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Adverse Drug Reactions ~ ADRs are 4th leading Cause of Death in the United States ~ ADRs are Cost-Leader for Malpractice Payouts ~ PharmacoGenetic Testing & Analysis is Effective to Lower Patient RISK ★★★★★

February 2, 2014

★ Currently an estimate of 700,000 Patient Hospitalizations and 70,000 Patient Deaths occur from Adverse Drug Reactions. PharmacoGenetics could Prevent a leading cause of Unintended Death, and save 50% of Treatment Costs.

★ Research shows of all the Clinical factors that alter a Patient’s response to drugs (such as age, sex, weight, general health and liver function), Genetic factors are the most important clinical factors.

★ More than 75% of the population have Genetic variations that affect how patients Metabolize more than 50% of the most commonly prescribed medications.

★ An estimated 90% of Prescription Drugs work only 50% of the time, prescribing Physicians could use molecular Genetic Variant Diagnostics to test for specific genetic mutations that may cause one drug to be Harmful, while another drug may perform Safely.

★ The YouScript Personalized Prescribing System can help Prescribers to select the Best medications for a patient’s unique Genetic Profile, each and every time. YouScript is the most comprehensive prescription management system available today, and includes the following:

★ Pharmacogenetic testing of clinically significant variants in Cytochromes CYP.2D6, 2C9, 2C19 and VKOR.C1

★ YouScript Personalized Prescribing software for identifying probable drug/drug, drug/gene, multiple-drug cumulative interactions (plus appropriate alternate suggestions)

★ Personalized prescription plans developed by experienced pharmacists

★ Adverse Drug Events are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States.

★ Adverse Drug Events are the Cost-Leader for Malpractice payouts.

★ Pharmacogenetic testing and analysis quickly become an effective Genetic Technology to lower overall Patient-Risk and Practice-Risk profiles.

★ Pharmacogenetic testing coupled with YouScript Personalized Prescribing is particularly significant for Patients who for example
✔ Taking any of more than 100 FDA-Approved medications with Pharmacogenetic information in their labels such as: Plavix, Warfarin, Abilify, Celexa, Clozapine, Prozac, Strattera and Tamoxifen
✔ Experiencing more than typical drug side effects
✔ On multiple medications
✔ Not appearing to respond to medications
✔ Being treated for cancer or HIV infections
✔ Testing is simple and covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.

★ PharmacoGenomics is a testing and drug-interaction process that in several years should be routine; however, today this topic little known by patients, and somewhat better known by General Practitioners.

★ Pharmacology combined with a Patient’s Genetic variants, will significantly increase a Prescription’s effectiveness, and decrease Adverse Drug Reactions in patients.

★ The concept of personalized medicine is not new, but the Public Awareness campaign is only just picking up momentum, partly on the heels of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

★ While the overhaul of the American healthcare system is surrounded by considerable debate, biotech companies are finding fresh optimism in bringing the science of pharmacogenomics into the mainstream.

★ Physicians and Pharmacists are just beginning to adopt gene-based prescribing, and has already caught the eye of Eddie Yoon, a research analyst for Fidelity Investments and the company’s healthcare fund manager. “We are entering the era of Biotech 2.0, in
which targeted genetic diagnostic tests are accelerating advances in the truly life-changing therapies of personalized medicine,” according to a recently published Fidelity Viewpoint article.

★ An estimated 90% of Prescription Drugs working only about 50% of the time, prescribing Physicians could use molecular Genetic Variant Diagnostics to test for specific genetic mutations that might cause one drug to be harmful, while another might be safe.

★ Fidelity considers genetic-based medicine regimes a game-changing innovation that can drive considerable growth in the healthcare sector.

★ Currently an estimate of 770,000 injuries and Deaths from Adverse Drug Reactions, PharmacoGenetics could not only save 50% of drug costs, but also help prevent a leading cause of unintended death.

★ Personalized medicine and Genetic-based prescribing practices will become the prevailing catalyst to an entirely more patient-centric approach to healthcare.

★ Whether its improved patient-care goals or impressive profit-and-loss ratios, that fuel the move to personalized medicine, all indicators point to a win-win scenario.

★ Having been trained as in bio-Chemistry, within a pre-Med program, PharmacoGenomics is a relatively new and exciting topic. Noticing the recent completed courses, I am very interested in learning more about this exciting topic and spreading the word to the Medical Community in south Florida.

★ Source: personalized-medicine-revolution

★ Genelex is a leader in this industry, this is a link to their seasonal newsletter:

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