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iPhone 6 Sneak Peek ~ Authentic Look ! PLUS Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s Tuesday Media Event in 7 Days for iPhone 6 & 6L ~ Event Date 9/9/2014 @ 1pm Est ~ On Sale Friday 9/19 @ 8AM Est πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ

September 2, 2014

🍎 Battle of the iPhone 6 Rumors is in Full Bloom and Contradiction, now that we are just 7 days before Apple’s Media Event of September 9th. Below is an interesting Video Clip showing what is believed to be the iPhone 6.

🍎 Apple’s β€œiPhone 6β€³ roadmap has been blighted with component issues, manufacturing problems, quality control, relating to the production of the iPhone 6 and its sibling iPhone 6L with its 5.5″ display.

🍎 iPhone 6 Video Clip displaying a well produced Sneak-Peek by ROZETKED of what appears to be an authentic iPhone 6, including visuals of the interiors:

🍎 Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s Tuesday Media Event in 7 Days to Announce to new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L ~ Event Date 9/9/2014 @ 10 AM Pacific ~ iPhones Released for Sale Friday September 19, 2004 @ 8AM Eastern.

Several ways to get your new iPhone 6

1⃣ Join the Excitement at your Apple retail store, but get there early say 5am in most Cities, as the Apple stores may be Sold-Out by 1pm. Admittedly, I got to the Town Center Mall at 5:30am, where there were already 500 folks standing on line waiting for the 8am store opening. Lots of Media and Police for security. I finally entered the Apple Store at Noon, and they were running out of all the 16GB version iPhone 5 models

2⃣ Join the Excitement at your AT&T retail store (or Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) but get there early by 5am in most Cities, as these stores may be Sold-Out fast likely by 11am. AT&T opened at 8:00am, my turn came to enter the store at 9am, received my iPhone 5S and was done by 9:30

3⃣ No Excitement: Order the iPhone 6 On-Line ASAP when its made available. You will receive your iPhone 6 with a guaranteed delivery on 9/19/2014 by UPS directly from Apple’s manufacturing contractor FOXconn, from its Campus located in Shenzhen, China

🍎 What will we See and Hear at Apple’s 9/9/2014 Media Event at the Flint Center to be held at 10am Pacific. BTW the event will be held at the FLINT CENTER, the venue on the De Anza College campus also is a change for Apple. Apple has tended to hold most device launches at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco or on Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

🍎 Apple also has important history with the Flint Center. Steve Jobs unveiled the first MAC Computer there in 1984, and Jobs also showed off iMACs at the Flint Center in 1998 and 1999. The Flint Center can accommodate a significantly larger crowd (over 2500) than the recent venues Apple has used, further indicating the event’s importance to the company.

🍎 What to expect from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook annlounced at the Flint Center Media Event on 9/9/2014

1⃣ iPhone 6 with larger displays of 4.7″ and iPhone 6L 5.5″
2⃣ iPhone 6 to have Faster A8 Processor
3⃣ iPhone 6 to have More RAM memory
4⃣ iPhone 6 to have More Storage to 128GB
5⃣ iPhone 6 to have Sapphire glass display screen
6⃣ iPhone 6 Camera increases to 10MB to 13MP pixels
7⃣ iPhone 6 Camera to have OIS, optical image stabilization
8⃣ iPhone 6 Camera to have Faster f2.0 Lens
9⃣ iWatch 1 Saved for October Media Event, to not destract from the exciting new iPhones

🍎 We have been noticing online “mock-ups” of these two new models, borne from schematics apparently captured from FOXcomm computer screens. It seemed to us that the iPhone 6L looked much larger than the iPhone 6. This motivated me to make white-board cut-outs for
πŸ“± iPhone 6L measuring 158mm by 78mm
πŸ“± iPhone 6 measuring 138mm by 67mm
πŸ“± iPhone 5 measuring 123mm by 58mm

🍎 FOXconn’s computer screen Schematics. This week we completed the white-board cutouts from the dimensions shown on FOXconn’s computer screens. I did not take time creating home page screen, as we were singularly interested in the feel of the two devices, their length, width and holding both side-by-side. Additionally I was interested in holding the iPhone 6 and 6L Samples next to several other competitors smart phones, such as Samsung and LG offeerings.

🍎 CHOPS Lobster Bar is quality 5⭐️ down town Boca Raton establishment that Marilyn and I frequent localally. The bar has 16 seats, serves a quality clientele as the dining room enjoys $100/person average dinners, tax, title, and tip. At the Bar, all the folks carry the best smart phones, with about 75% or more carrying iPhones. I’ve read that Apple enjoys about 54% market share in North America. My observations in south Florida see a significantly higher iPhone share.

🍎 Compare iPhone 6 and 6L with Samsung, LG and other 4.7″ to 5.5″ display smart phones. Having handled the two Mock-Ups iPhone 6 & 6L, they both have a nice feel in the hands, having the same aspect ratios of Apple’s iPhone 5 and 5S, meaning that ratio of the smartphone’s Length to its Width is equal.

🍎 We focused firstly on the 6L as all the “Talking Heads” have been remarking about the “huge” Phablets. We were actually surprised with apple’s choice of the iPhone 6L, 158mm by 78mm with a Thinner/Longer shape. It feels good in the hands, and we have smaller hands than many. The iPhone 6 measuring 138mm by 67mm is a modest increases from the iPhone 5’s measurement of 123 mm by 58mm.

🍎 Comparing the iPhone 6L to the LG and Samsung Phablets, which have 5.5″ to 5.7″ displays, was surprising. The new iPhone 6L is definitely “Thinner” then the Phablet competition, making it more confortable to hold in the hand. Samsung’s and LG’s were “Fatter” and harder to hold. Since Marilyn and I do a lot of things with our iPhone 5’s other than Phone Calls, we are very interested in the iPhone 6L for its larger display offering greater utility while web Browsing, crafting emails, Phonograph, Image editing…

🍎 Holding the two white-board “samples” in hand, made it easier to decide which model is best for Marilyn and myself. Before handling the cut-outs, Marilyn was satisfied with the 4.7″ choice. After holding the two White-Board cut-outs, Marilyn changed her choice for the Larger iPhone 6L. Therefore once Apple makes the new iPhone’s available on-Line, we will pre-order two iPhone 6L, Marilyn’s with 64BG storage, as she is almost full with the 32GB iPhone 5; I will upgrade to 128GB storage as I am using most of the 64GB on my iPhone 5.

🍎 Surveys taken by the major Cellular Providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) using a large customer-base of iPhone and Android users, indicate as Apple releases the anticipated large display iPhones, over 35% of existing Android mostly Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and LG users would migrate to Apple’s New iPhone 6 and 6L.

🍎 The three highest ranking reasons (by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile subscribers) for migrating to Apple’s new iPhones
1⃣ Desire for Larger smart phone Display
2⃣ Android system is too Vulnerable to Virus and Malware attack
3⃣ Apple iPhone iOS system perceived much safer against Viruses and Malware attack

🍎 BIG NEWS – iPhone 6 ~ iPhone 6L, 23nd Rumor Roundup
1⃣ Apple is 9 Days & Counting
2⃣ Announce TWO new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L
3⃣ Media Event to be held Tuesday 9/9/2014
4⃣ Sapphire Displays are the Question
5⃣ Apple knows that the #1 Repair Service item for iPhone is Broken Screens
6⃣ Adding a sapphire “glass” to the iPhone eliminates about 85% of the current broken-display issues
8⃣ Sapphire having a hardness of 9
9⃣ Diamond has a hardness of 10
πŸ”Ÿ Gorilla Glass at 5.5 on the MOHS Scale of Mineral Hardness.

