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What Apple did for the “smart phone” by reinventing the iPhone; What Apple did for the “tablet” by reinventing the iPad; Is What Apple is doing with the wrist-worn-watch by reinventing the iWatch βŒšοΈπŸŽΏπŸ‚πŸŠπŸ„πŸš΄πŸ‡πŸ”¬

July 29, 2014

⌚️ Apple is spending Thousands of High-Priced Man Hours, including Fashion Industry executives recently hired for the task of designing the launch of an iWatch later this year.

⌚️ Albeit that Apple protects information about its New Products development, Apple wants the new iWatch to be a wearable that does a lot more than “telling time.” As Tim Cook mentioned at a recent conference, he realizes that the Millennials “find out the time of day” on their SmartPhones.

⌚️ Who needs a watch, when one can glance at their iPhone, and pick-up the time from the AT&T or Verizon Network, whose network-time must be within 1/100 of a Second of “real-time” according to FCC requirements. Therefore, in order for the Millennials or any of us, to be attracted to the iWatch, it needs to do much more than tell us the time of day.

⌚️ Observing the backgrounds of the Senior folks that have been recently added to Apple’s Development teams, the disciplines are concentrated on BioMetrics and Measurement Methods that may be obtained from all kinds of wearables, which may be incorporated into a wrist-band.

⌚️ Pulse, Blood Pressure, Blood Gasses, Glucose Level, Arrhythmia measurements, which data could be measured from the inside of the iWatch band, displayed on the iWatch and passed onto your iPhone for further processing, graphing, and display within special Apps or through the iOS for the User. Display and Health based calculations only scratch the surface of how this would work.

⌚️ Apple met recently with the FDA likely gaining insight as to possible “supervisory” issues that may arise with the use and accuracy of a “biomedical measurement devices.” In Apple’s case, it likely wants to find or define the “red-line in the sand” and Avoid it like quick-sand; Avoid any FDA clearance prerequisites at all costs, as the FDA process if deemed necessary by this Gov Agency would delay any such product release (may add an ObamaCare Medical Device Tax) while the FDA certifies a “Medical Measuring Device.”

⌚️ Government Overreach. In sum, the Apple folks will have to be very careful in NOT claiming any medicinal usefulness, or therapeutic value with the data collected by the iWatch. However, Apple at the same time, will instruct its Engineering teams to do everything possible, to assure the data collected is as Accurate and Useful as possible, without making any medical claims of accuracy or medical usefulness.

⌚️ To know the pain the FDA can impose, ask Dr. David E. Albert MD, a physician, inventor, and entrepreneur who developed AliveCor, his latest invention. The iPhone ECG case-attachment, became a global sensation via a 4-minute YouTube Video (link below) 2-years ago around the date of the Consumer Electronics Show, featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News…

⌚️ The FDA seemingly took a lot longer to Approve Dr. Dave’s iPhone EKG case than Dr. Dave anticipated. To be sure Apple want’s to avoid FDA intervention in the case of the iWatch.

⌚️ Apple’s iWatch: therefore Apple will deliver the most accurate and useful biometrics wearable wrist-band electronic device, that also transports information and alerts communicated from the blue-toothed iPhone, back & forth to the iWatch; however, Apple gets in trouble if it claims Accuracy or Medical Usefulness.

⌚️ What Apple did for the "smart phone" by reinventing the iPhone; What Apple did for the "tablet" by reinventing the iPad; Is What Apple is doing with the wrist-worn-watch by reinventing the iWatch.

⌚️ According to new reports from The New York Times and 9to5Mac iWatch investigation has revealed some of the details surrounding the product, including potential health and fitness features in iOS 8, as well as a meeting with the FDA.

⌚️ Apple executives including Jeff Williams, senior vice president of operations; Bud Tribble, vice president of software technology; Michael O’Reilly, and Tim Powderly met FDA officials in mid December 2013, the Times reports, according to a public FDA calendar entry.

⌚️ The FDA execs that attended the meeting include Jeff Shuren, the director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, and Bakul Patel β€œwho drafted the FDA’s mobile medical app guidance and is a staunch advocate for patient safety when it comes to apps and medical gadgets.”

⌚️ While it’s not known what was discussed during the FDA meeting, an unnamed Apple employee familiar with the topic said that Apple’s Bob Mansfield, Senior Executive for technologies, reporting directly to Tim Cook, CEO, is β€œdirectly involved” spending all his "time" with the iWatch Project.

⌚️ Apple’s Mansfield has been β€œheavily involved” with β€œexploring devices, sensors and technologies within Apple that can monitor people’s health and connect to an iPhone.” Another Apple employee said that former Adobe executive Kevin Lynch who joined Apple last year, is currently working on software for the watch.

⌚️ The iWatch is a massive Apple undertaking that may generate sales in excess of 50 Million Units, at a price that may be in the $200 to $250 price range, delivering over $10 Billion in Sales, surely margined at 38% to 40% profitability. Total guesswork, however attainable.

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