, 2014 following over 5 hours of debate and testimony. Most of the supporters gave testimony to the City Commissioners regarding the need to renovate the Old and Inefficient existing buildings on the subject property. The successful quality retailers on the east portion of Atlantic Plaza will be relocated to the western portion of Atlantic Crossings. No significant new traffic with most of these existing retailers. Similar treatment with Meryll Lynch, as they will be moved from the eastern portion of the site to the new office building on the western portion of the site, and so on.

Wondering what the New Atlantic Crossing development will look like, below are six Before and After images, demonstrating the new look for the eastern segment of Atlantic Avenue from the northbound lanes of Federal Highway to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Attending Commission meetings over the past 30 years is an interesting experience. Most of the public attending are of two distinct groups, those "Adverse to Change" and those that Want "Redevelopment and Growth." The City of Delray Beach is no exception. Fortunately, there are more folks interested in permitting the developers to spend $200,000,000 of their own money, no public assistance what-so-ever. Rest assured that "smart money" does not want to develop a $200 million dud, traffic jammed, with tenants loosing money.

Most of the adverse remarks came from folks concerned about traffic. However, with the Developer’s cooperation, the site-plan and traffic-flow now ruled favorably by the Delray Beach City Engineering and Planning Staff, where the Developers have agreed to incorporate 45 conditions recommended by the City Engineers. Many attending that offered testimony were in support of the project as presented, largely due to the developer’s meeting with resident groups over the recent 9-months and making changes to achieve a better plan and design.

Atlantic Crossing Secures City of Delray Beach Site Plan Board Approval. Imagine a thriving east-end of Downtown Delrayโ€™s Atlantic Avenue, with world-class shopping and dining, new businesses, new choices for downtown living and inviting public spaces. That vision is closer to reality with the proposed Atlantic Crossing redevelopmentโ€™s November 20, 2013 approval by the Cityโ€™s Site Plan Review & Appearance Board.

Joint venture partners CDS International Holdings, whose principal is Carl DeSantis, and the Edwards Companies plan to transform the empty lots and aging Atlantic Plaza center along the stretch of Atlantic Avenue from Federal Highway to Veterans Park into a vibrant, walkable link between Downtown Delrayโ€™s lively western blocks and the beach.

Atlantic Crossingโ€™s newly launched website, has the latest plans, and a new Facebook page lets you join in the conversation. The websiteโ€™s Gallery lets visitors view Atlantic Crossing from different vantage points, comparing current views with future streetscapes. Reflecting Downtownโ€™s eclectic design character, the six buildings have distinct architectural styles and will appear to have been built here over time. Wide, trellised sidewalks and generous public green spaces wind among the buildings.

Carl DeSantis assembled Atlantic Crossingโ€™s 9.2 acres over many years; Edwards Companiesโ€™ President Jeff Edwards, DeSantis’ joint-venture partner, see the potential to reinvigorate East Atlantic Avenue with Atlantic Crossing as a major contributor to the Cityโ€™s economy, and a source of community pride. Working intensively with prominent architects, neighborhood leaders and city officials for over two years, the partners revised Atlantic Crossingโ€™s design to incorporate the communityโ€™s suggestions in a plan that supports both the areaโ€™s long-term economic health and lifestyle.

Atlantic Crossing represents over a $200 million in private investment capital and institutional debt financing. Atlantic Crossing is projected to generate $2.65 million a year in tax revenues. The project will require 1,000 construction jobs over the projected 5 year build-out; Once completed the facilities will create 600 permanent jobs. The project will also bring Class-A office space thatโ€™s in demand but lacking in Downtown Delray Beach, and draw new businesses and add foot traffic for todayโ€™s businesses. In addition to the Atlantic Crossing development, East Atlantic Avenue will benefit from the Cityโ€™s plans to revitalize Veterans Park. Atlantic Crossingโ€™s partners have committed $500,000 to the City for use towards park improvements.

Location/Address : The property is located between East Atlantic Avenue and NE 1st Street and between NE 6th Avenue and Veterans Park.

Official Description of the Project: The development proposal involves the demolition of all existing buildings and construction of a mixed-use development that includes 343 residential units, 83,462sf office building; 37,642sf of retail and 37,991sf of restaurants within six buildings that range from three to five stories design. Vehicular access to the development is provided along NE 7th Avenue via East Atlantic Avenue. Additionally, an exit driveway from the development is provided on NE 6th Avenue. The proposal incorporates a 0.627 acre parcel located at the northeast corner of NE 1st Street and NE 7th Avenue within the development. With this proposal vehicles traveling south on NE 7th Avenue dead-end at a cul-de-sac to be constructed within this site. The construction of parking facilities that contain 1,089 spaces is proposed, including sub-grade parking, above grade parking garage and parallel on-street parking along NE 7th Avenue (adjacent to the development). The construction of one at-grade swimming pool, open lawn courtyards, water features, plazas, sidewalks and associated landscaping are also proposed.

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