🍎 Presently, there are multiple-sources claiming to have inside knowledge (don’t they always) of Apple’s plans speculating that the larger β€œphablet” handset will be delayed. However, this time writers have cited sources, suggesting that the new iPad Air v2 and the iPad mini v3 may also be pushed back along with the larger iPhone due to supply-line issues. This chatter is illogical. I don’t “buy it.” Apple is not going to bifurcate their iPhone 6 sales, and ruin their opening weekend extravaganza, with the delay of the most sought after Large Display iPhone…

🍎 This is we Know
▢️ Apple is the only source in the know and
▢️ Apple does not talk
▢️ Those that don’t know, are doing all the talking…

🍎 Camp Alpha, says that there are not enough “leaked” component images for the iPhone 6L, therefore its release may be delayed until October, 2014. Since there are not enough “leaked” images for the iPhone 6L, therefore it may not exist is laughable. What the folks receiving the “leaks” are not focusing on, the internals for the two iPhone models are basically the same, except for the iPhone Container, the internal connecting cables, the internal Battery and the Display itself.

🍎 Camp Beta, says that the main circuit boards for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L are principally similar. The “leaked” images of the connection cables, extending the main circuit board’s connectivity to the iPhone 6L’s plugs and buttons are Longer, as they have a longer path in the iPhone 6L’s larger cabinet. However, iPhone 6L has reported display fabrication issues with its display and battery.

🍎 Camp Delta, says that there are issues with the iPhone 6L, the 5.5″ display iPhone model, as battery and display issues may delay its release until 2015, baloney.

🍎 Tim Cook says do not draw conclusions about reported component supply-chain issues , as Apple has many alternate supply-chain resources and fabricators supporting its delivery of hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads currently in production.

🍎 Apple builds 90 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L handhelds, that’s a lot of Units. Apple will not have its destiny, the delivery of tens-of-millions of iPhones, rest in the hands of only one fabricators, nor one component supplier, nor one circuit board maker… For safety and soundness of operating, Apple always has parallel production channels for delivery of their unique, high quality iDevices.

🍎 Camp Jimmy, says that Apple will release BOTH iPhone models on the Same Day, even if Apple has to delay the announcement event a few days or weeks.

🍎 IMHO, if Apple were to bifurcate the iPhone 6 models release dates, this would tend to “freeze” some of the iPhone 6 buyers until they have the opportunity to visualize both models side-by-side, self included. With our Cut-Out samples in hand, we’ve both decided on the iPhone 6L whenever its made available.

🍎 If Apple only releases the iPhone 6 (and delays the iPhone 6L release) then there will be no new iPhone 6 sale for us. We will wait for the larger iPhone 6L to be released.

🍎 Last year, 2013, Apple released two iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. On its opening weekend September, 20, 2013, iPhone 5S had $4 Billion in sales with 6 million units sold; iPhone 5C had $1.7 Billion sales with 3 million units sold. That’s 9 million new iPhones in its opening weekend.

🍎 This Year, Sept, 2014, with a joint release of iPhone 6 with a 4.7″ and the iPhone 6L, the 5.5″ display model, there could be a virtual sales tsunami of over 15 million units sold in its opening weekend the two models with sales of over $10 Billion in profitable revenues. Recall Amazon’s new FIRE Phone flopped with less than 35,000 units sold in its first Month.

🍎 This is a Video Clip of the New iPhone BOX.

🍎 Apple to release two New Large-Display iPhones on September, 2014, with an all-new redesigned 4.7" model Plus a Larger Display 5.5" version.

🍎 Both Apple iPhone hand-sets poised to take the high-end smartphone market by what’s bern characterized as a “Perfect Storm” in Apple’s iPhone life-cycle.

🍎 Recent reports coming from China, suggests a 128GB storage option serves as an important differentiator between 4.7″ & 5.5″ models.

🍎 Displayed is an image from an Asian “Leaked” announcement brochure showing the two new iPhone 6 models side-by-side, at 4.7″ and 5.5″ display sizes, Both to be released Simultaneously on September 19th, 2014, which matches our prediction made several months ago.

BIG NEWS – iPhone 6 Air 20th Rumor Roundup Update Summery
1⃣ Apple is 45 Days and Counting to Announcement Day, 9/9/2014
2⃣ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6L in full production now
3⃣ Apple’s 4.7″ iPhone 6 in full production now
4⃣ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6L model offers 128GB Memory Option
➑️ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6L model to have Sapphire Display “glass”
➑️ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6L model cost $100 more than iPhone 6
5⃣ Apple’s both iPhone 6 models add Temperature and Altimeter Sensors
6⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera Adds Optical Image Stabilization
7⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera to have new SONY 13MP imager
8⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera to have f2.0 Aperture
9⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera to have Full Manual Controls, via iOS8
πŸ”Ÿ Apple’s iSight Video 30fps full HDTV 1920x1080p Stabilized

🍎 This is the “logic” supporting our theory regarding the potential release date of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6L and the simultaneous release of iOS8. The graphic below displays the time required for each of the “beta” versions being evaluated and tested showing iOS2, iOS3, iOS4, iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 and currently in beta, iOS8.

🍎 A user of China’s Weibo microblogging service posted the image above of the alleged iPhone 6 promotional flyer, showing two models of the device; one featuring a 4.7″ screen and the other one with a 5.5″ screen. According to the flyer, both models of the iPhone 6 will be launched in China on September 19th, the date that was reportedly given away by German wireless-network provider Deutsche Telekom in a May inadvertent message to employees, blocking vacation time.

🍎 iOS6 required 6 beta versions, consuming a total of 100 days, before it was certified by Apple for iOS6’s final release to the public. iOS7 required 7 beta versions, consuming a total of 100 days, before it was cleared for its final release to the public. iOS7 was released simultaneously with Apple’s release of its iPhone 5S and 5C models about 10 months ago, specifically Friday, September 20, 2013.

🍎 Looking at the “beta” versions to be evaluated and tested for iOS6, it required 6 beta versions, consuming a total of 100 days, before it was cleared for its final release to the public. iOS6 was released simultaneously with Apple’s release of its iPhone 5 Friday, September 19, 2012, however, Media Show to be held 9/9/2014.

🍎 Lets Look at the “beta” versions being evaluated and tested for iOS8. Lets assume (this is analytics part) that the time consumed will likewise be a total of 100 days, before iOS8 cleared for its final release to the public. Since iOS8 will very likely be released simultaneously with Apple’s release of its iPhone 6, lets calculate the future date.

🍎 The bar-graph below shows that as of July 8, 2014 iOS8 is 40 days in beta testing. Assuming 100 days for completion of iOS8, then using my trusty iPhone’s math App emulating the HP 19B-II calculator, the final version of iOS8 will be loaded into iPhone 6 devices on or before Tuesday 09/02/2014.

🍎 Therefore Friday, September 19, 2012 looks like a reasonable Date for the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 with iOS8 properly pre-loaded into the iPhone with its new Look, Feel, Features, Functions and Cyber Security protection.

