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HOLLYWOOD is Now Making Movies with DIGITAL Cameras. Paramount made their Hit WOLF OF WALL STREET in All Digital. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

July 11, 2014

It may not be a secret that film-based Hollywood MOVIE distribution won’t last much longer in the US, the BIG Hollywood Studios have not officially completed their Digital transition.

However, one of the Major Studios, Paramount may have quietly already made the "Digital Leap." Sources for the LA Times, claim that Paramount is the first major studio to DELIVER its major movies to North American Theaters solely in digital form. HOLLYWOOD is Now Making Movies with DIGITAL Cameras. Paramount made their Hit THE WOLF OF WALL STREET in All Digital.

Think about the amazing Resolution and Color rendition of current day digital imaging. Think about the Motion Picture Editing capability…

Think about Motion Picture Distribution channels. No more 80-Pound Motion Picture Cans that need to be physically delivered to all, or a portion of the 4500 Theaters in North America, housing the 36,377 screens. Digital Motion Picture Movie distribution is via a secure Internet Connection, downloading the Motion Picture onto a Local Hard-Drive at the Theater, is fast, secure, and immediate, well say 15 minutes depending on their Connectivity to the internet. The typical High Definition 2-hour Motion Picture requires less than 10GB of storage space, for each Movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street was the first to go all-digital, every take, every location in the production. Paramount hasn’t commented on the apparent leak. If the report is accurate, the 8% of US theaters, (15% North American theaters) without any digital equipment, now have little choice but to upgrade to DIGITAL Motion Picture Projection equipment, if these Theaters want to offer the same Movie selection as most of their peers.

Years ago my Professional Photography friends may recall, my statement that FILM is OVER. These Hollywood revelations, demonstrate their recognition of Digital’s quality and utility, not to mention ease of electronic editing. It is quite a Changeover, for the Producers are committing a $100 Million or more to make movies these days; so the movie making media capture selection, is a Very Important decision.

There are a number of reasons for the Motion Picture adoption of Digital Capture of their Motion Pictures, present day
(A) High Quality HD Video recording equipment
(B) High Capacity Computer equipment for Post Production Editing, and
(C) Quality Theater Projection equipment, now more affordable, for the 89,743 screens globally, of which 42,802 screens are in North America, of which 6,426 remain Analog Film projection screens.

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