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City Elections for Boca Raton ~ The People Voted ~ Susan Haynie, Michael Mullaugh, and Robert Weinroth ~ All WIN with Large Margins ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

March 12, 2014

City Elections for Boca Raton ~ The People Voted ~ Susan Haynie ✔ Michael Mullaugh ✔ Robert Weinroth ✔ All three Candidates WIN with Large Margins.

City Elections for Boca Raton are Extremely Important for a Healthy and Vibrant Down Town. Vote Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Here are The Peoples Picks for this Election Cycle. Historically, these elections have attracted around 12% of the eligible voters in our community, not unusual for mid-term election cycles.

Susan Haynie enjoys a Victory earning 57% of the Vote, a resounding Mandate for the Health and Wellness of the City of Boca Raton. Michael Mullaugh wins with a resounding 52% win with 4 candidates running, and Robert Weinroth wins with 66% of the vote in a three man race.

✔ Susan Haynie, Boca Raton’s Mayor Elect wins 57% of the Vote, (6,294 voting). Challenger Anthony Majhess accumulated only 4,743 votes, or 43% of those voting. The total number of votes cast in the Mayoral election totaled 11,037 votes. With 59,889 registered voters in the City of Boca Raton, 18.4% of the Registered Voted, a significantly larger percentage than in prior years, albeit only 1 in 5 voted. In prior years, an average of only 12% voted in the March City Elections.

Susan Haynie, the Sun Sentinel recommended her for this post, due to her seasoning and experience in public office, and to her measured and sensible approach to solving the city’s problems. Haynie, 58, is a businesswoman, licensed general contractor and 42-year resident of Boca Raton who has served on the city council for 12 years. Growth in the urban core, and its associated traffic problems, is one of the two issues dominating the discussion in the 2014 municipal election.

Susan Haynie holds a reputation for being pro-development, but it’s clear she advocates a reasoned, gradual approach to future construction, one that acknowledges the need for increased urban density as a guarantor of civic viability. For example, one of her solutions for easing traffic congestion includes transit-oriented residential and commercial development around future rail stations, which would help generate enough ridership and tax revenues to relieve pressures on the public purse.

Michael Mullaugh was first appointed in 2008 to fill vacated Council Seat B, and was elected without opposition in 2011 for a three-year term. The Sun Sentinel gave its Recommendation to Mullaugh. On his first time actually running an election campaign, Mullaugh brings experience and discipline to the race. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michael moved to Boca in 1997. A lawyer by training, for many years he worked for a bank in the trusts and estates department. With a background in finance, one of the main things Mullaugh has brought to the city council is a disciplined approach on how to manage the city’s revenue: “When things started going badly with the budget in 2008 and some members wanted to invade the city reserves, I said that was not the right thing to do; instead I advised the city manager and administration to do some budget cuts, wherever possible, without invading the reserves.” When things got better and the city’s revenue increased, they had not invaded the reserves, thanks to Michael’s advice and the group’s effort to ensure discipline.

Robert Weinroth: Boca Raton City Counsel, Seat D. The Sun Sentinel recommended lawyer Robert Weinroth, 61, who has run previously for Palm Beach County Property Appraiser. He favors "intelligent development" in the central business district, and urges that all stakeholders, developers, neighborhoods and the city, improve communication by coming together for some "give-and-take." He expresses similarly accommodating views on the pension issue: actuaries representing the various parties should meet and hash things out, and the council should listen. Education: New England School of Law, Northeastern University, and ROSLYN HIGH SCHOOL, Long Island, NY

✔ Susan Haynie Mayor Elect giving her Victory Speech to many hundreds of Supporters attending her victory celebration, held at Boca Raton’s Biergarten Restaurant on Federal Highway.

✔ Left to Right: Boca Raton Mayor Elect, Susan Haynie. Outgoing Boca Raton Mayor Susan Welchel. Women’s Executive Club President & Director, Marilyn Wilson

✔ Left to Right: Dana Csutoros, Sports Management Group. Boca Raton Mayor Elect, Susan Haynie. Outgoing Boca Raton Mayor Susan Welchel. Women’s Executive Club President & Director, Marilyn Wilson

✔ Boca Raton and Delray Beach Election Results, Tuesday March 11, 2014 All Precincts Reporting. Link Below:

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