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Apple Owns 81% of the Tablet Usage Share ~ All the Others Combined total 19% Use Share ~ So if Android leads in Market-Share, what are they doing with them? ★★★★★

July 11, 2014

★ Google struggles to get tablet-optimized versions of Android apps; However Apple highlights iOS’s much higher web-usage share than Android. These figures that are hugely in Apple’s favor, unlike the raw market-share unit-sales numbers, that often consume the popular narrative. During Apple’s Q1 2014 conference call, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took these numbers to another level. Mr. Cook hammered these figures in more powerful ways than ever before.

★ Apple made a constant, concerted, and conscientious effort to position themselves as First and Foremost in the areas Apple believe should matter the most to Investors, Developers, and ultimately its Customers.

★ The biggest, boldest, stunning claim came as Apple stated that its iOS 7 is the most popular operating system in the world. This Global claim was a double-taker for many, as most everyone is used to hearing that Android enjoys a large market-share lead over Apple. The market-share metric, so often repeated, leads one to question whether Apple can maintain their Developer loyalty, much less exclusivity. Apple is changing the metric of the comparison from the generic platform vs platform, to specific Operating System version vs version; Apple is changing the conversation, to the language Developers and Customers understand dearly; however, the media seldom understands.

Its the Apps Stupid. (In the language of James Carvel advising Bill Clinton, its the Economy Stupid) Lets put the numbers another way. Apple receives about $25,000,000/DAY, every day, in revenues for Apps purchased by Apple iPhone and iPad customers, that’s at a clip of $9 Billion/Year, of which $6.3 Billion/Year is paid in Cash to iOS Independent App Developers, not exactly chump-change.

★ There are over 1,000,000 Apps, an amazing milestone, available on its Apple App Store. All these App Sales amounts to 50 Billion Downloads, where Apple has PAID developers $10 billion in Cash, as of October, 2013, today its many Billions more Downloads with Cash Payouts to Developers exceeding an estimated $15,000,000,000 in CASH. For the critics to say that Apple will have issues retaining their stable of Independent App Developers, MONEY Talks and the media BS walks. With over 400 million iOS users, using the current iOS version, this represents a huge audience for Apple App developers to market their brilliant Apps.

★ Way are Apple’s stable of Independent App Developers so Loyal to Apple, other than the huge pay-out figures mentioned? The Answer is FRAGMENTATION. Not many understand what Fragmentation means, and how Fragmentation impacts Software and the App developers.

★ As a former COBOL and RPG programmer (which dates me) the quality and stability of the Operating System (then called DOS and CP/M) is critical for all Software Developers to CODE a user program, the Application, today called App. With Android there are over 11,800 different versions because of the open device architecture and many users will not upgrade to the current OS for fear of rendering their mobile Devices inoperable. This also means most Android users do not have the most current Security algorithms, which are built into the OS core.

★ Apple periodically, since the first iPhone in mid-2007, updates its Operating System (its iOS) to provide to its iPhone users new and improved Features, Security updates. Updates to the iOS are very helpful for the App Developers as Apple improves and increases the number of ASP’s. ASPs are the programming Tools to the iOS. There are about 1650 ASPs currently.

What is an ASP. Lets think of using ASP’s in your Kitchen. If you were making Soup for Lunch, the ASPs would be the Chicken Broth, the Pasta, Mixed cut Veggies, and the Spices. Instead of you having to boil the chicken to get the broth, or roll out and cook the Pasta dough, harvest the Vegetables, or grow and grate the Spices, your Kitchen ASPs are the ready-to-use polished ingredients that you can call upon to make your mid-day Soup. Without the Kitchen ASPs making mid-day Soup would be a very lengthly process. In the World App Development, Apple creating a beautifully polished set of 1650 ASPs, App creation is only limited by the Developers Imagination.

Why is FRAGMENTATION so Important. When Apple improves its iOS, which Apple has done with 14 iOS versions. The Longest time period between iOS updates was about 285 days, the shortest just under 60 days, the average update is every 6 months.

★ Apple’s Customers, amazingly UPDATE to the NEWEST version of Apple iOS very quickly; we are speaking of about 500,000,000 iOS users. When the iOS changes, so do many of the ASPs, along with many Security enhancements to keep the HACKERS OUT of your iDevice and therefore out of your personal data.

★ Over 80% or 400 Million Apple users are using the iOS7 Operating System. Updating to the Newest iOS is
• Great for Users so to experience the very best user-interface
• Great for Users to have most current security protection algorithms
• Great for App Developers as they have the very best and newest ASPs for their Applications
• Great for Everyone as the iPhones and iPads simply WORK better

★ Android on the other hand has over 11,800 different OS versions, which is a horror show for Android App Developers. According to published reports, adoption rates for the latest version of
• Android KitKit ver 4.4, released with iOS7, 1.4% (iOS7 at 80%)
• Android Jelly Bean, ver 4.1, released July 13, 2012, 35.9%
• Android Gingerbread, ver 2.3, released Dec 6, 2010, at 21.2%

★ On my iPad have an inventory of 300 amazing Apps that transforms my iPad into a portable device with more utility that the most advanced Laptop. Same for the iPhone and the Apps available to it. I have taken the BEST of my Apps, where I have studied and tested thousands of Apps over the last 4 years, and written Articles about the BEST ones, in effort to save folks the time and money of Experimenting and searching through the hundreds of thousands of Apps that meet your needs. This is a Link to my WordPress web site:

The Message Apple is Delivering. Sheer quantity of devices that make-up the platform (Android vs. Apple iOS) matters little to the Value of the Platform, with regard to Usage, Advertising Revenues, On-Line Purchases, be it consistency of install base, engagement with the Device, and Affluence of the customer base.

Usage numbers are again Front and Center. Chikita Insights huge statistics sampling indicates the Apple’s iPhone controlled 54% of U.S. smartphone web traffic; Apple’s iPad holds 78% of tablet traffic. Apple points out, these usage numbers were far greater than the market share numbers, specifically calling how engaging and important that made them. Chikita statistics indicates that in China 57% of all mobile web browsing occurred on Apple iOS devices.

★ Where does the Money follow: Apple cites IBM’s traffic numbers
• iOS counted for 32.6% in traffic
• Android’s 14.8% in traffic
• iOS represents over 2x, and a 23% vs. 4.6% of all sales, and over 5x on Christmas
• Black Friday numbers skewed massively in Apple’s favor as well

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