July 8, 2014

🍎 Apple released iOS8 beta3 for iPhone and iPad to the developers today, 8/July/2014. This 3rd beta for Apple’s upcoming major software update to iOS8, comes three weeks after the release of beta 2. The iOS8 beta3 has a build number 12a4318c, and may be downloaded from the iOS Dev Center (if you’re a registered developer) and have a compatible iOS device. Learn more about iOS8 beta3 and the links to download it from iOS Dev Center with your registered App Developer account.

🍎 What’s with all the Beta versions for iOS8. The Operating System (the OS) for the iPhone and iPad defines how the device operates and communicates with all the electronic components from a “Machine Language” point of view. The OS is the interface between the App developers applications and the iPhone’s and the iPad’s hardware components. The OS also contains all the newest and most effective Malware, Spyware, anti-Virus algorithms to protect and secure your private and confidential information housed within iPhones and iPads.

🍎 Apple’s software engineers invest hundreds of thousands of hours, literally years, in creating the iOS. Then Apple releases iOS8 beta1 to the development community. For iOS8, iOS7, iOS6, the whole number OS versions, the beta version is released to at the WWDC Conferences held annually in mid-year. This year WWDC 2014 commenced June 2, 2014.

🍎 WWDC attendees, App Developers, a thousand of Apple’s best Engineers, plus other highly respected software engineers, many of which test the features and operability of iOS8. For several weeks these App developers and Apple’s software engineers communicate back-and-forth with information on iOS8 beta1’s operability.

🍎 Apple then STOPS the beta-testing of iOS8 beta1, employs the fixes & improvements identified, then publishes iOS8 beta2 for the Development Community to again examine and test. This multi-segmented beta-testing process may require 100-120 days, and may continue for 6, 7, or 8 beta versions, whatever number of beta-versions are necessary, until Apple is “satisfied” with iOS8’s performance, features, and operability. Only then will Apple release iOS8, the finished version, to the Public, and pre-install the OS8 into the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Air, and subsequent iDevices.

🍎 In the event Apple, the Development community or the Pubic quickly discover iOS issues or glitches, Apple will employ the fixes and release iOS 8.0.2 for example, addressing the software-bugs. iPhones and iPads are very complex, sophisticated communications and computational hand-held devices, that utilize extremely advanced software to operate. And so this process of Apple hardware development and iOS development, leap-frog upon itself, year after year, in effort to provide to all of us iPhones and iPads, that change our lives, and the way we all communicate with each other globally.

🍎 Apple created/acquired a huge Sapphire plant so that it could place razor-thin super-hard covers over their iPhones and the future iWatches. Recall that the only material harder than Sapphire is Diamond, next in line of hardness is way down the line. Imagine having a sapphire display cover on your iPhone. No More Screen “Protectors” ruining the beautiful display in exchange for preventing a scratch… Those days are OVER soon.

🍎 Know this about Apple… Apple detests the notion of iPhone users covering their beautifully designed iPhones, which it so carefully crafted from the very finest materials, is just like “Grandma” covering her beautiful furniture with “plastic” to preserve the fine fabrics. Hopefully sapphire puts iPhone users concern for display-scratches to rest forever.

🍎 My Personal Sapphire Experience. I’ve been wearing a quality RADO watch a several thousand dollar beauty, which has a convex sapphire crystal cover, that after 10 years of continuous use, has not any marks whatsoever… Take a look at this brief video clip showing the resiliency of a paper-thin sapphire display cover.

🍎 It’s highly likely that mobile power users will see the Larger Display model, plus 128GB Internal Storage capacity, plus Optical Image Stabilization, would all serve as a more capable, multi-use, overall appealing device.

iPhone 5, 6, Air

πŸ”’ Apple iPhone 6 #20 Rumor Roundup Update
1⃣ Apple’s only 45 Days and Counting to Announcement Day
2⃣ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6 in full production
3⃣ Apple’s 4.7″ iPhone 6 in full production
4⃣ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6 model offers 128GB Memory Option
5⃣ Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6 Adds Sapphire Display + Altimeter Sensor
6⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera Adds Optical Image Stabilization
7⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera uses new SONY 13MP imager
8⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera to have f2.0 Aperture
9⃣ Apple’s iSight Camera to have Full Manual Controls
πŸ”Ÿ Apple’s iSight Video 30fps full HDTV 1920x1080p Stabilized

🍎 Reports, leaks, and speculation about the next-generation iPhone are popping out thick and fast now. In the last 24-hours we’ve heard that Apple will be differentiating specifications between the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6 models.

1⃣ iPhone 6 large-display 5.5″ model will incorporate InvenSense Optical Image Stabilization technology, but not in the 4.7″ model iPhone 6. We’ve also heard rumors suggesting that both iPhone 6 models will have 32GB and 64GB storge capabilities, suggesting that the entry-level 16GB storage choice may increased to 32GB.

2⃣ Chinese report is now citing sources that suggests that the larger 5.5″ model will make iPhone history by being the first model to offer a 128GB internal storage option.

3⃣ Optical Image Stabilization to be offered on the iPhone 6 5.5″ model.

4⃣ The introduction of two devices with differing display sizes is quite unique too. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple is planning on offering a larger disply device. However, the question is, how will Apple differentiate between the two hand-sets in terms of functionality, and prehaps price too.

🍎 Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6 is Slated for 20 Million Units Sold in 2014 plus more than Three Times this figure for the new 4.7″ iPhone 6 version.

🍎 Best Guess, New iPhone 6 may be Announced at Apple’s special Presentation Meeting of iPhone 6 held in San Francisco, California, Tuesday, September 9th, Announcing the iPhone 6, its features, and the iPhone 6 Release Date of Friday, September 19th. Invitations likely sent to the Media Tuesday, September 2.

🍎 Here is the Round-up of the most recent rumors out there in cyberspace, from the most reliable supply-line overseas sources. Recall that rumors are not facts.

🍎 Apple believes in Surprises. Apple does Not “Leak” Anything. However, many times “leaks” derived from staff at the components-supply-line, have proven to be more “accurate” than undocumented cyber-chatter. These are the Most Likely specifications of the iPhone 6:

🍎 iPhone released with 2 display choices 4.7″ and 5.5″
🍎 iPhone models, both to be 7mm thin
🍎 iPhone models, both to have A8 Processor, faster more comprehensive functions
🍎 iPhone displays to have 1704×960 pixel dimension, 1.636 Megapixels
🍎 iPhone displays to have 356 dpi for 5″ display or 416 dpi for 4.7″ display
🍎 iPhone to contain new Altimeter/Pressure sensor

🍎 iSight Camera to have new SONY 13MP Imager, up from 8MP
🍎 iSight Camera with f2.0 Aperture, up from f2.2
🍎 iSight Cameras to have improved image Stabilization
🍎 iSight Cameras to have improved ultra-low-light performance
🍎 iSight Video delivers 30fps with full 1920x1080p stabilized resolution

🍎 Notice the graphic below displaying an abstract of the beta-iOS8 Code provided to the Developers at WWDC, which “signals” a new hardware component, an Atmospheric Barometric Pressure sensor, that does not presently exist in any of Apple’s existing iPhone or iPad devices.

🍎 Typically we see new iPhone releases arriving early enough, so that the opening weekend sales occur during Apple’s 4th quarter of their fiscal year. Recall that Apple sold more than 5 million iPhone 5 units in 2012 in the opening weekend; then iPhone sales topped 9 million with the joint-release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in 2013.

