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Shopping List (Grocery List) a Great App ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍

July 29, 2014

Introduction and Perspective:

For iPhones & iPads, miracelous Apple devices, there are literally over a million unique Software Applications, Apps, that operate on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. As an iPhone and iPad owner, these articles are written from an Apple user perspective. With millions of Apps available, our friends, family, followers, and readers want to know which Apps may be of interest in their world. Having downloaded hundreds of Apps, from $0.99 to $19.95 each, most under $3, This APP is definitely worth telling you about.

Introduction and Perspective:

Description: The Shopping List (Grocery List) App brings the most easy-to-use shopping list to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Sort your items into store departments and organize your shopping trip. Sync your shopping lists with family and friends on their iPhones and iPads. All products are saved into the database including the last entered amount and department and thus stand by for fast query next time.

An amazing feature is the ability to

Introduction and Perspective:

♦ SYNC My iPhone or iPad, with Marilyns, iPhone or iPad, actually all 4 devices. This works by Registering a Free "Account" by (A) creating a List Name like: WILSON LISTS, (B) input an email address, and (C) create a Password.

Introduction and Perspective:

  • Once an Account is created my Publix Shopping of 73 items will be automatically SYNC’ed across all 4 devices.
  • While in Grocery Store or in the Car, simply open this App in my iPhone, to review items that need to be bought;
  • Marilyn cmay Add or Check-off items on the list, that she may think of, while I’m on my way to the Grocery… or…

♦ Here’s the information published on the App Store:

Introduction and Perspective:

♦ Marilyn can prepare a Publix Shopping list and eMail it to my iPhone, so that on my way home, I can stop at the Grocery to pick up what’s needed for TACO Tuesday with the Boys…

Introduction and Perspective:


✔ Speed up your shopping trip by sorting products to categories. Organize the categories to fit the store aisles of your favorite supermarkets.

✔ Quick-Select products from database incl. last entered amount, price and notes

✔ Calculate the total amount of your shopping list (incl. your local tax).

✔ Multiple units to choose from

✔ Add notes to your items

✔ Easy and intuitive interface

✔ Full Retina support for your iPhone or iPod touch

✔ Filter the list by done/undone items

✔ Many options to configure the app

✔ Share your shopping list by E-Mail

✔ Manage multiple shopping lists and sort your products to different stores

✔ Create recipes/default lists

Enjoy all these features wrapped in a beautiful design.

SYNCING. You are able to sync your shopping lists with other iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones or iPods. Just create an account and experience the fully automatic sync process.

SUPPORT. Write an E-Mail to Visit: website at


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