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iWatch Rumor Round-Up ~ iWearable Connects to iPhone ~ Apple will Deliver a Magical Device πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŒŽπŸŒŽβ°β°πŸ•™πŸ•™

July 10, 2014

🍎 iWatch Prototype ~ Apple’s iWearable Connected to iPhone ~ When Will Apple Deliver it? iWatch Prototypes and Rumors are Developing ~ Wearable Connects to iPhone ~ Apple will Deliver a Magical Device? In a recent interview, Cook said the entire Wearable computing space is β€œripe for exploration” and as game-changing and revolutionary as the iPhone or the iPad. IMHO, Apple’s new iWearable should be a revolution in and of itself. Marilyn who is very fashion conscious, is very interested in the iWearable connectivity to her iPhone…

🍎 Tim Cook sees the Wearable, the iWatch, as another very significant branch of the connectivity tree. These design-prototypes permit the user to squeeze a Wearable to fit your wrist, as it is built around a flexible high-resolution display.

🍎 Since it "connects" securely to your iPhone via their Bluetooth capabilities, the iWatch synchronizes with the appropriate Apps that are running in the background on the iPhone: Messages, Time, Date, Next Appointment, Calls, Text Messages, eMails, Facebook, Tweets, Pulse, Calorie Count, Miles Walked, Speed, Location, Directions, Arrival Time, Temperature, Stress Level.

🍎 Recently with Apple’s “acquisition of several key bio-mechanics, the iWatch may incorporate advanced medical sensor technology and health biosensing, a larger array of “blood chemistry levels” than previously thought, such as Blood Pressure, Blood Gasses, Blood Sugars, Blood Oxygen

🍎 Apple’s next big thing, is it going to be Apple’s first wearable device: iWatch? “Everyone thinks” its coming, but no one has any notion of when. We presume that an iWatch will be something extraordinary… For Apple the pressure is on l856777ke never before.

🍎 We heard a rumor that a prototype of the iWatch is running on a version of iOS; However, keeping in mind the battery issues this may not seem possible. The watch may have a pedometer and some bio-sensors to help it compete with amazing fitness gadgets in market like Nike’s FuelBand and the Fitbit.

🍎 iWatch Functions and Price. What will this Trendy iDevice Cost each of us? While we are Rumoring… lets assume that the iWatch will be connected with bluetooth to your iPhone, and will accomplish the following:
1⃣ Display Time, Date, Alarms.
2⃣ Display Location Data and select Weather Data.
3⃣ Display Current Call and a few Missed Telephone Calls.
4⃣ Display Social Media posts.
5⃣ Display the recent few eMail and Text Messages.
6⃣ Display your Next Appointment or two.
7⃣ Display your Heart Rates, Calories expended.
8⃣ Display your Blood Pressure.
9⃣ Display a Bio-Metric Stress Reading, Distance Walked.
πŸ”  To be sure Apple will not come out with something “half-assed.”
πŸ”  iWatch or whatever Apple decides to name it, will undergo an intense amount of research, development, focus grouping.
πŸ”  Even with some of the fancy-artwork displayed by very creative non-Apple folks, Marilyn and I would wear one of these; however, likely not one that looks like a boring rectangular watch-face box.

🍎 Apple CEO Tim Cook said that β€œamazing new hardware” would be coming out at the end of this year and throughout 2014; but, did he mean new products like an iWatch… or new models of Apple’s existing products (likeiPhone 5s or iPhone 6)…

🍎 Either way, there’s no need to worry if the iWatch doesn’t Shows up soon. Similar rumored devices from Samsung, Google, and Microsoft may show up to cover one’s wrist. iWatch is expected to have Bluetooth connectivity, Siri Maps, Health Monitoring Applications and 1.5” display Screen.

🍎 We have heard from the rumours that it may be Equipped with Essential Things for a device like bluetooth and voice assistant Siri; the idea of having Siri makes sense. If Siri is on board, it may be because the iWatch is running a form of actual iOS rather than a iPod nano software system. Apple is testing 1.5″ displays, which tells us that it may show selected information from your iOS device, rather than mirror the whole display, which also make sense.

🍎 But while Apple’s Cook was excited about wearable devices, Cook wasn’t so keen on the face, saying that Google Glass was limiting its potential based on the fact that it is, essentially, head-mounted β€” and most people don’t want to wear glasses. β€œI wear glasses because I have to β€” I can’t see without them – but I don’t know a lot of people that wear them that don’t have to,” Cook said. β€œPeople who do wear them generally want them to be light, unobtrusive, probably want them to reflect their fashion, their style … from a mainstream point of view this [pointing at his head] is difficult.”

🍎 Forrester’s results sync with an April study by ChangeWave, which said that a full 20% of U.S. consumers were interested in buying an Apple iWatch, self included…. And it fits with a recent trend towards personal fitness monitors such as Jawbone’s Up, the Fitbit, and Nike FuelBand, all of which are worn on the wrist.

🍎 The fashion question, will the ladies that are used to their expensive watches, gold, and diamonds transition to iWearables, and use the other wrist and their neck for the stones and gold.

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