🍎 September, 2014 seems to be a relatively good guess for the iPhone 6 release, likely a combined release of the 4.7″ and 5.5″ versions, which would compare to the previous combined release in 2013. Here is a summary of the recent rumors on this topic
🍎 iNew iPhone launch as early as September – Nikkei
🍎 New iPhone launch in August or September – Steve Milunovich UBS via Barrons
🍎 iPhone 6 launch in the fall – Andy Hargreaves at Pacific Crest via Business Insider
🍎 New iPhone scheduled for third quarter 2014 – ZDNet Korea
🍎 New iPhone launch in September – Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors
🍎 New iPhone 6 in September – iFun
🍎 iPhone 6 launch in August or September – Economic Daily News
🍎 iPhone 6 launch in September – Industrial Commercial Times
🍎 iOS 8 new operating system release-date which was confirmed at the WWDC 2014 Conference for the fall, 2014
🍎 New iOS software previously has been accompanied with the release of new iPhone hardware iterations.

🍎 Apple typically employs staggered-Country release dates. Major markets like the United States are typically at the front while smaller markets usually lag behind by several weeks and occasionally several months.

🍎 The Headline image shows the relative sizes of the existing iPhone 5 with its 4″ display, shown with the new 4.7″ iPhone 6, and the new iPhone Air with it 5.5″ display. Therefore, by mid-September upgrading iPhone users moving up from the iPhone 4 and 5, and many Android folks, that have been waiting for Apple to deliver larger displays, will have three display sizes to pick from, all having finger-print security, great camera systems, huge inventory of Apps, plus the marvelous Apple ecosystem.

🍎 The combination of factors
🍎 Apple users Upgrading from iPhone 4
🍎 Apple users Upgrading from iPhone 5
🍎 Apple receiving Migration from Android due to iPhone’s Large Display offerings
🍎 Apple will receive a “Tsunami of Sales” to the iPhone 6 in 2014 and 2015!

🍎 Apple kept its cards close to its chest about the forthcoming iPhone 6 at this week’s WWDC keynote address; however, new information has arrived from China, suggesting that Apple has solved the battery issues that reportedly plagued production of its expected 5.5″ iPhone 6. Therefore Apple is on course to ship 20 millions of the iPhone Air handsets in 2014.

🍎 BIG NEWS – Its 90 Days and Counting, Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone 6 version is Slated for 20 Million Units to Sell plus 4.7″ iPhone 6 to Sell 70 Million in 2014, Plus over 200 Million iPhones to Sell in 2015. This brings the total number of iOS iPhones and iPads to

🍎 90 Million iPhones to sell in 2014 plus
🍎 200 Million iPhones to sell in 2015 plus
🍎 30 Million iPads to sell in 2014 plus
🍎 60 Million iPads to sell in 2015 plus
🍎 475 Million iPhones and iPads sold as of June, 2014 equals
🍎 855 Million iPhones and iPads in Service Everywhere

🍎 The news states that Apple is partnering with the China-based Sunwoda Electronics to manufacture batteries for all of these devices, where the battery costs roughly $6.40 each. Apple’s regular battery supplier, Dynapack, will also help fill the battery order.

🍎 While both iPhone 6 variations are expected to ship at the same release-date, it is likely that you may have an easier time finding a 4.7″ iPhone 6 than with the 5.5″ big brother.

🍎 Apple is reportedly planning to manufacture 80 million iPhone 6 handsets for 2014, meaning that the larger “phablet” may be significantly outnumbered by the 4.7″ model by a factor of 4:1. This exclusivity (combined with the larger size of the device) likely suggests that the iPhone Air may come at a higher price point, say a $100 premium. I’ll Take TWO please.

🍎 The Images above and below are all the iPhone Models from the initial iPhone in 2007, to the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the pro-forma for the iPhone 6 with the 4.7″ display.

🍎 Apple Said to Have Enough Sapphire Glass for Production of Both iPhone 6 Models and iWatch in 2014. Apple reportedly will have enough sapphire glass production for both of its iPhone 6 models as well as the iWatch in 2014, based on the latest supply-chain check at the company’s sapphire-glass manufacturing partner GT Advanced done by analyst Matt Margolis at Seeking Alpha.

🍎 As a result of the most recent supply chain, it is believed that the Mesa, Arizona huge sapphire operation facility, should have ample supply for the new iWatch, the 4.7β€³ iPhone plus the 5.5β€³ iPhone with full sapphire cover glass in 2014. Additionally, the maximum sapphire screen capacity of the Mesa, AZ facility may exceed 200 million units/year.

🍎 In February, 2014 Margolis estimated that Apple would be gearing up for mass production of devices with sapphire displays, with equipment in the factory leading to a yield of anywhere from 100 to 200 million ~5″ sapphire displays. A yield of over 200 million sapphire displays as indicated by this latest report means that Apple could possibly produce more than enough sapphire displays for the 4.7″ iPhone 6, the 5.5″ iPhone 6 and the iWatch.

🍎 Previous reports indicated that sapphire display supply constraints may force Apple to reserve the scratch resistant material for its larger iPhone models, with expenses perhaps driving up the retail price for consumers. Other reports suggested that initial sapphire production would target the iWatch instead of the iPhone 6, however the reported volume of raw material and equipment purchased would likely hint at bigger plans for sapphire display production.

🍎 Apple’s 4.7″ iPhone 6 is expected to be released later this year, with the 5.5″ iPhone 6 launching near the end of 2014. In addition to a sapphire display, both phones will likely include a thinner profile, a faster A8 processor, and an improved camera. Meanwhile, the iWatch is expected to be revealed at an October event and may launch later that month.

🍎 This Year’s amazing WWDC keynote address was the most significant product introduction since Apple unveiled the original iPad in 2010. But this time, the revolutionary, magical product wasn’t hardware, it was software, iOS8. While the techno-analysts are arguing about display sizes and CPU speed, Apple quietly has been working on those hardware issues;

🍎 However, Apple has been spending considerable effort, tens of thousands of engineering hours, with integrating these iDevices with each other and MACs, so that there operate consistently, and interchangeably. Integrating… even to the extent of you being able to answer a telephone call on your MAC laptop, as it integrates with your iPhone using iOS8 and MAC using its new Yosemite operating system. Apple is integrating household electronics, security systems, locking systems, garage-door openers, thermostats, lighting systems… you imaging it Apple and their 3rd party developers are delivering.

🍎 Imagine, saying to SIRI, I’m ready for Bed, please lock-up the Apartment, set the lighting, the alarms, the thermostat, and awaken me at 7am tomorrow morning.

🍎 We have NEST which is an automation thermostat that learns our heating and cooling desires, operates with our iPads and iPhones, and saves us about 25% on our electricity, as it “knows” when we are Away and when we Arrive, making Climate Control settings for us, after about a week of learning.

🍎 If coming home early, I can open the NEST App on my iPhone, and start cooling the Apartment as its WiFi integrated, secure and accessible from across the street or cross country. Forgot to turn-off the Heat or the A/C, rushing to the Air Port, no problem, one can access NEST from the Airline Terminal telling it that we’ll be AWAY for 5 days. I’ve written a detailed Article on NEST… just search for NEST at the top of this site.

