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Apple may be in Drivers Seat if it Delivers Larger Display which Most Apple Users Desire as Galaxy S5 New Launch has Fallen Flat disappointing Investors and Samsung πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ

July 29, 2014

🍎 The big takeaway from the Mobile World Congress was that hardware innovation has stalled, as Android smartphones are a dime a dozen, and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is barely be evolutionary.

🍎 All of those tidbits could add up to nice gains for Apple’s iPhone desirability, which may likely include a larger screen or perhaps sizes, later in 2014.

🍎 Samsung Galaxy S5 launch fell flat, a surprise to Samsung, although it may sell a good number of units as loyalists upgrade from their Galaxy S3; However, there’s nothing much to rave about. Samsung’s biggest attraction is its screen size.

🍎 Apple can close the Screen Size gap with the new iPhone 6, later this year, then the game will change dramatically. Korean financial analysts have not said much about the Galaxy S5 is a "telling" statement, as these analysts "gushed" over the S4. If these "Galaxy Cheerleaders" don’t have anything nice to say, they apparently remain very quiet.

🍎 Android’s inability to "shine" has been a recurring theme in the research notes. Qualcomm has received "applause" coming off of MWC, but that’s because the processor maker is the leader and will do well even in a "smartphone market that wow’s no one."

🍎 Android’s ecosystem consternation, for example the operating system’s sizable Fragmentation, is clearly an advantage for Apple. Apple has almost no fragmentation with iOS as over 85% of all iOS users have updated their devices to iOS7. Where only 3% of Android users have updated to their new OS, which was released the same week (7 months ago) as with iOS7’s release.

🍎 In sum, for Apple, the some of the pressure is off for dramatic innovation, except for Screen Size Increase, that Many iPhone users want, include myself.

🍎 Apple "simply" needs to deliver various larger Display sizes (like 4.7" and say 5.5") combined with some of Apple’s magical internal improvements, processing speed, full HDTV screen resolution of 1920x1080p, improve the camera’s low-light capability, improved color rendition, true optical image stabilization, increase the camera’s Lens system to f2.0 from f2.4.

🍎 Apple’s combination of improvements, will likely attract an increased level of Android users over to the iPhone plus launch another iOS upgrade-cycle, iOS8, for its base.

🍎 Currently less than 9% of iPhone users migrate to Android, likely because of the Galaxy’s attractive display size; however, more than 26% of Android users are migrating over to iPhone, according to AT&T, Verizon and other provider’s Activation Statistics that are report in their respective quarterly reports.

🍎 Apple may be in Drivers Seat if it Delivers Larger Display which Most Apple Users Desire as Galaxy S5 New Launch has Fallen Flat disappointing Investors and Samsung. Also, it is well known that Android is subject to a great deal of Virus Attacks because of their operating system Fragmentation among its user-base, because the users are afraid their Android device may Freeze or their Apps will not work with newer OS versions.

🍎 Lets not forget that Apple reinvented the Tablet with its iPad, reinvented the Smartphone with its iPhone, and may reinvent the wristwatch with its iWatch reported to be in development. And may reinvent your Wallet with a New Payment System…

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