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Siri ~ an Apple iPhone Feature, simply a Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant for You ~ Gives You a way of Speaking Interactively with your iPhone (or iPad) to Do What you Request. Simply Press the HOME Key a Second or 2, Siri then asks “What can I help you with.” What is the Weather Today, Will it Rain Tomorrow, Do I need an Umbrella in Tampa tomorrow Morning, What is Apple Stock Trading for Now, Book a Lunch with Dad Friday at Saquella Cafรฉ (update) ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ

July 11, 2014

๐ŸŽ What is Siri… In short, Siri is a built-in feature of Apple’s iOS7 system software, simply, a voice-controlled personal assistant built in Your iPhone. Apple’s notion is to offer You a seamless, easy way of interacting directly with your iPhone and iPad without having to tap, tap, tap, or type, type, type on the touchscreen to find or do what you want.

๐ŸŽ Talk to Siri Instead. Simply PRESS the HOME for 2 Seconds, while your iPhone is "sleeping" (or while on any screen). Siri wakes-up and comes back to you, with a verbal and visual displays "What can I help you with." When you speak to Siri, Siri speaks back to you. You may ask Siri questions, for which Siri looks for answers, or you may tell Siri to do things, that may require several steps on your behalf, more or less, hands-free.

๐ŸŽ Siri ~ an Apple iPhone Feature, simply a Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant for You ~ Gives You a way of Speaking Interactively with your iPhone (or iPad) to Do What you Request. Simply Press the HOME Key for a Second or 2, Siri then asks “What can I help you with.” What is the Weather Today, Will it Rain Tomorrow, Do I need an Umbrella in Tampa tomorrow Morning, What is Apple Stock Trading for Now, Book a Lunch with Dad Friday at Saquella Cafรฉ…

๐ŸŽ You can Speak to Siri in Your regular, casual language, without any need to memorize and use any special computerized key words. Speak to Siri using your own casual words. Siri will figure it out what you mean, just as if you were speaking to your (human) personal assistant. There is no limit on how many times You and Siri can go back and forth looking for a solution to whatever you are talking with Siri about. Siri will remember the context of your conversation.

๐ŸŽ Here is a simple step-by-step example using Siri, in this case, Booking a New Appointment with someone in your Contacts. At Left (if reading this article on an iPad or PC) are actual iPhone screen-images as I proceeded in booking an appointment with Jim Wilson, using Siri
โœ” Press and Hold the HOME Button for a Second or two
โœ” When the Siri Chime is heard, say
โœ” "Siri Make an Appointment with Jim Wilson for Monday Morning at 11am"
โœ” Siri will Say back to you and display the eMail Addresses that are in my Address book for Jim Wilson, because
โœ” Siri wants to use the correct email address for the proper contact
โœ” You simply touch on the list, or speak the desired email address, in order to select the correct contact
โœ” Siri then speaks back to you setting up the appointment at the desired day and time
โœ” Siri also displays the Appointment for you to Confirm or Cancel
โœ” If you Confirm the Appointment, then Siri confirms back to you that the Appointment is Booked into your Calendar
โœ” If you don’t like something about the appointment, you may cancel it, or amend it, by speaking back to Siri
โœ” If for example, you already had a 9:30am appointment for Monday morning, Siri would notice this conflict, and speak back to you
โœ” Siri would ask a question like, "you already have an appointment at 9:45 am, shall I schedule it anyway"
โœ” Siri then Confirms back to you, if you’d like this time/day scheduled anyway or Cancel it
โœ” You could tell Siri to find another available time Monday Morning or Tuesday
โœ” Siri would then schedule the appointment in an open time slot Monday morning if there was an opening
โœ” If there are no open times for Monday Morning, Siri would tell you, and suggest another day
โœ” Siri and You can go back and forth until an acceptable day and time is chosen by you
โœ” Siri and You are actually carrying on a conversation in attempt to fine a suitable time and day to meet with Jim
โœ” Siri to satisfy your request, interacted with you seamlessly, however, behind the lines, here is what is going on
โ€ข Accessed a Voice to Text, and Text to Voice App, communicated interactively in real-time
โ€ข Siri Opened your Contacts App, searched the data-base to find the exact name and email address combination to find the correct contact person
โ€ข Siri Opened the Calendar App searching for the Monday, comparing it to the Day you made the request, you could have suggested “the first Monday in December” or “Next Monday”
โ€ข Siri using a Text to Voice App communicates back to you the data associated in finding the right Jim Wilson, and the correct Monday for the desired time, then
โ€ข Siri noticed a conflict, as Siri determined that a portion of the time-period for the new appointment over-laps the time/day of an existing Appointment
โ€ข Siri offers several alternatives to cure the appointment time conflict
โ€ข Siri accomplishes all of these functions, seamlessly, as if you were speaking with another person.