🍎 Reported last week, Apple has engaged over 200 Chinese Security personnel to investigate and prosecute all the “leaks” that have been originating from Apple’s supply-line regarding the new iPhone 6.

🍎 There are “signals” that lead me to deduce that there may be major Apple product Announcements at WWDC, other than, nifty Apps, the new Apple iOS8 operating software, and the latest and greatest for MACs’ operating system.

🍎 Firstly, this is the first year that WWDC 2014 broadcasted via live-streaming at 1pm eastern time on Monday, June 2. Here is the link for a replay of the Keynote Address from the Moscone Center.

The iPhone 6 really won’t be too much of a surprise whenever it’s finally revealed since we’ve been seeing leaks showing us its shape and size for the past several weeks.

Apple may Announce both iPhone 6 and iPhone Air at one Media Event, however the iPhone 6 may be ship a week or two earlier than the iPhone Air.

πŸ“² Apple is BLOCKING out days in September at all its USA retail stores, apparenty in preparation of New Product release(s). Some secrets just cannot be kept, as too many folks, in too many locations trumps iPhone secrecy. As we get closer to the September release Weekend (typically Friday, Saturday, Sunday) we’ll know more, for all those that are Chomping at the Bit for the latest and greatest technology device, self included.

πŸ“² Jim Wilson’s blog is FAU4U2 on The Blog link is: We’re proud of the growing number of over 54,000 readers, who stay connected regarding Apple’s iOS personal communications devices, accessories, Apps, and other technology topics. FAU4U2 was created several years ago to provide a forum to answer the many questions that many FAU students throw at me 24/7 in this connected world we live in.

πŸ“² My view, when in a classroom setting, whether as 5th grader, or in Graduate school, on Campus, or otherwise, if a few students have questions, there are likely many more students that just don’t ask, too shy, afraid of asking a “stupid question.” No questions are stupid questions. Therefore, when I get a few questions on a similar topic, I’ll likely create a blog-page on FAU4U2 giving a core response with some related information and research, as there may be millions of folks thinking about that topic.

πŸ“² FAU4U2 Statistics: Presently our readership as of 2012/05/28 is 54,000 from over 30 Countries, reading 498 Articles, housed within 74 categories, marked with 324 Topic Tags for a more refined searching result, 816 Shares, and followed by 20 other blogs. A majority of our readers are from the USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Ukraine, Canada, Indonesia, Estonia, and Italy, listed in order of frequency of the articles read.

πŸ“² Presently in the USA, 54% of all American smartphone owners have iPhones, the remaining smartphone users, the 46% smartphone users, are grouped together (the 12 brands and models of Androids, Blackberry, Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola). Apple’s market-share in North America is growing. Industry experts expect, with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone Air, Apple’s market share for their iPhones will grow at an accelerated rate.

πŸ“² Apple iPhone “supply-line” chatter is hot and heavy as the next weeks speed forward. Combine this chatter with several layers of (Chinese) Mandarin translation, it becomes difficult to differentiate between “release date” with “announcement date” and availability. Expressed above is the best we could surmise.

πŸ“² Virtually all of the rumors and schematics pertaining to Apple’s next iPhone center on its ultra-thin design and two screen sizes: 4.7″ and 5.5″ however, up until now we’re kept in the dark as to what screen resolution the larger 5.5-incher (the iPhone Air) might have.

πŸ“² Recall none of these figures, dialog, and proforma-images, comes from Apple officially, but from “snitches” in its supply-line. Of course its no surprise that Apple totally ignores all these “news” reports and rumors.

πŸ“² Other than leaked supply-line secrets, punishable by termination and prosecution by Apple, everything displayed and discussed is conjecture. However, since there are such a vast number of enterprises, engineers, and factory workers involved with the fabrication and assembly of the new iPhone models, whispers arriving from several directions that have a common-thread, could lead an observer to deductions as assembled in this article.

πŸ“² iPhone 6 Release Date: Until Announced, Apple is silent. However, its hard to keep this date a secret with over 400 retail stores. These stores are beginning to “Black-Out” vacation days in September, generally a good sign that Apple requires “all hands on deck” for a new Apple product release. In the next few weeks, these retail store employee black-out dates will be fine-tuned.

πŸ“² iPhone Air, according to new reports the 5.5″ iPhone may have a screen resolution of 1,704-by-960 pixels, a marked improvement over the current 4″ display of 1,136-by-640 pixels on the iPhone 5/5s/5c.

πŸ“² iPhone Air’s 1,704-by-900 pixel resolution is essentially a tripled of the “base display resolution” of 568-by-320 pixels. Before the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 introduced the “Retina Display” representing a resolution of 960-by-640 pixels, which itself is a pixel-doubled 480-by-320 resolution found on the non-Retina 3.5″ original iPhone and the iPhone 3G/3Gs.

πŸ“² Industry experts and analysts are anticipating huge release results, now that Apple is finally delivering LARGER display iPhones. Accordingly the prognosticators are also predicting an large influx of Android users that have been waiting to join the Apple EcoSystem, now that the display size issue is being resolved.

πŸ“² Apple’s Retina Display: Apple’s retina display signifies a range of resolutions depending on the distance from ones Eyes the display is viewed. The human Eye is an organic camera system contain an auto-focus lens which focuses the subject light onto a dense-quilt of photo-sensitive living biological “Cone & Rod” cells. This organic array of specialized living cells, “attached” to the back-wall of the interior of one’s Eye is called the Retina.

πŸ“² Ophthalmologists, have determined if one is reading a book, picture, iPad, iPhone about 14″ away from your Eyes, and if the content of the book’s font characters or pictures are comprised of picture-elements, pixels, the human Eye is not capable if distinguishing individual pixels from each other, if they are packed at a density of 300 pixels per inch, 300 ppi. Recall that 300 ppi means that there are 90,000 pixels within each square inch. The current 4″ diagonal display of 1,136-by-640 pixels on the iPhone 5/5s/5c has a pixel density of 326 ppi.

πŸ“² I’m a Believer – Apple is reported to have placed their iPhone 6 order for 90 million units! Looks like FOXCON is going to be very, very busy this year. Recall there are over 475,000,000 iPhones in circulation – there will be a huge number of UpGrades this year, plus a Large number of Migrations from Android to iPhone 6.

πŸ“² Q1, 2014 Apple sold just under 50 million iPhones, therefore ordering 90 million units is giving Apple just a head-start for a what the industry and Apple believes will be a huge iphone 6 launch. In looking at the schematics and the prototypes constructed, Personally, I’m upgrading to the iPhone Air.

πŸ“² The iPhone with its Apps transform the smartphone into a valued business tool, scanner, portable fax, communications device, eMail, Text messaging, and of course a Phone. It will be interesting if Logitech develops one of their UltraThin Keyboard Covers for the iPhone Air, as we both have the Logitech keyboard covers for our iPad minis.

🍎 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, He is in it, to Win It, Period! This intensity and commitment is terrific for Apple product users, as we are all going to receive better products, and great for Apple’s share holders.

🍎 Speaking of Apple Shareholders. At Apple’s recent quarterly Conference Call, Tim Cook announced that it had a record profit Quarter, the company will be forward splitting its sharers 7-for-1, meaning if you presently own 100 AAPL shares, June 9th Apple will be sending you another 600 shares. This brings the present (6/4/2014) share-price of $644/share for example, to about $92/share, making its shares more “affordable” to an expanded audience of smaller investors.

