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iPad Maxi – 12.9″ iPad Retina Display – iOS system base (Update # 2⃣) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🍎🍎🍎

July 10, 2014

iPad Maxi, a 12.9″ iPad Retina-Display, (recall the traditional iPad 4 has a 9.7″ retina-display, the iPad mini has a 7.9″ display) iOS system base, directly targeting 13″ PC laptops. Apparently, the iPad maxi qualifies as a “legitimate” product rumor, as several others are touting an iPad maxi (see graphics below).

More Industry sources close to the production line and familiar with Apple’s product roadmap say that a 12.9″ display is in the works for a product called the iPad Maxi. Apple is reportedly already talking to potential supply-line manufacturers to create this humungous display which is set to be released in 2014.

Apple will actively target 13” PC ultrabooks and notebooks, with the iPad Maxi, or whatever Apple chooses to name it, by providing the device with better portability and better battery life, and comparable screen real estate for productivity applications. Another target for the 12.9” iPad, is the educational market and digital textbooks. This bigger screen is more suited to replace traditional textbooks, just from a size stand point, and Apple with its supply-line partners is also developing a new display technologies with less weight and less glare, more suited for use in classrooms.

This snippet was purely a figment of my own imagination. However, others are now speaking of a 12.9″ iPad, with or without an Apple ClamShell. Being full of suggestions, so whats next in the pipeline… Lets create a iPad-Maxi which would have the appearance similar to the MAC Book Air, but that is where the similarly ends.

This new iPad Maxi, is a portable or desktop computing “game changer” as it employs the Apple iOS amazingly efficient operating system; that’s right… NOT an OSX laptop, but an iOS6 or iOS7 operating system platform, housed in a “super-charged” iPad-maxi with a huge 12.9″ maxi-display.

Using an exterior similar to the MacBook Air’s foot-print, the iPad Maxi would be “supercharged iPad” with:

  • Touch-Screen Retina-Display

  • a 12.9″; iPad optionally housed within the clam-shell lid, by the After Market.

  • Key Board, using Apple’s world famous bluetooth keyboard, build into the clam-shell’s bottom shell.

  • 360˚ Hinge. A new clam-shell optional design to have a 360˚ hinge. Perhaps Apple will leave the ClamShell feture to the AfterMarketeers.

  • This would redefine the Laptop, just as the Apple iPad redefined the Tablet.

    In my humble opinion, Apple gets the message that Computing these days is more to do with Communications than Calculations, knowing the present day PC laptop sales are eroding with the iPad. Folks love the iPad’s Communications, Visuals, Web Browsing, Pictures & Video Viewing capabilities, combined with a very compact, light weight design.

    As the transition from the PC to the iPad becomes more profound, and if the iPad maxi, a super-charged iPad, as outlined below, many more Windows PC’ers would migrate to Apple; Conversly, If you want a more compact device the iPadv4 footprint is perfect, as I presently have with Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case, discussed in another Article. If you want more horsepower, then the iPad-Maxi described below would satisfy this need; want even more power then the MAC Book Air is it… Want even more Power, then the MAC Book Pro answers this need…

    Apple’s MAC laptops are designed with 4 Display sizes: 11″, 13″, 15″, 17″. It is surely reasonable to have the iPad in 3 Display sizes, to serve eveyone’s needs. Apple in April, 2010 Apple released the initial iPad with what Apple believed to be the “Optimal 9.7” Display; Within 24 months the iPad grew to sales of about 50 million iPads/year.

    November, 2012 Apple met the demand for a more-compact iPad Display, when it released the iPad mini; The iPad-mini’s is having incredible success; The iPadv4 and the iPad-mini combined sales are about 65 million iPads/year.

    Apple in 2014 may be considering the opportunity of a One-Size-Up to a 12″ Display from the original iPad’s 9.7″ Display. After All once the design of the iPad’s “Internal Electronic Package” is a complete package, however, an evolving package, configuring 3-iPad footprints is “relatively” easy: 3-Enclosures, 3-Displays, 3-LiON Batteries, all housing the “Internal Electronic Package.” Leave it to the “After Market” enterprises to fill in the balance of Covers, Cases, Keyboard Cases…

    Lets have a “Super-Charged” iPad, the iPad-Maxi:

    🔷 more Hardware Connectivity, Lightning plus a Standard SD Picture Card slot

    🔷 more Memory say 2GB,

    🔷 more Storage say 64GB base storage, 128GB add $100, 256GB add $200

    🔷 more Connectivity say LTE, 4G and 3G Cellular, optional $130 radio package to the standard WiFi a/b/g/n bands

    🔷 faster Processor say 2GHz, coupled to

    🔷 more Real Estate say 12.9″ Touch-Screen Retina Display.

    🔷 larger Footprint with an Optonal 360° Hinged ClamShell provided by the After Market,

    🔷 similar Calculating capacity to the traditional iPad.

    🔷 more Money, say $669 for the Base model, $999 fully loaded LTE version, and I’d be saving my $999 for it for sure.

  • 🔷


    Rumor ID: iPad Maxi Pro, a 12" iPad Retina Display "Laptop"

    Rumor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍📍 Viability Rated by Jimmy

    Rumor Viability Comment: Viability… this is my personal wish-list item; no rumor here…

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