๐ŸŽ In many ways, Siri is an App that is build seamlessly within iOS7, Apple’s operating system, that can be "Called Up" with the touch of the HOME button. It has access to just about every other built-in application on your iPhone, namely
โ€ข Mail
โ€ข Contacts
โ€ข Messages
โ€ข Maps
โ€ข Safari
โ€ข Internet
โ€ข Search Engines
โ€ข Clock
โ€ข Set Alarms
โ€ข Wake Up Alarm Clock
โ€ข Call a Number
โ€ข Call a Contact
โ€ข Find a Resturant Near by
โ€ข Find a Resturant by Type
โ€ข Make Reservations
โ€ข Movies, when, where
โ€ข Find any Place
โ€ข Directions to anywhere

๐ŸŽ Siri may call upon these Apps to present data or search through their databases whenever requested to do so. The advantage to you, is Siri does all the "leg work" for you, thus you can carry out a complex task with a single App (the Siri App), otherwise you would need to open multiple Apps, take notes, transpose data, in order to achieve your Request.

๐ŸŽ While this sounds all very well and good, there are a couple of practical issues which the Apple Engineers developers had to solve, in order for it to work properly. The first issue is that the voice recognition software needs to be very effective in understanding your verbalization of needs and desires. Siri is of little use if Siri canโ€™t understand what youโ€™ve said. Fortunately, that appears to have been solved. The second issue, and a more subtle issue, is that you donโ€™t want to have to Change the way you Speak, in order to get your meaning across to Siri.

๐ŸŽ The Magic of Siri is that it understands commonly spoken language, dialects, idiomatic expressions, slang rather than the user having to memorize a list of Key Words. This is an area where Siri excels. You may talk to Siri like you are speaking with a person. Siri will understand what you say, and what you mean, when you said it. Simply Press and hold the Home key for a second or two, Siri comes to your call, and away you go. You can actually have fun trying to determine just how complex a task Siri can perform. Have Fun experimenting.

๐ŸŽ Siri is clearly terrific and shockingly easy method of doing things for you. Everyone should understand how simple Siri is to use, as Siri adds an entirely new dimension in using your iPhone. This Feature was my motivation in writing this Article. There is a well produced, brief Video below showing you 50 reasons to give Siri your attention. It will make your iPhone and iPad much more a personal tool for you.

๐ŸŽ Why are folks wearing out their thumbs… TEXTing, when you could simply get to Siri, and SAY, "Text message Jim Wilson, Ask him when he’d like to go to lunch…" And Siri looks up Jim Wilson’s Phone number to TEXT, then types the message to Jim for you…

๐ŸŽ Talk to Siri as you would to a person, someone you know. Say something like โ€œTell my wife Iโ€™m running lateโ€ or โ€œRemind me to call the Doctor’s Office.โ€ Siri not only understands what you say, itโ€™s smart enough to know what you mean. So when you ask โ€œAny good burger joints around here?โ€ Siri will reply โ€œI found a number of burger restaurants near you.โ€ Then you can say โ€œHmm. How about tacos?โ€ Siri remembers that you just asked about restaurants, so it will look for Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. And Siri is proactive, so it will question you until it finds what youโ€™re looking for.

๐ŸŽ In literally speaking with Siri, below are 15 images that display the nature of the "dialog" that You may have with Siri. Below the 5 panels of images is a web-link to a well produced video, that shows the interaction you may have with Siri. Siri is a remarkable feature that we strongly recommend you use, and use often, as it will make your iPhone an even more helpful tool for you, than you could have imagined. Thousands of Apple Engineers made this special effort for you.

๐ŸŽ Artificial Intelligence is a non-organic, software system that seems to understand Human interaction, and delivers responses in a very “Human way.” One of the first successful Hollywood Movies that displayed what the writer thought of as Computers “communicating with Humans” 2001: A Space Odyssey an enigmatic film. It is a science-fiction film that meticulously portrayed a scientifically accurate picture of Space but is also puzzle riddled with many mystic symbols. It was one of the “believable movies” where Computers were interactively communicating with the Pilots of the Space Craft. In Stanley Kubrickโ€™s own ironic terms, this film is a โ€˜mythological documentary.โ€™

๐ŸŽ Siri is today’s version of Stanley Kubrickโ€™s HAL. Remember HAL, the computer that everyone on the space craft communicates with. Take the Letters of IBM, today’s major computer manufacturer; count forward ONE letter for each letter of H-A-L, results is IBM.

๐ŸŽ Learn To Use Siri: Here are 50 Examples of Siri Voice interactions. This short video is very effective in giving you notions on how simple a request may be made, and the complexity that Siri may function in actually Opening Apps, following instructions, commands, and holding conversations with you.

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