🍎 Take a look at the Graphic of iPhone Sales. Lets focus on the period of Q1+Q2, 2010 to Q1+Q2, 2014, in this 4 year period iPhone sales grew from 16 million iPhones in 6 months to over 100 million in 6 months. Look at the Slope of the Green trend-line.

🍎 The Line is pointed UP, significantly Up. It does not take a PhD in mathematics and statistics to “extrapolate” what the future quarters may look like, if the the past trends have any possible “predictability” for what Apple’s iPhone future sales may be. No one knows for sure, but my Guess is Apple’s iPhone sales will continue to increase. Likely because Apple continues to reinvent the SmartPhone with innovations that people want.

🍎 Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says, Apple is planning to debut two new iPhone models with two distinct screen sizes in 2014, an unprecedented move for Apple that traditionally has shied away from screen size wars. However a very large survey of iPhone owners, over 60% of their installed-base desires larger display sizes. The graphic of an iPhone may depict the ICON Layout for the new iPhone 6 releases.

🍎 Aside from obvious size differences, the top-of-the-line 5.5″ model will sport a high-resolution display of 1,920-by-1,080 pixels, which represents the same resolution as your large Flat-screen HDTV, translates to 401 pixels per inch, (ppi) in the palm of your hand. The 4.7″ iteration will use a 1,334-by-750 pixel-display to maintain scalability with existing iPhone Apps, representing a pixel density of 326 ppi, meeting or exceeding the “Retina” resolution, Apple set several years ago.

🍎 Both handsets will use Apple’s next-generation A8 system-on-chip with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM, low temperature polysilicon in-cell touch panels and Touch ID fingerprint security.

🍎 Importantly, a near-field communications chip-set (NFC) and a metal casing are also part of the build. An 10-megapixel rear-facing camera with a f/2.0 aperture is expected, though Apple may improve the camera system to include an improved electronic or optical image stabilization to improve low-light performance, an exciting feature new to the smart-phones, taking the “camera shake” for low light “party” photography.

🍎 As to aesthetics, the iPhones’ bezels are said to be 10% to 20% narrower than the current iPhone 5s, while thinness is pegged at 7.0 millimeters. Kuo also says Apple will move the location of the Top of the iPhone’s sleep/wake button to the right-side of the iPhone, to facilitate one-handed operation. This button-relocation may indicate a new feature that requires frequent pressing of the power button for other functions. Good we could actually need one more button, to eliminate too many soft-menus on the display.

🍎 While the 4.7″ iPhone 6 will be within Apple’s guidelines of one-handed operation, Kuo believes Apple may position from a product line-up perspective the 5.5″ version as a higher-end iPhone Air (Phablet) perhaps with an additional $100 premium. I’ll go for it.

🍎 Kuo also believes the 4.7″ iPhone 6 will be Apple’s main driver of handset sales in late 2014 and full-year shipments could exceed 60 million units. My guess it will be double or triple this estimate.

🍎 The 5.5″ iPhone Air model may cannibalize some of the sales of the iPad mini, but if the company can marginally reduce the price-tag of its iPad mini, its iPad line-up should remain strong.

🍎 IMHO, its better to cannibalize the iPad mini to yourself, than to be cannibalized by the Competitors, by not having the 5.5″ iPhone Phablet, as has happened over the last 18 months. This is probable the only “mistake” IMHO, Apple has encountered recently. However, who am I to say that Apple made a “misstep” when Apple is delivering 200 million iPhones/year currently. But, what’s not to like with another 30 million units sold.

🍎 We may likely see a terrific migration from Android ➑️ Apple this year and next, perhaps at a rate of a 35% shift ➑️ Apple, with these two larger display choices in Apple’s iPhone line-up. Presently, Android users are migrating ➑️ Apple’s way at a rate of over 20% or more.

🍎 Kuo expects both iPhone 6 models to hit store shelves in the 3rd Quarter of 2014, with Apple keeping the iPhone 5s and 5c on board as mid-tier and low-tier offerings. Due to the expanded handset lineup, the iPhone 4S and 4 will reach end-of-life in 2014.

🍎 Details on Apple’s plans for the 2014 iPhone lineup were published on Tuesday by Japanese blog Macotakara. Citing a trusted source, “Apple has designed two larger iPhone models, sporting 4.7″ and 5.5″ displays, which are final candidates for launch in 2014.”

🍎 Apple’s New iPhone 6 is without a doubt one of the most hotly anticipated smartphone launches of 2014. A dozen or so independent reports suggest that the handset will feature a new larger 4.7″ display and a fresh new design that is thinner than ever. The iPhone 6 is also expected to be accompanied by a new iPhone phablet that will include a 5.5″ screen to help attract new business over from the Android camp.

🍎 Another day, another set of iPhone 6 rumors trickles out from the East Asia. According to the latest report, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 is ready to enter its mass production phase in May, 2014, with 90 Million Units ordered. The timing would align perfectly with a launch in the 3rd Quarter of 2014. This timing is as expected by most of the other industry watchers. Interestingly, this new report suggests that Apple’s second new iPhone for 2014, the iPhone Air with its 5.5″ Display may be in mass-production until later in the 3rd quarter, 2014 which obviously suggests that it won’t debut until sometime later in 2014.

🍎 We encourage Apple to release both iPhone 6 Models, the 4.75″ and the 5.5″ displays simultaneously. There is such a huge expectation that Apple will be coming out with a “Phablet” (a term Apple despises). If Apple delays the iPhone Air, it may significantly erode the launch of iPhone 6, folks waiting to see both devices, so to choose between the two. Personally, I would wait, and would recommend to my friends, to delay updating until both are announced and visualized. It would be better to delay the iPhone 6, so that it is released with the iPhone Air, than to bifurcate Apple’s iPhone 6 releases.

🍎 According to a report relayed by EMSOne, Taiwan-based Industrial and Commercial Times claims that Apple’s manufacturing partners will begin mass-producing the new iPhone 6 in July. With three months of lead time, that certainly could align well with a late September launch that keeps Apple’s fall iPhone launch pattern alive.

🍎 Interestingly, however, the report claims that Apple’s larger iPhone Phablet may not enter mass-production until sometime in September. If accurate, the device may not debut alongside the iPhone 6, but instead perhaps in later 2014 or early 2015. Remember all these remarks are rumors and “deductions” from supply-line insiders.

🍎 Despite the potential late-start for Apple’s iPhone Phablet production, Industrial and Commercial Times claims that both new iPhones will launch sometime in the fourth quarter this year.

🍎 Apple’s new iPhone 6 is expected to feature an entirely new design with a 4.7″ display, a thinner housing and an upgraded processor. The iPhone phablet is expected to sport a similar design with a larger 5.5″ screen.

🍎 If the reports we have been reading, even come close to representing the handsets Apple actually launches in the 3rd quarter of 2014, we may expect APPLE to crush the sales records the Company set in the fall of 2013, when the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C debuted together, Apple’s first announcement of 2-model on the same Day.

🍎 Recall Apple sold 9 Million iPhones on the opening weekend, 50% greater sales than its previous release weekend of 6 million units. Remember about 55% of All American smartphone users are carrying Apple iPhones.

🍎 Total iPhone sales since its beginning in July, 2007 is presently in excess of 475,000,000 units, Add to this 175,000,000 iPads, the total Apple iOS devices in use equates to roughly 650,000,000. Extend this figure to year end, 12/31/2014, Apple could be sitting with 800,000,000 iPhones and iPads in circulation.. sometime in 2015 Apple may be crossing this 1,000,000,000 threshold (yes that’s One-Billion) globally.

🍎 IMHO, this is exactly what the iPhone Market needs, two serious screen sizes to choose between. The choice of either the 4.7″ display or the 5.5″ display will be perfect Selections to choose from, and will certainly silence the Apple critics for not having a choice of displays. Assuming Apple retains the current Model iPhone 5S, with the New Models, The iphone 6 with its 4.7″ display and the iPhone Air with its 5.5″ display.

Apple offering Four iPhones Models, covering a variety of Display Sizes

🍎 iPhone 4S… 3.5″… Display, Subsidized Price:… 99Β’
🍎 iPhone 5S… 4.0″… Display, Subsidized Price:… $99
🍎 iPhone 6….. 4.7″… Display, Subsidized Price:… $199
🍎 iPhone Air… 5.5″… Display, Subsidized Price:… $299

🍎 Lets assume for the moment that Macotakara Publication is accurate regarding the two new display sizes. Lets further assume that Jimmy’s subsidized price “quesstimates” will range from 99Β’ for the 3.5″ iPhone 4S to $299 for the 5.5″ iPhone Air, as shown above.

🍎 iPhone 6 Rumor Round-Up ⬆️ A Really Big Launch in 2014 ⬆️ Initial Supply Order 90 Million Units ⬆️ 2 Display Sizes ⬆️ 4.7″ & 5.5″ Displays ⬆️ 5G WiFi Connectivity ⬆️ 3 New Sensors: Humidity-Temperature-Atmospheric-Pressure ⬆️ True 802.11ac Gigabit Speed

🍎 The Graphic Above: Based upon leaked schematics (blue-line graphic below) discovered by Macotakara of the forthcoming 4.7″ and 5.5″ variants of the iPhone 6, Nowherelse teamed up with concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek to create what may be the most plausible look (graphic above) at what Jony Ive’s next iPhone design would look like yet,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

🍎 β€œAll the proportions here are perfect: although it features a larger profile, a super thin design, and an edge-to-edge display, the design still features a beautiful internal symmetry that seems worthy of Apple,” Brownlee writes. β€œThere are some changes: the edges are curved, more organic, and the volume buttons have been unified into a single rocker, but otherwise, it looks like an evolution of the current iPhone 5s. Which is exactly what the iPhone 6 would look like.” The Graphic below is the “leaked schematic blue-print.”

🍎 The BIG Question is: Will iPhone Up-Graders pay-up $299 for the base model of the 5.5″ iPhone Air; Plus paying an added $100 for each step for 32GB, 64GB, 128GB Memory upgrades.

🍎 What’s Jimmy Think: From my perspective, and knowing how valuable my iPhone is as a communications device, and the added utility of the iPhone, as a business tool, thanks to the 100+ amazing Apps that I use frequently, I may be “pleased” to pay $500, subsidized, for the 5.5″ iPhone Air with 64GB of storage. (The iPhone Air name is also an assumption).

🍎 Lets look at “JimW’s iPhone 5S” Usage, I have about 22.9 GB remaining of the 64GB iPhone. It could be assumed with the iPhone Air’s larger screen, it may double as “my miniature iPad mini” perhaps needing to step-up the onboard storage to 128GB, matching my iPad mini’s capacity. Unfortunately, one cannot upgrade later, so this is “a one-time decision” of paying-up that extra $100 for Twice the storage, going from 64GB to 128GB, assuming this choice is available. Since I have 128GB on my iPad-Mini-Retina, I’d likely keep the storage on both devices uniform.

🍎 iPhone 6 should be a Really Big Launch in 2014 with Two Display Sizes, this quinella of iPhones will be Longer and Wider, Diagonal Measure: 4.7″ and 5.5″ Display Sizes ~ 5G WiFi Connectivity ~ True 802.11ac Gigabit Speed ~ Three New Sensors measuring ambient Temperature, Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure.

🍎 iPhone reports have it, that the 2 New iPhones may have internal components to measure Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure and Humidity sensors. It will be interesting how Apple’s engineers “shields” these three sensors from the internal ambient-effects of the warm electronics and that of the liON Polymer battery, as the iPhone’s circuitry operates and the battery discharges, which tend to become warm…

🍎 iPhone Release Schedules. Historically, Apple released its original iPhone in June, 2007 with over a million units sold in its opening weekend. The next iPhone iteration, the iPhone 3G was released in July, 2008. (Notice that we’re focusing your attention to the “Major” releases, not the interim “S” releases).

🍎 The next major iPhone release was June, 2010, with its iPhone 4, the date and model Marilyn and I bought our first iPhones. Subsequently, the iPhone 5 was released in September, 2012 with 6 million units sold in its opening weekend. The “September” release month was somewhat “off schedule” from the other June timings. This 90 delay delay, may have occurred due to some quality-control and/or supply-line issues, pushing back the release a few months; Total guesswork on my part.

🍎 iPhone 6 is upon us reportedly, and interested folks are wondering when will the iPhone 6 be Announced and Released. My guess, Apple may return to the June, 2014 timing schedule, so that Apple has more time for the Sales of this likely “Block Buster” release with its reported larger 4.7″ brilliant display.

🍎 I’ve predicted that Apple may have a 12 million iPhone weekend, with iPhone 6 new Two-Sizes Release. Also reported, Apple placed its initial order for the iPhone 6, ordered 90 million units from their experienced Apple supplier, Foxconn. Now That’s Confidence.

🍎 The secondary questions, will Apple release Two Phones, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone Air on the same Day, similar to the release of iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in September, 2013.

🍎 These new models are reportedly expected to have similar button shapes for volume and mute as the iPhone 5c, as well as the same rounded back edges. In addition, it was said that the holes on the bottom of the handset for speaker and microphone will also follow the design established by the iPhone 5C.

🍎 In looking at the leaked blue-prints, for the iPhone 6, the rounded edges give an appearance of the iPad mini, but thinner, without the angled-edges of the present iPhone 5S.

🍎 The larger 5.5″ model is said to be 7.5 millimeters thick, which would be the same as the iPad Air. This thinness would reportedly may require the rear iSight camera to protrude slightly from the case, much like with the fifth-generation iPod nano. Last year the Apple had to revise its “thinness” from 7.0mm to 7.5mm to avoid the slight protrusion.

🍎 Macotakara, sourced for the story above, has a respectable track record in “predicting” Apple’s future iPhone plans. Last year, Macotakara revealed
(A) the 2013 iPhone lineup would come in a new range of colors, and it was also
(B) the first to claim that the iPhone 5s would feature a dual LED flash for more natural looking photos, and was
(C) the first to state that the new pill-shaped flash module would be accompanied by a
(D) the circular rear-facing microphone located between the flash and the iSight camera lens.

🍎 The anticipated larger iPhone is rumored to be a high-end iPhone 5c, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to have a plastic back, as the iPod nano achieves its colors with anodized aluminum. The new models are apparently a cross between the design of the iPhone 5c and the seventh-generation iPod nano. According to the source, the new larger iPhone won’t be a replacement for the existing iPhone 5c, but will be akin to a higher-end model.

🍎 iPhone 6 is going be a really Big launch this year. Apple will finally offer, its reported, a bigger display to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S5 and other flagship Android phones and phablets.

🍎 It’s not that Apple’s iPhone underperforms in any measure, its strictly that 69% of Existing iPhone Users desire a Larger Display, self included. In anticipation of this huge anticipated demand, Apple has reportedly ordered 90 million iPhone 6 units from Foxconn.

🍎 News is picking up momentum and spreading like a viral disease, as a new report indicates that the iPhone 5C’s sales failure could move-up the Release Date of the iPhone 6, to a date earlier in 2014, than initially anticipated. Of course, only Apple knows, everyone else is guessing, and extrapolating.

🍎 One thing for sure, Apple will release the iPhone 6, when its ready for a huge release. Since Apple’s release of the 5S and 5C simultaneously with a 9 Million release-weekend, Apple will surely be capable of having 15 Million of the iPhone 6 models available for its opening Weekend.

🍎 According to the Australian rendition of the International Business Times, there’s a brand new report that has come fast and furious out of DigiTimes, indicating that there are more than a million iPhone 5C handsets sitting on retail and ISP’s shelves the around the world world, where Apple is having trouble designing a plan to move these units economically for the delivery source and Apple’s balance sheet.

🍎 As noted by IBT… β€œSome consumers believed iPhone 5C failed to prove that it is a cheap iOS device. But the tables could turn when carriers and retailers drop the existing prices to clear the remaining inventory once the iPhone 6 will be released.”

🍎 The 5C issue (this is a media-invented issue) could spell big trouble for Apple if the iPhone 5C proves to be a hamper in their profit-stride and the “Wall Street Expectations game.” One Duck writes an absurd story and the rest of the Quacks repeat it. (Take a look at an Article I’ve written regarding what I believe is an iPhone 5C success story However, Apple could “make up for the 5C matter” with very strong quarterly sales by the release of an Exciting iPhone 6, particularly if Apple gets to or Close to a 5″ Display combined with the very successful and popular golden iPhone 5S.

🍎 iPhone is due to be released later this year. The iPhone 6 seemingly will be packed with amazing features that will make it fly-off the shelves.

🍎 Several innovative features are likely to set-up the iPhone 6 as the new Leader in the smartphones market, significantly outperforming (Galaxy’s S5 a similar dud as was Apple’s 5C) along any other releases from its competitors coming out the next few months.

🍎 Since even Samsung being disappointed with the apparent “flop” of the Galaxy S5, this leaves the “Door Wide Open” for Apple to capture a relatively large number of folks ready to migrate from Android.

🍎 Rumors have it that Apple is going for a wider and bigger display for the new iPhone 6. But that’s not the only thing that’s changing. Apple now has a new patent called β€˜Systems and Methods for Preventing Light Guide Plate Scratching Artifactsβ€˜ which leads us to believe that the iPhone 6 display technology will be truly innovative.

🍎 Apple has stated that iPhone 6 will probably have “the most gorgeous display rendering ever in a mobile device.” Not only will it look modern and chic but the screen may come with a neat protection layer.

🍎 It looks like the Retina display panel will be replaced with Quantum Dot technology which will come with sharper, crisper colors and improved brightness renditions.

🍎 Knowing how important battery life is, apparently, iPhone 6 will come equipped with a battery that not only will it last longer and give users longer talk-time, but will also feature a source of energy that will replenish its electrical power very quickly.

🍎 There have also been rumors about wireless charging, no need to elaborate on what a great feature would that be and how iPhone 6 would become the public’s favorite. Wireless Charging typically means that the device (the iPhone) would have a flat-thin-coil inside the rear cover.

🍎 If you placed the iPhone onto a charger-platform, alternating current is electro-magnetically transmitted through the rear cover, “exciting” the internal flat-thin-coil. This energy is then converted into DC, direct current, which is managed and stored into the LiON battery. You may recall the Palm-PRE had this capability a decade ago. The charging platform and the iPhone could have internal ceramic magnets to that the iPhone is held in position on the “charger.”

🍎 Wi-Fi signal improvements with the famous 802.11ac (a/k/a 5G WiFi) offering break-neck speed, and longer connectivity range, is rumored to be featured on the new iPhone 6. If this is true, users will be able to download or stream HD films in a matter of seconds even for very large HDTV video movie files. Gigabit speed equates to roughly 250,000,000 bYtes per second.

🍎 In perspective, a typical 8 mega-pixel camera captures that have a file size of 5 Mega bYtes, thats a 5,000,000 byte file size. An iPhone that can transmit or receive data at Gigabit speeds, means that one could upload (or download) 50 full resolution images in ONE second. One one could download a full-length, 2 hour High Definition Movie in about 15 seconds.

🍎 By design, 802.11ac is intended to operate only in the 5 GHz band. This avoids much of the interference at 2.4 GHz, including Bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens, and provides a strong incentive for users to upgrade their mobile devices to be dual band so that the 5 GHz band is more universally usable. This choice also streamlines the IEEE process by avoiding the possibility of contention between 802.11 and 802.15 proponents.

🍎 Asus RT-AC66U 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless, at $189 these new Routers handle 5G. RT-AC66U offers very fast Wi-Fi on the 5GHz frequency band, both with Wireless-N clients and AC clients. In fact it’s the fastest of the few 802.11ac routers currently available on the market. The router also has very good range and its USB ports provide more than just the support for external storage and printers.

🍎 To put Apple’s reported order in perspective, the Apple sold 51 million iPhones during its fiscal quarter ending Dec. 28th, 2013. Apple is anticipating a very large a leap in sales.

🍎 The iPhone 6 may be fitted with a super-strong Sapphire crystal display, a more advanced camera, lens, image stabilization, an f2.0 aperture, and perhaps wireless charging. In addition, there are rumors that the iPhone 6 will feature a faster new A8 chip with a quad-core CPU and graphics.

🍎 According to a Citigroup Global-Markets analyst, cited by the Commercial Times in China, Apple’s smartphone shipments are expected to rise a whopping 23% in 2014, compared to 13% increase in sales last year.

🍎 IMHO if Apple delivers the iPhone 6 with a Display that contains a meaningful increase to 4.75" or 5.0" Apple iPhone will sell in huge numbers.

🍎 Overall, analysts in IDC predict that smartphone growth will slow somewhat in 2014 to 19.3% growth, down from 39.2% growth factor in 2013.

🍎 The reason: average smartphone prices keep dropping, as demand shifts to China. In other words, the iPhone 6 will likely be a huge seller, helping it stay ahead of the industry average in terms of growth and profitability.

🍎 Note that Galaxy S5 was a big flop, disappointing users, investors, and Samsung, as demand for Samsung’s newest offering was not very exciting. If the iPhone goes to a 5" display its Demand will Explode.

🍎To View Apple’s 10Q Quarterly Report:

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As many of my friends, family and students know, I am an avid iPad adopter since its release April, 2010. With Apple’s release of the Retina-Display iPad Mini, (I sold my iPad 4 to applied the proceeds to purchase the "mini" with 128GB of Storage, AT&T connectivity, plus added Logitech’s UltraThin Keyboard Cover, and an ACME MADE San Francisco rubberized thin slip-over protective case. This thin package actually fits into my trousers pocket.

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